35 and likin’ it :)

It didn’t cross my mind for one second that I will have anything special on my birthday except for a few nice wishes on face book and a couple of text messages…as for my kids, I always get a blast being around their little cards and presents, the sweetest thing ever…I didn’t think about it, plan it or even felt anything related to the fact that I’m turning 35 in a few hours…yesterday that is 🙂


I, and as some sort of a resolution of the past years, 35 is a milestone you know the  mid thirties…closer to the wonderful forties and far from the insignificant twenties, have been making plans and decisions and point out some thoughts all day long.


I declined a very tempting Job offer abroad…It wasn’t difficult really as I’ve always known about myself that I love every bit of Egypt to the extent that I never enjoyed a trip more than two weeks before home sickness strike.


Never in my life have I had a friend that would spend much thought, time and effort to do something special for me…NEVER! And I never thought I would start meeting one now, noting that very very few people surprise me, Insomniac has astonished me with her kindness and her sweet giving nature…yet there were sweet bonuses as well, kind friends who went along and shared their kindness as well, although I doubt anyone would say no to Inso even If they wanted to J.( D, Eno, G& Will…thank you )


 A well planned surprise party was thrown for me and it was the least expected…I tried to control the little girl in me who wanted to jump up and down or crack into tears of joy so, I just seemed a little bit stunned yet after a while ebtadeet ahayes bera7ty.

I started miscounting my wishes…I thought they were about 13 but I remembered only six…most important note was that I was glad to discover that I don’t fear dreaming…no matter how Impossible or silly my dream was.

A couple more decisions were set to be made before midnight…and, I made them according to my convenience and comfort more than per people’s expectations!!!


Strange to feel and strange for people to understand how their day to day repeated casual events mean so much to you simply because at one point in time you were off track for one reason on another…that you missing on the silliest absurdness caused something sore, which leads to another conclusion: enough explaining, enough blabbering and enough over enthusiasm…I’ll call that phase off and let whoever understands be my guest and whoever not be most welcomed.


I will not change my hair into black to create a shocking attentive look…let me be as neutral and natural as I am…


Later on that night I realized that…having someone look you in the eye and declaring his love to you is the most touching feeling one could ever feel and that has a toll on the heart…even if both pulses didn’t quiet rhyme.


Returning home to a little face and a pair of little arms hugging you with love, need and affection is heart warming to the extent that at such moments everything else in life seems meaningless and fake…as no one is capable of exchanging such strong harmonious love…unconditional love.


I learned to believe in myself…I learned the hard way…god, it was hard…but now, that this is dealt with…I’m enjoying how it tastes to have of faith in people around me…yes, I will forever believe in goodness in both men or women….as virtues are always a right we should demand.


Today, and after my 4 am decision that i’m not going to work today, I decided to stay in bed…spend quality time with mom and some more time with my kids…I had a great conversation with my mom as I shared events in my life with her…in details…it was sooo good…and although I still worked online, it felt nice…now I’m expecting my babies shortly returning from school and I’m anticipating their cute birthday party…I’m also looking forward for another treat tomorrow…a musical one J

Happy 35 Th birthday to me…Happy year to come for my kids…people I love and good people around the world J


9 thoughts on “35 and likin’ it :)

  1. Hamede My dear brother,
    Thank you and May allah bless you with happiness and joy among your loved ones 🙂

    Thank you For your sweet wishes…this is really appreciated. May allah bless you with happiness among your loved ones.


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