We tend to make life changing decisions when we reach the phase and age of maturety..we feel incomplete and insecure without the deep presence of religion in our lives…so we fix things up by bieng closer and closer to allah (swt)..or at least we try to..

Of course there are other people who are more fortunate to have had deeper religious maintainance from the early stages of their lives..

Unfortunatly..there are a lot of people who doesn’t yet know much about their religion..they never tasted faith,or the feeling of getting closer to allah..

they have no idea that the answer to all the questions and the relief from all the in in faith..آ 

That is why they need us..who help them.

They need us to reach out for give the time, the intension and the effort to help ourselves and help them approach allah and be blessed by his mercy and generousity..

they need us to make The call…