If you’re not good at it..please stop!!

Negotiating is an art..a skill, that is hazardous if you have no clue how to Handel it.

It’s a profession that is as important as practicing law..if you’re not good and own your tools you could get the rope wrapped up around your clients neck..


Being a third party..a mediator ,is no easy job..you must never let your emotions rule you..

You must stay alert to all details..contain yourself and never make a mockery or an offending remark.. you could only make things work if you’re wise..listening..seeking settlements and never judge..never let your curiosity manipulate your mind into leading the peace process right to your own favour..


Support and give your best to make justice to both parties..comfort them..assure them..be a good conductor of peace…

Or else..be honest to your self..and if you’re not good at it…please stop!!!آ 


7 thoughts on “If you’re not good at it..please stop!!

  1. Good morning Caller ,

    Ya salam , very very true..

    I Know myself well, I am not good in negotiation, so I turn to "open up and put it on the table" approach most of the time. It works most of the time , but sometimes it needs a lot of revision and doing a lot of talking as well.

    Yallah have a wonderful morning with a solid beleif that today is a better day & tomorrow is gonna be even better ..



  2. Saba7 el kheir ya habibte enshallah tkoune bkheir el yom w tkoune serte 7asse nafsek a7san

    what may i say abt the comment ya albe ,just true ,very very true ,you cant be wrong 🙂

    be fine my friend ,Leave u in peace


  3. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Fadi,thank you so much for coming by..It shows that you’re not:):)
    cause it’s not about opening up..opening up is when the matter belongs to you..not when you interfere to mend things between two..you’re just too nice:)


  4. This is true the caller..

    I’ve learned that most people make the same mistake most of the time,which is : They don’t listen to what you say, rather, they wait you to finish talking so they can talk!

    I think the solution is, we should listen to others ’till they finish, and our response should depend on what they’ve said, with the main goal of the conversation kept in mind!



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