A sunday to vent

  • Eno has been my friend for the past ten years or maybe more…we have the understanding, our set of jokes and we know each other inside out…we are so close at times of crisis and when we are forced to be distant. Just like now as she left the country for a scholarship…now, her being far is bringing us closer. That’s weired if you ask me but, as we always are, this is me and this is her and that’s the way it is…so, we are that type of friends…I might not see her for months although we live five minutes apart…but, Enka, I already miss you already.

  • I have this thing with cutting a cake and presenting it. I noticed that in the West they’d give you a piece of a cake laying on it’s side…I would cut you a piece and plate it standing in the normal positions where all the frosting appears and not smudged…If it’d fall i would set it straight again. I wondered why we are different…Is it an east and west perspective?? I wondered, then I got it…hurray! They slice it thin…we take quarter of a cake each…of course theirs won’t stand…it’s so thin…it has no butt to rest onto…while we…ohhhh, we have the butts alright.

  • Speaking of food…no, I had no cake since the birthday party Inso threw me…yet, Quiting the smokes, freezing weather and having long vacations have caused (all excuses i know) despicable seizures of chocolate, marshmallow and…chocolate indulgence…Oh, and speaking of that…I have to greet Dear Inso for the amazing night companionship of six seasons of Scrubs to level my depression a bit.

  • I did vent out during the weekend, I did at some point decide to spare myself the headache of discussing a subject I really care about – when i care i get hyper tension – when i know it won’t lead to anything or with someone that won’t get it…yet, I lack self control at times…I got the hyper tension and the headache and l3ant salsafeel elly gabo ahl el discussions elly fe eldonia…what really amazes me is the amount of Jerks who feel arrogant enough to add to their jerkness a pile of crap by being condescending…kaman!!!

  • My kids hate my new hair color…kids are honest and simple so they simply gave me an honest opinion…they said: Mama, loon sha3rek we7esh awi ( your hair color is ugly ) and they had a confused look on their faces. thing is, a while ago i thought i’d refresh things with spicing up the contrast a bit and giving myself a darker shade of hair…i did, it came out black…it’s a shock to say the least…it was dramatic…Adams family kind of dramatic…had to get Mama’s saying on the matter, she said: rabena khala2 el blonds and el brunettes and khala2 ma3ahom a character to match…this is not you. yes, mom, it’s not…and change can’t be that severe…and no one can change who they really are… not even for the sake of more spice or more drama. and now I’m talking about life…not the hair.

  • I have a friend in Gaza. It’s a group i joined because i do have a friend in Gaza…My friend in Gaza doesn’t hate Egyptians, doesn’t exaggerate, doesn’t mislead others although he is the one suffering the long cold dark nights and taking all the fighter jets and its missiles. He knows we have a foolish crappy government, but he also knows that people of countries are helpless in so many ways….Now, people around the Arab world and within Egypt…people who are enjoying the comfort of their warm luxurious homes…watching hayfa on their LCD and driving around safe streets in their fancy cars are judging Egyptians, hating Egyptians and cursing Egyptians. I believe my point is obvious, I will not explain no more.

  • I have a brat for a boss and although the motherhood flooding in me can take his childish annoying behaviour…but not that childish nor that annoying behaviour. so, I smell a fight in the air…when he decides to come by the office sometime for a change and handle some work of course!!!!


6 thoughts on “A sunday to vent

  1. Let’s make it clear here, I don’t think any sincere Muslim hates Egyptians per Se…. but for certain they hate your government…
    On the contrary we love Egypt and Allah knows, it’s our country like Palestine is our country even if the Egyptian government won’t recognize us…
    Mubarak is a traitor and a tyrant no matter what he tries to polish himself he won’t be as polished as my shoes…

    best regards


  2. That’s a Pink-Floyd-Taste post.

    You talked about those who need to yetsakko 3ala demagh’hom, this type of treatment needs some expansion sometimes. Some people are always greedy (I’m greedy occasionally lol), but the always-greedy ones really need a special sak-3ala-demagh’hom treatment.

    And anyway all will pass and all will be forgotten like it always passed for 60 years, until every country has its own civil movements for internal liberty vs the fifties and sixties external/national liberties.

    Be well!


  3. Actually we love Egyptians and feel bad for them, I mean a huge quantum of anger was suppressed, wow, it hurts once it’s released, imagine when it stays inside you.
    It feels terrible when people try hardly to move and are willing to give and give and give continuously while governments are cutting their wings and treating them inhuman..
    I think you’ve got my point, it’s enough what Egyptians are going through already 🙂
    I love you sis, it’s the most time we need to love and stick together, instead of finding points of difference like some ignorant people do.
    ظ‚ط§ظ„ طھط¹ط§ظ„ظ‰:
    "ط£ظ„ط§ ط¥ظ† ظ†طµط± ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡ ظ‚ط±ظٹط¨"


  4. Goog, Yeah, you got the taste thing right 🙂
    That last paragraph of yours is inevetable really…history repeats itself and no corrections come without the fight…inner fight.
    yet, that needs a post man.
    Stay well…hope school is doing good.


  5. Wallah ya Jeru ana kaman ba7ebek.
    yes, together we stand devided we fall!
    Governments not only cut tongues and winges…it’s just enough to wave the Emergency Law in our faces and everyone strats to hide.
    Allah kareem.
    May allah bless you Jeru, I hope you’re doing fine.


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