Investing on the prey !!

When they take advantage of your weakness and dance on your dead body…

When they see your wound and scratch it deeper…

When your tears call for help and they want give you a bat on the shoulder…

When they play deaf when you scream…and blind when you wave…

When they invest on your blood…and wipe it all over their faces…

When you need them all and you just find their crumbs…

When you start to give and they start to steel…

When you try to reach their heart and they wouldn’t give you but their feet

When they open their arms for you to jump into their warm hug, and find a stab in the back

When you’re crucified and they fly around to feed from your skull

When the rose is turned into a snake

And what’s true turn to fake

That is my theory…

Investment on the prey!!





8 thoughts on “Investing on the prey !!

  1. Invest in the pray…It is the last thing people usually invest in…You find them running after the stocks, bonds, money, anyother thing that they won’t take with when they pass away…Ya 3ammy 3aleky ya the caller 🙂


  2. That is GREAT .. VERY strong words, beautifully composed!! There is too much lie, cruelty and deception all over this planet at present … and what really shocks me is the fact, the US of A are involved a LOT! They aspire to be the big ruler of this world and stick their noses everywhere … and do not recognize anymore that with their actions they do not DEcrease terror and hatred – but INcrease it!! I always like to use the comparison with the bowl of water and the pebble … or more scientifically expressed, the 3rd law of Newton which says: "To every action (force applied) there is an equal but opposite reaction (equal force applied in the opposite direction)."
    It won’t be nice … that for sure!


  3. Very well said. The rich and elite run this country and there is no end as to what they wouldn’t do to protect there wealth. Even if it meant to create suffering for others. In the 19th century and Native American had quoted:
    They have no eyes: They cannot see
    They have no ears: They cannot hear
    It is sad to me that our government is both deaf and blind and so are many others in this country.


  4. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear chet..this is not about the usa arrogance only..i’ve used their blind power as a symbol..
    this is every predetor..
    governments or us..
    thank you so much for being a devoted friend..


  5. asalam 3alaykom,
    lovely is always great to open the comments and see your lovely anme and trully deep’re right..that’s what arrogance does..
    thank you for sharing my thoughts:)


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