Eid Aladha around Cairo, what a topic!

Yet, I will not describe the event around our city or the country…not my game!


It is just that having more than a 10 days holiday, for me, ain’t that good…

See, I realized long ago that I’m not the festive type…I find fun in certain situations or events and Eid Aladha in particular ain’t that joyous for me.


I wish it was a two day holiday…three max. but more than ten with the weekends before and after included is a little bit too much for me.


I have to admit that breaking the daily routine is good…having my kids around 24/7 is great…having some sleep after a very sleepless night is OK.


But along that comes: a very annoying blood odour EVERYWHERE, feeling uncomfortable about going out on the first day of Eid because of the blood ponds that randomly yet repeatitively exist in front of almost every building around the city.


And, having so much free time to over think and contemplate.

I feel like i forgot everything related to work and that I’m gonna screw up things once i return being that blank.


Worrying about the Dubai people that are going to occupy my territory at work next Sunday…expecting a fight here and a struggle there.

Feeling overwhelmed by my responsibility now and over the coming years IF I’m around towards my kids.


Family members that remember me and I remember them on the Eid occasion and their little irritating attitudes and me acting nice All the time and them say2een feeha.


The father that shows very repulsively that he is given in to his kids’ nagging to see him and decided to take them for three hours!!!


The kids who are very excited and frank about how much they lrrrrrrrrrrrve him…more than anyone and me shutting up and ACTING supportive and approve to their declaration FOR their sake.


Second day, going out day for my kids, toy shopping day, having fun day…when i just can’t figure out how come i deserve such amazing, polite, innocent and beautiful kids.


Tonight’s decision that i will work on Thursday all alone and have the company all for myself…I need to recall things and reorganize before hogoom next Sunday…and i have to get rid of that thinking vicious circle.


 Music, religion, politics and business on my mind.




Childhood memories of Alex, beir mas3ood and montazah…and a little boy called Ahmed 🙂


Time…lots of time for lots of things.

Pink Floyd…talking about time!


I bought a blue acoustic guitar that i don’t know how to use except for a drum…well, maybe a few notes!


Going through old pictures…hundreds of old pictures…i don’t have a recent picture of me except for a closed right eye with a strand of hair.


Deciding to quit that horrible habit of speaking up my mind even when i KNOW that I’m giving a horrible impression or entering an unnecessary war!


Having all that in mind makes me of the festive type after all, right?


I never was on good terms with traditions like the fattah and ro2a2 breakfast and family visits but i let my kids experience that while I’m there for them…routine and tradition are good for kids…I know how to segment my mind. 


I sang a lot…many incomplete songs…many oldies…wrote many unposted stuff.


Festive…festive indeed.


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