When I started blogging I didn’t even think that I could use Arabic language…didn’t cross my mind…even though I’m not perfect in English ,I don’t know how to express

My ideas other wise…i thought that the whole thing was not a big deal and I never checked my spelling or reviewed the posts…

But the first time I felt like writing something in my own language felt so well. It was more me…and it was amazing to share it with all readers from the whole region and I found that great too…notice how many countries in the Arab world understand each other even with different accents…

I think that English neutralizes things for us. Nasty words in Arabic looses it’s edge when said in English…sometimes we allow ourselves to loose our temper a little bit in English…which we would never do in Arabic…using somebody else’s expressions makes the effect as mild as possible. Now people find it convenient to say everything in somebody else’s skin…

It makes it less personal…it is stainless this way…so, when I hear someone saying a …not good word… in English I wouldn’t find him as rude as if he said it in Arabic..

Yes…i express my self more freely in English cause it won’t stick as much…

But when I tried to talk about quran…I never could do that in English…it was so hard…not to translate…no…Just to feel. Every Arabic word in quran tells a special story and touches something in the heart…

Languages are a great tool. Without it I can’t reach my dear loved ones from other countries…without it I can’t spread more wings…

This is one of Allah’s gifts to us…

He created us different and variable so we could know each other and praise his will and his power and ability to create totally unique and variable individuals from the day he created Adam till the end of day…


16 thoughts on “INTERPRET THIS !!

  1. That is REALLY a wonderful post, dear caller! You are right .. expressing something in another language does take the edge away, does neutralize it! Your English is GREAT – don’t ever say anything else!!
    Qur’an is a message ALL should be united under … that’s most impressive and touching!
    I love the way you write … you have a BEAUTIFUL way of explaining things and getting them across!!
    Big hug … as well for your mom!


  2. I have to agree with Karin, you do write beautifully. Your messages are clear and the English language does neutralize it. Always enjoy reading what you have to say.


  3. Dear the caller

    You are absolutely right

    you know I prefer to read to an author with his own native language…so we will not lose the meaning of an expression or feeling

    ظˆطھظ‚ظˆظ„ظٹ ظƒظ„ط§ظ…ظٹ ط­ظ„ظˆ…ظƒظ„ط§ظ…ظƒ ط§ظ†طھظٹ ط§ط­ظ„ظ‰


  4. asalam 3alaykom,
    7abebty ya karin..means my lovely karin:):)
    thank you so’re always kind to’s great having your endless support..i’m so fortunat..
    greater hugs:):)


  5. Assalamo Alaikom , 1st trial:

    I personally don’t blog in Arabic for many reasons including my poor Arabic typing and lack of eloquent language skills. In English, others can easily understand me especially non Arabic speakers.

    10 years ago, I had a friend from the USA whose father used to be some kind of Molla in Trinidad and Tobago, he once sent me something he wrote about Islam and I admit it, I didn’t get a word! Arabizing English is easy, but putting Arabic writing (literature for example) in English usually needs a lot of effort and high level linguistic skills.

    Wa 3alaikom al salam wa ra7mat Allah wa barakato.


  6. I love the way you write! Whether in Arabic or in English… You know I like to write in English to practice my language and to make my message reach those who don’t speak Arabic. But I have to admit that I can’t write posts in standard Arabic, I don’t know why! I feel that the language is too beautiful and too strong for me maybe!


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