A year away

It is another kind of reality for me, a new type.


When every type of incidents in life would occure at the same time and along the same day.


The strangest thing was being able to cope with it all.


Laughing the laughs, working while relaxing in a boat in the middle of the Nile, admiring charisma and charm of a picture enough to feel nurtured by a respectable amount of macho ism, Concentrating as much as possible to take all the knowledge i could, then cursing the heck out of someone who’d burned my heart, then getting exposed to a profound flood of art that filled up my senses with beauty and hope…surrendering my heart to a seven stringer to play all tunes of pain, love and joy.


And most of all, allowing myself to have the privilege of sharing all that with a ” just right ” friend…and, for the first time in my life, not hoping for anything or anyone else.


This is how I spent the last day of the last year. 


All the negativity of 2008 was torn into little pieces and thrown in the wind.


All the positivity and what’s in the heart is cherished somewhere tucked away till that day, Inshallah, when we would remember to unfold it, and that’s only a year away.


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