East, West…who’s best- not!!?

Arabs who are really Arabs.

Arabs who don’t really like being Arabs.

Arabs who have no Idea that they are Arabs.

Non Arabs who want to be counted as Arabs…well, skip that one, that’s bull!!


It is just dumb.

you see, being an Arab is like being Chinese…no matter where you’re raised, what name you have, how many curses in English, french or even Hindu you can blabber…you’ll never get rid of those eyes…you know!

It’s dumb to speak English all the time, in your ARAB country…among your ARAB friends…with no reason whatsoever…calling your self openminded…drag your belt-less half ass pants everywhere showing unnecessary unreasonable amount of your boxers and sniffing around Americans and Europeans because you know that around other twisted similar minds you are being cool…free…cultured and what not!

I Never, Never saw any western fellow that fascinated by other nationalities or identities but their own…I’ve never seen an American talking in french all the time…nor a french lady speaking Italian without a good reason.

You know why??? simple. because they are not twisted in the head as they know Language is a TOOL for the love of God…they know it’s a way to communicate in a foreign country or among foreign friends…just like taking a plane to go to Japan…Language is means…just means.

Just like blogging in English for the sake of reaching to different people around the world as it is a popular language is the – and must – reason why many Arabs do it…It would be sad to do it for being more alienated to your OWN language more than you are to a language that belongs to other countries…DUH!!


Now, ranting that out I’ve got to say this:

If we can’t be comfortable in our own skin and authenticity, we will never be able to make any sense…anywhere.

Now, It’s not about which is best, east or west…It’s about what is best…accepting oneself or forging someone Else’s identity…cause buddy, you will never be one of them…in their eyes…you will eventually end up with nothing.

And an unidentified spirit is a meaningless one.


Deal with this then talk politics please. Get your priorities and loyalty right then point fingers, analyse situations and suggest who’s fault it is, Hamas, Mubarak or Israel.


Have a soloution? Apply it yourself first.


Or else, Go Rap!!




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