Here and now…NOW!

I’ve been taught that focusing on Here and Now makes a huge difference in my perspective.

Here and Now is really tricky…is it the here and now as a phase…as a moment…or as an emotional status??!!

Then I thought, what about planning?!

Most people plan ahead…for their careers, for their kids…the future and rainy days!

And I too think about those and regardless of the fact that every time i stop for just a moment to think about the future and what rainy days might bring, I do panic…regardless of all that i can’t help planning…short, careful plans…nothing that is overwhelming could find a place in my calendar.

Yet, I’m attracted by the whole Here and Now concept.

I can make my kids have a good time now…I can make my mom happy now.

If i save up for a rainy day in one or ten years…I might not live to give them that then.

So, Life and how exciting and frightening it is confuse me and I loose focus just to find myself running to that Here and Now spot and i pin my feet on its secure grounds.





4 thoughts on “Here and now…NOW!

  1. It gives you the enjoy-the-moment fun. It makes a huge difference than planning for a 100 years and then not feel happy. Some enjoy-the-moment is needed for a refreshment in this daily-hell-of-a-life we live in.

    Have a great day! 🙂


  2. hehe i SO KNOW what you mean!!

    i don’t know how to save/plan except if it’s very short term… i never see the joy of doing it long term, perhaps because i lose interest too quickly!!

    being happy counts a lot more than planning ahead like gohary said, so be happy and make those you love happy… planning or not!


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