Growing what?!!!

Right this minute they are gathered in the meeting room to discuss my demands…The rights I have worked so hard for.

I spoke in action and now they get to speak in signatures.

All I’m doing is running scenarios in my head.

If they say yes, I would feel amazingly recognized and appreciated.

If they said no??! If they compromised???!!!

I found the answer after getting mad for just thinking the option…I thought, If they didn’t give me what i deserve, would i quit like i did one year ago at exactly the same time and after exactly the same meeting???

Regardless of the fact that after i quit last year they hovered around me demanding my return…and then they had to recognize my achievements around the company.

Would I repeat that and let myself go all proud and mad and leave??

Well, no…I won’t…not until i find a better job at a better place with a better attitude.

I won’t get mad instantly but i will search for a bigger position and then I will leave.

Is that growing more responsible ( i won’t get mad and leave a job that supports my kids) or am i growing weaker??!!!

Big question and only time will answer that.


Scenarios are a waste of time and effort if they were over thought. that’s why I’m wrapping it up now and will wait till the meeting room door opens and everything is clear.


Good Luck Roosh, you’ve done great 🙂



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