A red scarf…

Yes, I am the jealous type…very jealous in fact.


But, I am reasonable in my actions when I’m heated up by jealousy.

Yes yes, If someone should come near my children, I Would eat his heart out …


With people I love I am that jealous.


Around friends, although i love my friends, I feel quite the contrary…the more the merrier.

I don’t like too much attachments among coupled friends…actually that freaks me out and drives me away.

Around my parents…have always been exposed to being  around a favorite of them and me being subsided…so, i got used that that never means less love for me…so i was cool about it.

Around a lover…My blood boils…I don’t show it but i could flip out if something extreme happened…I’m the most jealous but i act respectfully so things never back fire on me…maybe i can manage such heated jealousy because on very very rare occasions has any woman intrigued my self confidence…and if it would happen…I’m too proud to let it show…yet again, I will not Skipp mentioning that pictures of strangling the flirty lady do cross my mind while i act cool and draw a smile on my face.


But around a favorite teacher i was jealous too…if she would think of anyone else as clever…as polite or as funny…I would dislike the classmate immediately, and try to win over the teacher again with multiplying my efforts by ten.


One thing i find really annoying…mainly to me, is when i thoughtlessly cause a misconception about myself which would make a dear friend think less of me…I get jealous for not being as close as we should yet i can’t blame but myself as it was my hands that did the messing.


Worst part is, If a dear pal doesn’t think I’m more special than baya3 elbatata then I’d rather cancel him/ her from my agenda…I wouldn’t try to clear my name…after all it was the reckless dumb me who did the trashin’.


What stirred this issue??!!


Nothing much 🙂


And what does that have to do with the post’s title…I really have no idea!



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