Girly Gadgets have striked!

Everyone has a certain kind of obsession…whether they can afford it or not, we all have a certain weakness towards something.

Most Guys I’ve encountered have had an obsession towards Gadgets, Electronics or equipments of any type…most of them find cars fascinating as well.


My Dad had all the previous obsessions so I know how it is for them…I will never forget that one time at C.D. Airport near Paris…the security guards while searching found a very weird looking gadget…They couldn’t figure out what it was…my dad was annoyed because they handled the thing recklessly and he was about to grab it from their hands…It was a special kind of glasses that’d enable you to watch any scene or T.V while your lying on bed without having to sit up or look forward or even move your head…it looked weird…another equipment made them think they should detain us for a while until an expert would check out our baggage, It was a small device that attracts sounds and beams it into one direction only…sort of a sound compressor…anyway, eventually his profession which was apparent in the passport made it sort of logical for him to purchase such a device.


I never had a thing for gadgets…When I was a teen I had an obsession with fighter Jets…back then The speed, power and maneuvering ability fascinated me…the destructive aspect wasn’t in mind…not relatively.


Sunglasses, Perfumes,shoes and nice lingerie have always been so nice…but not an obsession.


Musical equipments were always a passion whether i could play them or not…just knowing that these matters produce such amazing tunes blows me away.


A few months ago I started to notice Smart Phones…with amazing specs…all in one thingies.

Last year I loved HTC but it was too big to handle so i settled with Nokia E61i as it was very good for business and had almost every feature I could think of…moreover, Nokia is like foul and Ta3meya In Egypt…Can never be hard to accept or bad…always available and familiar 🙂



When The nicer version Nokia E71 hit the market with the slimmer look yet almost the same features I didn’t drool over it…ana aseela, Won’t throw my 16 months old mobile for a younger chick…No Way!

Besides, changing just for the sake of fashkhara and being trendy is mere silliness to me.


Yesterday, totally by chance, I ran into the HTC touch pro…OH MY GOD!





I just fell in love, its pitch black glass surface, touch screen, Qwerty board…everything I could hope for….yet, My Mobile se3eb 3alaya…After i stared and stared and fell in love with it…I browsed away and remembered all the data on my phone and our unique understanding and history…


Later Last night, and during a routine backup…it went crazy on me…restored itself to more than six months ago and deprived me of all my music, most contacts (very very important contacts), as important notes…presentations and files!


I felt betrayed, cheated and nude out of my secure pal who went with me a long way.


Did it go jealous??!!


Oh, I would do anything to erase the HTC incident and the nokia revolutionary strike.


I just want my good old functional mobile WITH my data back 😦




3 thoughts on “Girly Gadgets have striked!

  1. Matfakarneesh ya goog,I had the PC suit with all the back up untill a few days ago when an IT jerk restored my LT withough any reason and i lost all added programs.

    7ashoof ba2a mwdoo3 el clone da bas really, I won’tcheat on my cell again 😀
    ella eza2al asloh awi awi ya3ni 😀


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