“I” vs “ME”

We all have been taught howآ WE must learn to accept fate and what is written for us.

We all have been told How we must react when something hateful happens to us.

We must thank allah ,then say..allahuma ajerna fe mosebatna wa ekhlofna khairan menha..

The prophet (PBUH) taught us this do3a2 in hard times when alsayeda om salama,lost her loving husband to death,and she was sad,very very sad because she loved him so much that she used to recite poetry expressing how great a husband he were.

When the prophet met her and saw her crying he taught her the do3a2.and later on allah did grant her maybe the only better man in her eyes…the prophet himself!!

Was it hard on her to say it?

I’d imagine that it is..asking allah to give me better than what i had when i had what meant the world to me and filled me with loving feelings isn’t an easy thing.it’s like betraying him..it’sآ as if he didn’t mean that much so i’ll be asking for a better one now!!

When it’s easy ofcourse if he were a bad husband,then,normally i would want what is better if i really still have nefs for someone else!!

I guess it’s a matter of heart,a matter of believing in what allah may offer me.

Accepting the loss of someone you really love is the hardest task.

We should try to alter the thought..it is accepting allah’s fate that we should work on.

And who knows what allah may give us?!!

may allah have mercy on us.



15 thoughts on ““I” vs “ME”

  1. Assalamo 3alaykom habibte +++
    you cant beleive wallah how much im happy reading u again and commenting on ur new comment which was very meaningful and precious ,all i ask Allah for is eno y3awed 3alayke kheir w tdallek baynatna and never leave again ,glad ur here The caller ,really im glad
    leave u in peace habibte


  2. Wow .. You answered an important question about El Sayede Om Salama radeya allaho 3anha , I’ve always wondered about that but never thought of it that way. Caller ya 3amy 😉

    Yes of course , the moral of this post is so obvious and clear , it’s a a matter of solid conviction dee inside our hearts , the acceptance of the basic facts in life is important. For me , i expand it more to " This is what God wanted , although I tried and wanted to do other thing". I always end up knowing this : God loves me and always guide me to the best for me. You know Caller , we feel it when it goes beyond our control. You suddenly feel that there is something undefined standing by us when we have pure intentions. This is God 🙂

    I still have one thing I want to say: I believe that the more hard times we go through accepting things that don’t go our way the more we learn and come to the conclusion you told us about.

    I really touched this lately .. I could!

    Take care and deed you deserve to be Blogger Number One coz you are so different. Masha2 Allah.


  3. Thanks sweetheart for such an enrichment.
    Caller 7abibiti, the problem is that Allah is the last one people remember when being tested, they just think that those tests take from them, while on the contrary they add to them. People grow through the space of thoughts and pains those tests create!
    Allah yefrejha 3la ommet Mohammad (PBUH), wenshallah ennas bterja3 aktar la elislam.


  4. you know something ? sometimes we cry and cry and cry for losing something or for being hurt by some one but then when life goes on we discover that all of what happened with us was for a good reason and that we are better now than what we would be if things went in a different direction !

    Rabna eloh 7ekmeh fi kl shi and we should accept the fate.

    El7mdellah for every thing.

    And by the way I believe that "aldo3a2 yarod elqada2" .


  5. acceptance is the first step to healing. no matter how we try and plan ahead of time, God his own ways in steering things for the better. it might seem bad at the current time but on the long run it will appear to be the right thing to happen to us. after all, everything we go through is meant to happen, all we have to do is accept it and be satisfied with it.stay well.


  6. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Sarah my dear sweet rose..wallah i’m glad that i have such a loving soul as yourself as my friend.ameen to ur do3a2:)

    Fadi,glad i answered a question that was on your mind..and yes,it is a matter of solid conviction..may allah help us with it.
    thank you so much for your encouragment,may allah bless you.


  7. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Jerusalem my dear,yes,we tend to forget but honey,we are humans are humans forget..ensan..men elnesyan!!
    not only that,we don’t admit that we are so fragile and vulnerable that we drown in sadness and confusion when we get hurt..allah the mercyful heals our hearts any way..may allah grant us his mercy and ability to grab some strength..
    thanks my dear friend.

    + 7ala,my sweety,yes,there is a 7ekmah from everything,we are asked to nesalem w nefham..
    your conviction is very true,may allah bless you.
    and 7ala:ya setty khalaseena men zan fadi oo sebelo comment:)lol


  8. Asalam 3alaykom,
    dear summer,the minute you talk,i do listen..allah yebareklek,wise:)
    Acceptance mends a lot faster than analyzing and trying stupidly to fix the unmendable..thanks dear,be great:)


  9. allahom ajerna fi mosebatena wakhlofna khayran minha..
    allahom w2asle7 lana sha2nana kollaho wala takelna ela anfosena tarfat 3ayn..
    allahom ameen..


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  11. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Thank you hemede,by the way..i wanna know how to pronounce your name..

    Eno,Ameen,in allah 3ala kol shey2 qadeer.

    hussien,allah 3aleek,barak allahu feek,allahuma taqabal do3a2.


  12. Salaamaleykum wrbt,
    how r u?
    well.i know how she would have felt…well..i’ve not been in love or wedded before..but i face this issue in the version of friends..
    it will be almost impossible for me to imagine anyone being better a friend then my best friend.


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