Blogging madness!!


Socializing on line..that’s what it is!!

Just like real life..what’s even worse is that the mascara doesn’t do any good..

The masks do fall,if there is any..

And like the law of the jungel..the strongest will survive.

He will win what??!..absolutly nothing material..morals,self esteem and sometimes just more traffic.

It is the question of your entension..what you want from your social or language skill….or simply you are being yourself in another form of community..

When i surf around i can see amazing types of humans including myself..enriching learning should try not to get emotional or you’ll get squashed!!

I have a great all socities,every group of people tend to get around and setآ some rules..that keeps them secure and safe..a code of blogging ethics..

so let’s agree on a ten points set of ethics..

if you agree to give me ten suggestions of what you think should be common grounds for blogging..then we will choose the most popular and get all signatures and that will be ourآ constitution..

And then we can sit back and watch the violations and the excusesآ ..

Smart or not it’s an intresting idea to get some brows up..yeh!!

know what i like toآ see among bloggers??

I don’t want to see a post with out a comment link..

I don’t like to see any bad language..

I don’t like to see news bullitens without some feeling or openion involved..

I don’t like to see anyone devalueing a blog..

I don’t like to see someone calling bloggers stupid or ignorant..

I don’t like seeing pages of bloggers interactions with a fellow blogger and he’s silent..

I don’t like private responds on a post via e-mail

I don’t like blog bulling

I don’t like repeatation

I would like to see a goal

Iآ know what you’re gonna say..freedom and liberty..

how come loose that freedom and privelege of being faceless and with no finger prints’s exciting..if you want it..take it by all means..but keep your hands in your pocket!!


Let us make blogging a unique experience..

Let it be authenticated..

Let us smell the paper and the ink..



17 thoughts on “Blogging madness!!

  1. asalamu alaykum…

    Excellent post! Subhan’Allah (Glory to Allah) I was thinking about posting a similar post to your’s, but I didn’t have the time.
    Alot of people would break the rules sister. There are alot of critical people out there and sometimes things can go into heated debates.
    There are a lot of good and bad bloggers, and quite a few strange bloggers out there. But I doubt it that they will stick to a "code of blogging ethics.."


  2. Hello The Caller,

    I fully understand how you feel about it but I don’t know whether it works or not (the constitution thing). Indeed, it’s a socializing thing but on online basis, so it’s really hard to control. Some people aim at the traffic coz it feels good to get that type of interaction, but at the end, it’s only about personal opinions and the topics of our interest. My blog turns to be a personal diary blog.! Those who visit my blog like what I have in there. Some happen to be real friends of mine who I know in reality, others are family members and of course I have friends whom I never met , exactly like you. Keep it simple and things will go fine inshallah.

    Let me tell you something: feel free to delete any comment you find off topic just don’t let it grow into something that keep you questioning why . I know you won’t be happy doing this but some people just come by, basically, with no manners at all! What should we do then? The answer: Just delete their comments or be smart enough to turn that weakness into an opportunity. Ask Neverland , she had a similar experience and it was a success.


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    yes you are right and thanks for understanding..
    things do get nasty sometimes and i never thought that deleting was an’s like chickening and hiding..and truly,once i found out that someone took off the commenting link totally..that will make it like press not bloging..bloging means openness not reading and cheering or hitting the wall by ourself..
    any way,c’est al vie:)


  4. That’s an excellent post – and an AS GREAT idea! In fact I can agree to each single point you mention. As Al-Hajeji mentions, there can be heated debates which I do not oppose at all as long as they won’t go "under the belt-line", in other words as long as the ISSUE is debated and no slurs, slanders and insults become part of it! As long as there is mutual respect, it is Ok – no problem with me at all! The moment it starts to hail insults and slurs – deleting the filth will be the right thing to do as it is YOUR weapon to tell the "author" …. "buddy, you better shape up and stick with some basic rules!" and "NOT on MY blog!!" He’ll think twice next time … it’s like with little children – plain education!!


  5. asalam 3alaykom,
    karin..amazingly smart as usual..
    especialy.."there can be heated debates which I do not oppose at all as long as they won’t go "under the belt-line",
    totally agree..

    *Q..i’m still laughing…


  6. bismillah
    assalamu alaikum

    I agree with brother Hajeji, alot of people will break the rules. That’s why I prefer moderating comments.

    Who said freedom of speech was a good idea when you’re the boss? 😀



  7. asalam 3alaykom,
    neverland,glad you liked it ,thank you dear for being my friend:)

    A.yeh i know know on elikes to be restricted even for a good cause,
    just couldn’t resist but to wonder:)


  8. The caller,
    These are very good points indeed, and what you have said about socializing on line is very right.
    But regarding setting rules I think it will not work because people dont think the same way and they have different limits and red lines.
    believe me am working in Jeeran so I see and know how bloggers think of blogs, posts, comments and discussions, they are different than each other and even the general rules dont work in the blogging world.
    I have posted something about blogging in my blog because I was very ungry of how things were going in the blogging community, here is my post :

    But after spending more time in this world I found that "elly bemshi s7 7aybayyen w elba2y 7ayekhtefo m3 elwa2t" .

    Believe me the blogging world will never accept any rules!


  9. dear 7ala,
    that is why i said:I know what you’re gonna say..freedom and liberty..
    how come loose that freedom and privelege of being faceless and with no finger prints’s exciting..if you want it..take it by all means..but keep your hands in your pocket!!

    and you are absolutly right my dear lovely 7ala..thank you so much for sharing your mean a lot to me:)


  10. ok ya rika,, thats very impressive but a little dreamy!!
    i think its very hard to set rules in such invisible socity like the internet..
    but whats doable is setting the rules for urself and making everyone respect it and never let anyone drag u far from ur ethics and rules coz its u who has the control to talk or not to talk to anyone, to exchange private e-mails with anyone or not , to visit a blog or not and its ur decision to leave or to delete any annoying comments .. and that goes for everyone as well, so there are rules already, we just need to respect and stick to them.
    all i hate about that socity is those people who r potting their faces in the monitors and dealing with everyone as equal nicknames not as humans.. they just forget about age respect about ethics even about proper language.. and all i feel toward those people is that they for sure have some issues and psychological problemes in real life "3o2ad na2s" and they have that extra energy they cant release except in the invisible mode!!


  11. hello the caller …
    well its good to know that his is what you think or how you feel , but if you set the rule then be totally sure that you’ll be taking off alot of people , and taking off their freedom of speech … its ppls right to say what they want whether you like it or not , blogging is like the real world there are some good ppl , bad ones , silly ones , you just have to surround your self with the ones suitiing your self , and you being around those ppl who lake that relegouis beleif or that contact with manners could be a good chance for them to get with the flow and see and value their posts next to the good ones .. they do see their mistakes you don’t have to set the rules and kick them out cause u just did what your blog rules said not to … re think it .. u can choose were u go what you write but can’t make choices for others but be an ideal they may follow and you know better than me …
    Good day sister *


  12. And one thing more , don’t you like to see how ppl think , how bad or good things have become .. don’t wrap your self .. we don’t like alot of things but we have to be intouch with others , once saw a program on iqra’a , there are ppl who remind you off satin those you should stay away from , second type is those who remind you of God and the beauty of Iman those strick to , and the ones in between that you have to keep a link with that they may need you some day … i know you want to do khair bas you were emotionly taken … Sorry if i was rude bas its a fact … go wher suits you and thats it ..


  13. Hi,
    the caller you got my attention to the point of "I don’t like seeing pages of bloggers interactions with a fellow blogger and he’s silent.." thank, I didn’t see the way you mentioned it, as I usually don’t reply on comments, now I got the other perspective,thank for this point.


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