I don’t know about other Arab countries…

I’m only gonna talk about …where I lived most of my life…

The social system sucks…really…we have that weird idea about the sequence of living…

Where…men are expected to be men after they finish college..!!!!

And women are expected to be women after they get married!!!!!


Families…most of them…think that education is a great difficult task and that the boy is still a boy even when he turn 21 or 22..up until he finishes his education…then he becomes a man project until he gets proper work then try to get married..So when that happens most men turn 28 and sometimes 30 something before they even start to be a man…and the result is…massive irresponsibility…childish acts…failing to excel in any career…besides that he is not used to working and having to make an effort so..He gets grumpy and he’d have a hard time coping with supervision…


Sorry…but to me…I think that a man becomes a man way earlier than that…we must build a character…he might be a child yet you could fill him up with manhood…having chores and rewards for them build the sense of accomplishment…and encouraging young men to haveآ  there own dreams …and that is when excelling starts..Most successful men started their dream in an early age…

Pursuing that dream would take hard work and interactions with people…learning social skills…and if we set our minds to rooting him with religion…then it’d be most likely that we are gonna have true men before he goes to college!!

And only that character is allowed to get married early. And save him self from infatuations…


As for girls…you would want to marry such a man…

Only if you know the simple truth about your femeninaty…your needs your instinct…

You are the basis of a great building…

Women should be raised to cherish their role…to appreciate that Allah gave her rights…more than any human laws could give her…that her mind is a treasure. That she shouldn’t let anyone or thing devalue her or patronize her…

Our education is crutial…but educating a mind needs more work than ordinary education…needs of you to devotedly respect your self and your being…

You must know how to treat your husband…cause rebel or not you want it and you want your babies…you must know how to feed them…how to run your home…how to be his friend and mom and wife…

Too bad not all men are lucky enough to enjoy such marriages…sometimes they have stupid wives…and sometimes they are so stupid to appreciate!!


Please let us all be men…true men…NOW!! آ آ 


26 thoughts on “BE A MAN….NOW !!

  1. I will be the first one to comment here 🙂

    Ya allah ma a7la kalamek , wallah ennek btefhamy ya benty 😛

    I think we should help boys know what they want to do in their lives and what they want to be.
    Also we should make them work in the vacations and do things that make them responsible and develop their minds and characters , but at the same time we should give them the space to live their childhood!

    As for girls we should teach them the real meaning of being a girl and a woman , and how important their role in life is.

    I think raising a child is not easy at all especially if you want to do it the perfect way.

    I believe there are 17 or 18 years old boys that think and behave in a better and more cultured and responsible way than men in their 20s and 30s!


  2. it all starts at home. Give your children the wings to fly to explore freedom, at the end they will come back to you..this is what i believe in. Give them trust, high self esteem, self value, academic education and educate them in all aspects of life they will be equipped with the greatest qualities to experience and face life as adults…the end results would will reflect on the society in a positive way. the children will appreciate what you did as a parent and they will follow your footsteps in raising their own children. this way the society will be a better one for sure.


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    yes summer..i really hope so..
    Raising kids is demanding..much concentration and devotion..i’m scared for them..i want to be perfect but i can’t..and i see bad examples all the time..may allah bless all kids..and us.


  4. you will never be perfect as a parent. just twakkalee 3ala allah, it is the best thing to do in everything in life, including raising kids, your kids will be just fine, responsible enough to endure life and live it WELL. take care


  5. I think it dies depend a LOT on the parents – and even more on the mother. Moms tend to pamper boys as long as they are home and the guy in return doesn’t see any reason to leave the nest. In other words .. mom’s have a natural problem to let go.
    I’m talking from experience here. Both my boys LEARNED to be independent, asked questions and got honest answers. We talked about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING … and they never felt totally out in the cold and if there was a problem, they came and we discussed it.
    I think to become a responsible man needs a foundation, it doesn’t work to "release" someone to life and snap – and whoops, he suddenly is a man! Eventhough I certainly did my share of mistakes – THIS I guess I did right.


  6. Ladies and Gentelemen,

    Let me introduce you to the greatest man in the world ===> "Abed"

    you have the full chance to talk to me when you want. tho my time is limited 😛

    Im a social moron, and I keep reading what you write, but I can’t comment, i dunno what to say. I just like what you write, and you have a good insight.

    When you write about a problem, and I read, I say! Yes, sa7 wallah!

    so keep it up, we live in a weak community, we should fix it, each in her/his way 🙂


  7. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear are absolutly right..and i’m sure you are a great mom..when i answer honestly people call me crazy..but i don’t care .. i have the sunnah as my guide..
    thanks are so precious:):)


  8. asalam 3alaykom,
    welcome back..
    and i have no doubt you are great:):) are nothing like fact i really respect you and your manners..cause it shows..really it does..
    if u like what i right..then set your mind to teach it to ur kids insha2 allah..
    may allah bless you:)


  9. You are not at ALL crazy if you answer honestly to questions the kids ask – it is most important as it teaches the child as well that "mom doesn’t lie to me" and thus increases and deepens trust! My boys and I discussed EVERYTHING … even sexuality, babies, birth-control, AIDS … and today they are very grateful to me as other moms felt shy and did not give them the information I felt, they must have. Each age requires a certain level of response and once you answer according to the way the question is asked, at the same level – you can’t do anything wrong!

    Abed – you’re a GREAT guy – by God I mean that!! If you call yourself another time social moron – I’ll get you for that and show up in your dreams to punish you!!!!!!
    I find it simply great to see you around .. without you having said anything God knows what – just your being here is a REAL pleasure!! :):)


  10. asalamu alaykum…

    for a man (in the eyes of the community) he has to have a big bank balance $$$ The more he has the more of a "man" he is. They don’t look to his character, his loyalty or his manners. So its a materialistic world we live in. It is a shame and this is not of the sunnah (traditions of the prophet). So may Allah guide us all 😦


  11. asalam 3alaykom,
    true karin…very true..thank you so much dear..and i second you about abed:)

    + Alhajeji…those kind of people are shame on society..and i want to ask you this..
    Don’t you ever let yourself hear such negative lying thoughts..
    You are so precious byyour islam and manners and the man that you are..
    When someone doesn’t apreciate that then i can asure u it’s their problem..
    And real precious diamonds have a special market!!
    We shouldn’t even give it a second thought..only precious people would see the gem in you…your islam..
    thank u bro..and i’m always proud of you:)


  12. The Caller, Thaaaanks :))

    LOOL, ok, but I really can’t say much about social issues, maybe it’s usually the case with technical people 😛
    Thanks again, Im here, though i have final exams in two days lol…

    Thanks my sisters The Caller & Karin 🙂


  13. Hi Abed,
    Don’t worry at all! Relax – with your suggestion it might be this way with technical people, I want carefully say, you’re NOT too far off … in other words you’re NOT alone with this kind of problem – I know others! You’re a GREAT guy and that’s the main thing – besides … I’ll squeeze fingers and toes a bit harder – in two days that is!! ;):)


  14. Hi Abed, (sorry dear caller for kidnapping your comment-box!!:)

    Just relaaaax – you’re certainly not the only one with this problem – in other words, I know others. You’re a GREAT guy and that’s the main thing!!
    I’ll squeeze fingers and toes a bit harder for you … in two days that is!! You’ll do just fine – I have no doubt whatsoever!! :):)


  15. you are a very educated and a very sensible person. im sure guys out there, young and old, share the same sentiments with you. And thanks for saying some advises for the girls. yes, i know, we girls are sometimes foolish….


  16. you are a very educated and a very sensible person. im sure guys out there, young and old, share the same sentiments with you. And thanks for saying some advises for the girls. yes, i know, we girls are sometimes foolish….


  17. asalam 3alaykom,
    Welcome ada2006..thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice words..
    yes..we girls are foolish sometimes..but maybe that’s what makes us special:):)


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