As loud as possible !!




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ASALAM 3alaykom,

آ Today Egyptians will say no to Israeli attacks on and

Today Egyptians will demonstrate to let the world know that if they all shut up we won’t…today we will rock our streets

I expect violence in the Egyptian streets. But, so what?? We are actually used to that…

WE are used to be suppressed and violated and that never stopped us…

I remember back in college when the police used to throw tear gas bombs across the fences of the university…but the students were smart…they would prepare barrels full of water and play volley ball with the bombs so fast then throw it in the barrel to deactivate it…

Those were fun days when we couldn’t be more enthusiastic or excited about the cause…

Today I will make all the wishes I can think of…

I wish no one gets hurt in the demonstration…

I wish no one gets hurt in or

I wish that 7izbullah will teach them a lesson to remember…

I wish that amr mousa would be our president

I wish all Arabic countries agree on cutting oil from the world

I wish that Allah grant us his mercy..



15 thoughts on “As loud as possible !!

  1. Salam Alaykum…

    I don’t want to offend you sister, but personally i think that the egyptian military is powerful enough to make a threat to israel and end this chaos; but the government are the complete opposite of its compassionate people. And therefore demostrations do not help. I travelled four times to london on those anti-war protests; but what good was it?
    And I am amazed at HezbOllah military fighting; I never knew they were that proffesional, Mashah’Allah.


  2. bismillah
    assalamu alaikum
    I agree with akhi hajeji that demonstrations don’t do anything, however I guess it’s still a good way to get a message across, especially if you have a very large number of people attending. Will it change anything though? I’m afraid not, but there is no harm in going to one I guess, I might go on one on the 30th actually.

    Enjoy yourself!



  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    brothers..abdull ra7man+al-hajeji..
    long time no see:)i’m glad you two dropped by..thank you so much..
    Actually..i’m not offended at all..what you’re saying is right..and there’s nothing to enjoy..i’m just backing this up by the least i know how!!
    i respect 7izbullah too..these people are dedicated for the rest of the nation..
    may allah bless them and help them in their war..and us ofcourse..

    + don’t stay away for so long now..ha??:)


  4. I wish I can be with you in your demonstrations.

    May all your wishes come true ya rab.

    Allah ye7meekom w yonsorkom w inshallah the whole world will hear your voices.


  5. Peaceful demostrations with large numbers I believe can do some good. Atleast get people thinking. Like the post above me, I wish that I could be there with you. This is one demostration That I am behind 100%.


  6. asalam 3alaykom,
    7elwa as usual ya 7ala:))ameen ya 7abebty..

    + chet..thank you for visiting again..that’s really great:)
    it is peacefull..and cairo residents are over 27 million,so you can imagine in sha2 allah what will happen..they will gather today at the down town’s square..
    thank you for your are very nice:)


  7. ameen.

    They do make a difference, maybe not to policy, but when the people of lebanon see the support they have across the world, they may feel some comfort and feel less abandoned- even if our governments have abandoned them. When the people of Israel see how many people are against their atrocities, they may question and condemn their government’s actions (no harm being optimistic, ey).

    I know friends in Palestine who say they are always heartened by the pictures of people protesting against their oppressor on AlQuds and other days.

    Good going thecaller.The protest in London was big.


  8. i just wish that these demonstrations can come up with effective results to bring AT LEAST peace of mind to the middle east!!


  9. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear nice of you to stop by:)thank you..
    you seem to get the real benefit of is the greatest goal..+ it’s our way to tell the government that we don’t approve their approaches..if they have any!!
    yeh..i saw london’s..i have to greet arabs in london..they always stand up strongly for their issues..
    thank you again:):)


  10. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear’s always great seeing you here..really i like you a lot:)
    peace of mind?? de akbar ne3ma fedonia..ya rab norzaqoha..


  11. Salaamaleukum
    Ameen to ur do’ will come true.God’s help is near.
    how did the protests go?
    they will be a protest here too…tomorrow..after te friday prayers.we need to be heard..and the governments need to hear!…and LISTEN


  12. asalam 3alaykom, great to see you around..the protest rocked!!
    have you seen it on the news..unfortunatly they showed limited numbers early before the main gathering..
    the government is deaf..didn’t you even got surgery month ago..but it seems useless!!


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