6 thoughts on “Egypt…Poor for the poor and rich for only the rich!

  1. ط§ظ„ظ…ظ‡ظ… ظٹط§ ط±ط´ط§…طµط¯ظٹظ‚ظƒ ظ‚ط§ط¨ظ„ ط¨ظ†طھ ط§ظ„ظ†ط§ط³ ظˆظ„ط§ظ‘ ظ„ط³ظ‡طں ط¨ط¯ظٹ ط£ط¹ط±ظپ ط£ط°ط§ ط¹ط¬ط¨طھظ‡ ظˆ ظ†ط§ظˆظٹ ظٹط®ط·ط¨ظ‡ط§ ط¨ظ†ط§ط، ط¹ظ„ظ‰ ظˆط¶ط¹ ظˆط§ظ„ط¯ظ‡ط§ ط§ظ„ظ…ط§ظ„ظٹ
    always nice to read your thoughts.


  2. The minute he knew that she lives in Alharam neighbourhood he refused to see her…Alharam, no matter how nice a street or a building she lives in is considered low standard to him.

    And it’s always nice to see you around dear summer…when will you be visiting ba2a :)?


  3. Your words summarize the corruption of our society and deterioration of its standards. You don’t have to suggest good girls to him since they will really suffer IF he accepted and everything went well.


  4. I am appalled that you have such a friend like this guy. Such a shallow proud for nothing person. I advice you to struck him from your list 🙂

    Alfuqara2 hum a7iba2u Allah, for their patience acceptance of their fate yet working hard to get better.

    If morality depends on how much money you have then we are in big @8$% ….

    Marina for chick hunting…hmmm
    as a chicken Hawk good info to know…:D just kidding

    Egypt by the way is one of the richest countries of the world but unjust and unfair practices makes it one of the poor countries…thanks for the whales
    But as the poet say it
    If the people wanted to live
    Fate would have answered.
    The will of people counts.
    ina Allaha la yughayiru ma biqawmin 7ata yughayiru ma be anfusihim


  5. maho knowing ya goog that both had the same style is what made me go ahead with it 🙂 oo ba3dein…ya bakht meen wafa2 raseen fel 7alal 😛

    mesh ba3amel elnas keda enta 3aref 🙂 I accept people as they are and when i have a problem with something i make it clear…most of the times they find me boring fa homa beyzabato their lists 🙂

    3ala fekra, because you love egypt…it is refreshing to hear what you think of it 🙂 mesh met3awedeen 3ala keda 🙂


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