Why would people call someone who has cold feet and who is hesitant…CHIKEN !!

Do chicken fear everything??

Do they run the minute they sense any movement near them??

Are they so intemidated by anything new ??


The straight answer is that everyone has a degree of cowardness in them..

At some point we all freak out..normal and human but sometimes it is over done and sad!!


To me it’s sad when men do it…it disappoints me…cause men are supposed to be stronger..i’m not saying women aren’t but really they were meant to be stronger…in everything…their will…decisions…physically…

They are tooled to be more couragous..they have the freedom to be …the authourity..the ability…it varies ofcourse,but still they are supposed to be way more shining armours than this..


Maybe it’s a different era..maybe time changed..but they are becoming more takers than givers…

The becoming rare!!

It is really confusing because women are taking their role now..and i can swear that women hate it!!..women still wants the gentelman…the knight on the white horse who is willing to fight the whole world for her…instead…he can’t even fight himself…instead he is retreating when he is supposed to rescue her..


Cowards are increasing every day…characters are vaguing…and when we finally find someone sharp and out going…we get stunned by the fact that he is a little chicken from the inside..

May want something..may strive for it..may hurt for it…but still he’d rather put his tail between his legs and run..

Are those the same men who are supposed to defend the weak and needy???

Are those the same men who are supposed to defend islam or any injustice in the world??

Are those the same men who are supposed to fill their wives heads and hearts and souls??


We all curse cowardness…but yet…we embrase it like there’s no tomorrow..


No cowards are not chicken!!

They are horses..with pads on their eyes…can’t see left or right…onlyآ under their feet !!!آ 





15 thoughts on “Chicken..

  1. keef khatar fi balek mawdo3 the chicken and the horse?!
    I liked the way you said it.

    Yes I agree that Cowards are increasing and I am daily shocked by men who are chickens and very weak inside although they dont look so, that is very disappointing !

    weak man = weak house.
    This is a balanced equation , no strong house with a weak man, its impossible.


  2. romantic as ever caller 🙂
    I dont know these days, iam sure that there a lot of paded horses, but one thing i beleive in is 2 pick ur fights carefully, maybe there are just alot of them!
    Have fun 🙂


  3. Asalam 3alaykom,
    7ala ya 7ala..
    I like the equation..simple and true..but may allah show us where is the might be hidden under masks or fake behavior..
    thank you 7ala for stoping’s always great to see you:)


  4. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Laith..i’m empressed..
    that’s a good point…
    maybe men have to much fights !!
    maybe they don’t think the fight is worthy!!
    sa7ee7 why not??


  5. Assalamo Alaikom, I read this post twice, I am not sure why did you write about it it is disappointing to me coz it only rings that blind emotional bell , not any other. What happened to "being understanding & fully aware of the consequences" approach? Rasha, is it only "Fight for your rights" no matter how or even why? I dunno , but this sounds so incomplete to me.

    Fighting for what we want (as a man) is way beyond this, a solid argument is always needed coz it’s the Quran that justifies what you call "fighting for …" , without such an argument , fake remains fake and you can’t make missiles out of mud! Unfortunately , this is a paradox most women fail to understand. I say it and I am fully aware of what headache this brings along.

    "Cowards are increasing every day…characters are vaguing…and when we finally find someone sharp and out going…we get stunned by the fact that he is a little chicken from the inside.." Would you please clarify this a bit more so we get to understand it in a better way? I think this point if being put in this way just brings no added value but a false call for a false act.

    Thank you for being open minded in advance.



  6. BY GOD YES – gentlemen are becoming rare .. or almost extinct – at least in this neck of the woods! One has to look for them with a magnifying gless …
    I like the way you describe cowards … that feels right to me!
    BTW … men are ONLY physically stronger – sure not mentally … and that they are more curageous, I think is a myth as well! Sorry guys … but that’s my honest opinion!
    GREAT post dear!!! 🙂


  7. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Fadi..disappointing to u??
    i am writing what women see..not are you disappointed that i see more men becoming this way??
    as a reader you should try to keep an open mind to the writer’s point of view and as a friend you shouldn’t take it personally at all…you are so beyond that..

    + arguments???this is an artical that deals with my feelings not a text book or research!!
    and i like the mud thing…so realistic.

    +my way of putting this is not a call that should be called false!! it is a wake up call for me..a let out of feelings of disappointment..
    yes…it is disappointing to meet someone in intelligent and with a sharp character that turns to be a chicken and coward who would steal from you and give you a slap in return..if that isn’t disappointing then i don’t know what is.

    + I can always be open minded with you cause you are a respectable man..even if you sound against me at times…that would never affect the way i see you.

    thank you for giving my blog the time..i know you are busy !!
    you are always welcomed.


  8. Asalam 3alaykom,
    dear akrin..thank you for stopping by..
    i knew you’re gonna like this is about the helpless and the injustice in the…naturally:)

    glad you agree…
    about the myth..i belive it is not a myth in the arab world..cause by customs they do have a lot of frredom and space to act like real men…but unfortunatly they don’t use it!!


  9. I couldn’t resist commenting on this post Caller, and I’m telling you dear, only females would understand your point of view.
    As usual sweetheart you hit so deep in our hearts and the truth starts to freak out that somebody discovered it!!!
    Men would be completely offended against such a post, but still they have to understand: that’s the way women feel and they cannot change it except if they change, which is quite impossible in the mean time.
    When you said: "They are horses..with pads on their eyes…can’t see left or right…only under their feet !!! ", it was really beautiful, actually like a symphony, but still to me this idea applies to both genders: male & female.
    If we go back to the Islamic history we would find a number of feminine characters who stood high for Islam and faught aside with the Prophet (PBUH).
    Besides, after mixing with more masculine personalities, I found out they are not cowards all the time as it seems to us in some situations, they are just cautious to an extent that it takes them forever to say or do things.
    To be more honest, some of those cowards, unfortunately were raised up by women; which seems to be the common phenomenon nowadays. They were taught to live this life with the least possible troubles, and how is that dear?
    The philosophy is based simply on: "hide your head in the sand like an ostrich" & "malakshe da3wa", sad ha?
    What do you want me to say more?
    Nothing can be said, I’m sorry but it’s simply the time of double standards and double scales.
    I just tried to inject the atmosphere with a high dose of hope.
    JSUT for LAUGHS:
    By the way, I don’t want him to be on a white horse, a new ROVER is satisfying for me.


  10. Asalam 3alaykom,
    jerusalem…you amde my day:):)
    1- you have a great head on your shoulders:)

    2-i agree with every singel word you said…except..raised by women can make what u said…but not all women…if i understand and want my son to be a man i can teach him to be one…

    3- rover???cracked me up…well the horse is just an image ,,i’d settel for any car with an aircondition cause i can’t stand the heat:):):)

    4-hey dear…i feel frienship in the air..and believe me i have the sixth sense about this…
    like u a lot:):)


  11. Caller,
    a5jaltee tawado3ee, I’m already plushing,
    u feel friendship in the air?
    all day I’ve been wondering what was the great smell in the air? hahaha
    like u too,
    hard these days to find a girl with deep thoughts like urs.


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