I am experiencing hate.

I hate facts for being so disgusting, I hate people for being so lame, I hate myself because i am as lame, I hate the government for being a bunch of sissies, I hate that old fart coward man who hides his shameful soul behind high walls.


Like every massacre and injustice in history…people get killed…people protest…people plan for some attack…people rebel…but also, every massacre in history had resistance and came time to conquer.



In Gaza case…

They are splitting internally…they are incompetent…they have no half ass jets, bombs and missiles to fight back….no resources…no help from neighbors as they are busy.

you see, neighbor countries are in their holes scared to do anything but take pictures for the press to prove mere existence…rich and powerful within those countries are busy getting richer, getting fucked, plotting against each other or against hot chicks…they won’t pay attention to a small country trapped under the Israeli fire.


A country that is surrounded from all sides by arab countries that share the laguage, religions and identity ( as if…)…such neighbors could erase the cruel existance of israel in a day if…IF…they wanted to.


OK, I have thought about the children of Israel…the people who don’t support the politics and the killing…but, please, why the hell are they doing there living in Israel if they hate the invasion/ injustice and tyrany their government is practicing.

Jews have the whole WORLD to live in like they always did…so, taking a piece of palestanian land calling it their own then protest against Israel for its policy is…este3bat…and there’s no other word that could describe that…ESTE3BAT!!!!



Now, the everlasting unbearable incomprehensive question…what can I do?? really and actually…just rant it out here, experience feelings of hate…proclaim my core lameness…mumble a praying or two…cuss all i want…then, receive a business phone call or shout at my kids…long for a long lost love…tune to FM…count my money and rant my budget.


Protests in Egypt have reached the presidency palace…something that hadn’t happened since King farouk…Poeple are angry…but who is that angry:

Mostly, university students…because they haven’t yet been crushed in the cruel mill of the country with responsibilities and tough money earning…they still don’t have to drag their sorry asses to work or else no food will be put on their kids’ table.

They are still free willed…they are still brave at heart…the hearts that are still filled with hope and strangth and wishes…while actually, If this government stayed the same…they will not have much hope any more



So, about hate….


3 thoughts on “HATE

  1. I share your hate, and will add to the list traders that committed treason against their own religion and countries and sided with the invaders or planned with them, or close their eyes to their transgression…and above all I will sound my hate publicly of the most disgusting person I ever knew in my life the so called Palestinian President Abbas who is called in Gaza "Cohen"… I will also sound my hate of your president "Husni" the laughing cow of egypt because now he does not look as cow to me any more but as mere DEVIL… and to that piece of sh.. AbuelGHa2et (Abuelgheet)… hold on, I also hate
    Arb presidents that are hiding behind "Husni and "Abbas" so cowardly and doing the exact same thing as he, thinking people do not know about them…we are not naive any more we do.

    No, I do have place in my heart for love, but this love is reserved for all who fear Allah and stand for Islam…and the woman I love dearly of course.


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