Believe me,it doesn’t need dramatic changes from what you know and lived through,to raise a child with solid grounds..

when allah blesses us with children,we realy get happy and overwhelmed by the bless among us..we struggel to know how to perfectly feed and nurture and take good care of our baby..

with time so long ahead of us all the preparenting planes that we dreamed about is forgotten and we raise the child on a day to day basis without thinking ahead or re-evaluating our principals and techniques..

that is why we end up having duplicats of both parents with same characters and same faults..

No..we mustn’t think that they are our children..we made them..we own them..it’s not that at all..

they will grow up and judge you..at least in their hearts..and because it’s our responsibility

to raise correctly ,allah will ask and weigh our deeds with them..

wether you’re a parent or becoming or want to be one..calculate..planeآ  and aim for only one thing..that you’re gonna do your best to make them true,human,strong and successful in life..and to teach them the way to paradise..

it’s so strange when we find fathers travel and stay away from their kids and work their bones off just to give his kids enough money to be happy in life..and doesn’t think that without quality time and good parenting and setting religious bases within them,they might end up in hell..3eathan bellah..

the world is full of well educated,rich,jeniouses..that don’t believe in god and all they did in life will be a waste..

we must know that allah created us only to worship him and any thing else is a way of living during our journey of knowing and worshipping allah..

allah won’t ask you what kind of car you bought to your son..but he’ll ask you,did you teach him alsunnah..praying..!!

and when it comes to character..you should cherish being arabic..it’s your identity..

it’s who you are no matter what you do..if you’re dressed as a cowboy or a duke..you’ll still be an arabian..this is what makes you special..

allah chose the middle east to bring out all religions because they are the center of universe..

Islam is great within it self it doesn’t need us to give it value..we need islam to be valuable..teach your kid integraty..make him proud of who he is..despite any flows..

make baby steps to experience that in your life..

you might buy your baby girl ..FULLA..instead of barbie……….

then,you might give your kid the ultimat gift ever…

25 thoughts on “FULLA..

  1. Arabs are losing wars since the corruption of the Ottomani Empire. and in the last 50 yrs, we have nothing to be proud of. How could those losers (older than 50 yrs old) raise the new generation ??
    They used to waste 2 hrs listening to UM Kalthoom, and they didn’t know how to pray, how could they raise their children ??

    ظپط§ظ‚ط¯ ط§ظ„ط´ظٹط، ظ„ط§ ظٹط¹ط·ظٹظ‡..


  2. asalam 3alaykom..abed,you’re right..but i’m talking about my generation and your generation..we can stand up for our rights to live properly..
    have u read,,ME+YOU=THE WORLD..
    it’s here somewhere..
    and even if we didn’t get it..we should help eachother to know how to give it to our kids..
    so that our kids would love to listen to quran..not any singing crap..:)
    ظپط§ظ‚ط¯ ط§ظ„ط´ظ‰ط،..ط§ظ† ط´ط§ط، ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡ ط³ظٹط¹ط·ظٹظ‡


  3. I would like you to know that I was a lousy father just because I thought work was more important. But at the age of 49 I got a second chance with three of my grandchildren and don’t regret turning down work and spending more time with them. In fact one has asked me if she could spend the summer with me. I am looking forward to that now. My daughter is bringing her down next week I believe.I do feel it is up to the older generation to reach out to the younger parents and give them a helping hand to help them from making the same mistakes we did when we raised our own. This is an excellent post. To the caller thanks for visiting my blog. We need more family unity. No matter where your from.


  4. I’m very happy that you came over..thank you so much for your nice words..and yes i agree with you..every generation should help to avoid the big gap between parents and kids..and know that teaching our kids faith is a gift that will keep them safe all the time..i wasn’t fortunate enough to have my dad around all the time and i know that i wasn’t complete from the inside..thank allah for my mother doing a great job but still kids realy need both parents and need to value their identities and religion..
    i hope i can see around always..:)


  5. asalam 3alaykom,
    when i was born..there wasn’t one veiled woman in my neighbourhood..if a man went to pray in a mosque he would go to jail instantly..prayers was something for old women and men..
    being american was the ultimat dream…
    i went through so much and i lost my self for years before allah sob7anah w ta3ala..saved me and showed me the way..
    and now i’m just starting to make those baby steps i talked about and i realy hope that i realy obay and worship allah devotedly before i die..i want to teach my kids the path of allah and let them experience what is truly good and pure in this world..
    i hope we all can…
    ya rab………


  6. (correction)I hope we can give our children we were not given!

    you’re talking about the early 80s..this is sad but true..but 7amdolellah, there’s a new hope today, we should depend on our selves not our parents, cuz our parents just came from the wrong era! as I said, they couldn’t teach us what they didn’t know. Now we know what’s right and what’s wrong, so we should seek guidance and light from Allah to help us make a new "better" generation, that is able to stand and fight for our rights.


  7. Hey my friend, first of all I would like to salute you for this

    "No..we mustn’t think that they are our children..we made them..we own them..it’s not that at all..
    they will grow up and judge you..at least in their hearts.."

    I mean, you just pointed on the key of raising your kids…

    Getting back to the overall discussion, well, I don’t really believe in "you can’t give what you didn’t have", I mean, When someone who wasn’t really loved by his family, he can still love his family, because he KNOWS how much it is disappointing not to be loved, BUT, he might act strangly in expressing such love,,,because he wasn’t learnt how to open up for example and so he start working harder in order to give his family what they need, negleting the fact that the communication lines are more important 🙂


  8. abed,i got your point clearly al7amd lellah..you are right..we must make that decision conciously in our minds..thank you for sharing..:)

    dear neverland,you read my mind:)
    i agree totaly..and i’ve been there..
    when you’re deprived of something essential in your life and u feel how much it affected you..you try so hard to give all u have and offer that to others..and if that aint the case then something should be done to heal such wonded soul..
    thank you dear for your great words..
    may allah guide us all to what’s best..


  9. When I think of kids I get terrified 😦 A responsibility that will be stuck to me all of my life. If they turn out to be good then thank God and I would have been a good mother, but if not I CANT EVEN IMAGINE !!! I always pray that I can manage raising my kids on a good religious basis and with lots of love.

    Thnks for a great post


  10. asalam 3alaykom,
    thank you for stopping by again..
    ofcourse thinking about the responsibility is terrifing..and during pregnancy fear increase,,cause we want to be the best and have the best children and do the best job raising them..but after they already come..it’s another story..overwhelming love,the greatest ever..you discover a new meaning of being a femal..you know what you want in life..the remaining piece of puzzel is perfectly put in place..if i keep describing this blog won’t be enough..
    thank you again and inshaallah you’ll be a great mother..


  11. bismillah
    Assalamu alaikum

    Great article ukhti, I agreed with everything except for the statement;
    "and when it comes to character..you should cherish being arabic..it’s your identity.."

    I have a serious problem with nationalism of any sort. Walah ya ukhti, Arab or not Arab it does not matter. The language of Islam is Arabic and this is as close an affiliation (if it even is one) to Arabism. No region, no country, no anything should we be loyal to or feel proud of except for our deen. I would dare say that there is no such thing as Arabism. Arabic came from Yemen and the only reason me and you speak the language is because of the Islamic conquests that spread the deen. It has absolutly no link to the land nor does it have any value.

    wassalamu alaikum


  12. asalam 3alaykom,
    thank you brother abdullrahman vey much for being so sharing and jazak allah khairan for every valuable thought..

    to be frank i don’t feel the same way about about arabizm..its meant to be our identity.allah sob7anaho chose the arabian island to be forever the source of islam,and in quran allah said to the prophet (pbuh)that he sent him with a clear arabic tongue..
    and cherishing our arabic identity doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that my countery was conquested..cause it’s more about the culture and the geographic belonging than having saudi roots for example..and egypt for an example was arabic long before islam came and saved it
    if you could only see how muslims from pakistan or india feel about middle eastern muslims..they cry and say you are so lucky..you are arabic,you are the grand children of the great sa7aba.
    look,i think it’s a feeling that’s undescribable..
    and i want to assure you that i believe that the islam is the most important value..that the most cherishable identity is islam..


  13. bismillah
    assalamu alaikum

    bas ukhti, what is an Arab? When Allah said that he revealed the Quraan in Arabic he (swt) is, like you said, talking about the language. Ukhti the language anyone could learn, just like Islam anyone could adopt. The prophet said in his last sermon, "an Arab has nothing over a non Arab except for taqwa". And I stress on the word ‘nothing’. Taqwa is from islam and this is the only division that we as Muslims should see humanity in. Those who believe and those who don’t. Other than that ukhti, nothing exists of any value. Arabic is a beautiful language and alot of Pakistanis and Asian Muslims teach it to their children. It is the language of Islam, but at the end of the day, it is only a language. It is not something someone is born with, nor is it something that belongs to a country or a region. It is something that all humanity can share if they so wish to learn just like Islam (which is an Arabic deen and Arabic only by language) is for all humanity with no exclusion or no levels as to who is better than who or who is more favored than who. You have to learn Arabic to be a scholar in Islam, however that does not entail that you have to be born in the Middle East and North Africa to be ‘lucky’ or of any greater Islamic value.

    Secondly, although the Sa7aba were great people and it is an honour to be their grand children, they don’t have a DNA of Islam or greatness and most of them were pagans before they came into Islam.

    Ukhti we are all humans, absolutly equal in every way except for taqwa. This is the only level.

    Now for your statement that Allah chose the Arabian island to be forever the source of Islam. Can you please tell me where you got that from? Allah spoke of Arabic as a language and as far as I know, this is as much as he (swt) or the prophet (pbuh) spoke of it. I might have missed something, so please correct me if I was wrong. Today, walah


  14. bismillah,
    the last section of my post seems to have been cut off for some reason.

    I was saying the following;

    "Today, walah as far as I can see there is more Islam in Pakistan and Central Asia than there is in Arabic lands



  15. asalam 3alaykom,
    jazak allah khairan,brother abdullrahman..
    i think i didn’t make my self clear before..i don’t disagree with any thing you said in this comment..not one word..
    infact i tried to point that out but clearly i didn’t explane well..
    the only extra thing i wanted to point out in my post is that being arabic doesn’t have to be a thing that every one tries to get rid of ..it’s a good thing and having to be from the region that allah picked to be the source of islam and all religions before islam..must be something good..and having an arabic tongue just like quran must be a good thing and a previlage and a bless..and i don’t have to prove it..it’s a fact of reason..
    and i also agree with you that asian are stronger muslims..yes indeed they are and that’s why they love us despite the fact that we are weaker in maintaining our religion..infact they say::..you are the owner of the house and you are asleep while it is being stolen and we are the guards,we protect it untill you wake up…they truly say that in the islamic center in india,pakistan and bangladish..and know what??when arabs hear them say that they shed tears because their countries are fast asleep and they look up with the greatest respect ever to 3olama2 those countries..
    it’s both ways..
    and like i said before..it’s undescribeable..
    may be it’s a personal feeling..but i feel blessed because i am a muslim first then an arab…those are senses that i faught hard to raise them in me..that’s why i cherish them..
    there’s no comparison between islam and arabizm..there’s nothing worth valueing if compared to islam..but,i don’t compare..7asha lellah…i’m adding..
    may allah teach us and guid us..
    and jazak allah khairan for your enlightning comments..please feel free to share anything,whenever..
    and i hope we always benefit from each other,i know i do:)
    asalam 3alaykom..


  16. asalam 3alaykom..i forgot to say to my brother abdullrahman..that mainly i wanted to adress this post to muslims to take care of western parenting systems..
    and cherish islamic parenting and don’t forget to buy FULLA istead of barbie..that is how simple it takes..:):)


  17. bismillah
    assalamu alaikum
    then barakallahu feeki and I apologise for going on about it when you initially agreed. When I start with someone I tend to find it hard to stop! 🙂

    I’ve been going through your archives and I have certainly been learning alot from you.

    yallah lakan
    assalamu alaikum


  18. Salamo 3alikom. I am speechless. You have tackled a topic that most of us won’t even think about out loud. I loved everything you said about the Islam and Alla asking us about what we engraved in our children not what we gave them (materialistically) in life. Alla yefta7 3aleek. I hope that Alla will always show you the right way- with your children and in your life. Than you


  19. WOW … ya ukhti – how come I missed that great story??? Thanks SO MUCH for telling me!! I can say, I do agree to EVERY POINT you stress, the values, the education, quality-time … FANTASTIC!!
    I am very happy to be able to say MY "development" draws me closer and closer to Islam!!
    Thanks so much again for telling me about this story … you’really WONDERFUL!!


  20. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear karin,thank you so much for your kind words..i am very proud of your development..
    and as a mother yourself you must have thought of ways to give your children the best..well the best is islam:):)


  21. Hi.

    I kind of agree on certain points here and disagree on some others. Definitely I would’ve been a better man if I had my father a bit more around during those years. He worked extremely hard to grant me and the rest of my family a better future but that pays off for sure, knowing that he went through the hardest living you may ever think of. I will stop here and move into another subject which really spins through my head now: A Barbie, Fulla or that kind of stuff cost 50 $ in Jordan !! Reema , my cutest niece is worth the whole world to me but it ain’t the easiest thing to me to pay 50 $ for a doll! World’s gone nuts! The majority of people I meet everyday can’t afford a doll for 5$!

    Thank you God .


  22. asalam 3alaykom..well fadi..i’m glad for two things..
    1- i really apreciate that you check previous posts and not only the latest..
    2- i’m glad you brought that up..
    because i refered to full as a symbol,second..i agree about what you said that is why i want to recomnd chinese shops..i buy fulla with 5 pounds that’s less than one dollar and i wouldn’t buy 50$ barbie anyway..even if i were a millionare…i want my kids to know the value of working hard and there’s no need to break a 50$ doll while it can feed a whole family for a month in egypt..when the poverty is finished..we might have the eye to speak..i agree my friend and thank you so much..


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