What’s going on?!!

It is absolutely not fair to rant my heart out and not record – while keeping my heart in – what has been going on LIVE from my world.


Hassan’s P.E Cruel teacher gave him a candy yesterday.


Work is chaotic at that time of year…Finalizing a zillion things right before the new year is just crazy.


I am enjoying – for the past two nights – a new skill, to fall asleep instead of thinking sad thoughts.


Have been nicotine free for the past 19 days…I never decided to quit, it just happened.


An Accounting course within the MBA is starting today…have i mentioned i dislike numbers?!!


It will be one busy schedule…all i think of is that it would be fine to take my mind off things…lots of things.


My music is pending due to some idiotic actions, I’m not as hungry towards it as i was a month ago…and I’m willing to pause.


I’m looking forward to a fresh morning and a new gloominess-less day…someday soon.


Have a nice day 🙂 



6 thoughts on “What’s going on?!!

  1. 1st Mabrouk the necotine free stage 🙂
    2nd good luck and all the success with the MBA, the accounting (which core is not about numbers merely) and the numb3rs that you dislike 🙂
    Just wanted to tell you I’m happy for you and wish you the best of the best sweet sister 😀


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