Hold on tight!!

Just hold on tight to allah’s rope and shake away all the fears..you’ll be fine!!


Life is like a roller coaster ride…full of ups and downs and curves…sharp down falls and sudden risings…speed that makes you fly and seconds of stillness that makes you cry…this is life…a variety of boredom and thrills..


Should I chose to watch from down there and never experience the thrill of the ride…or should I take my chances..?!


People in general are afraid of change afraid from the unknown…afraid from the past and the turn of tides…should we deal with the fear or take our own lives?? And spare ourselves the possibility…


I don’t wanna freak out…that’s weak…so weak…

I don’t want to be impulsive either. That’s stupid…so stupid…

I wanna chose…

I wanna trust Allah and know that if I put him in my mind and heart and cared to obey him, that he will have mercy on me and never fail me…

When there is a will…there is a way…


Why would anyone settle to be trapped in his own shadow?

Why would I be numb that I become a miserable soulآ and not only harm my self but others too?

Sometimes we explain what would please Allah by our own style…then we become sad sad people and never know why…Allah doesn’t want us only to pray and fast and wear a veil. Allah wants us to have that and a clean, pure and loving heart…he wants us to help the weak and give the needy…he wants us to carry the burden of religion…he made paradise for us and asked us to call others to it…he wants us to be happy but true and decent..He wants us to feel his power and magnificence and thank him for it yet enjoy it and all the miracles he created for us…


We will find happiness in what pleases Allah آ â€¦

We will find peace in the peace we discover in our hearts…

Dig it up!!




5 thoughts on “Hold on tight!!

  1. Asalam 3alaykom,
    laaaaaaa..mesh ma32ool..
    i was just at your blog checking on you..enty feen?
    keda bardo?
    mailed you..checked you..everything…
    i really missed you dear princess..biggggg hug:)


  2. Nice subject ya caller and very true.
    Hugs and kisses my dear.
    Keep up with your faith, never let go and record a track in your mind of how many times Allah disappointed you! The count is, mmm, let me try to remember: 0 and in words zero.
    What seems to be sad or not good for us in the mean time, turns out to be the best choice in the long run.

    BTW: liked the title hold on tight, reminded me with fasten your seat belts, hahaha? It’s true since life is a big ride..
    Again hugs & kisses.


  3. Asalam 3alaykom,
    al7amd lelah hamede..

    Jerusalem my dear friend..how are u?
    it’s always lovely to see u ..hehehe seat belt?! hahah
    u r so sweet..it is a big ride,may allah have mercy on us:)
    hugs and roses..oops..not guns and roses:P


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