Bang Bang..


wouldn’t it be such a waste to spend your whole life collecting piles and piles of paper.??..with value??

yes ,آ it has a can get us things..but it was’nt made to rule’s made for us to rule it..spend it and enjoy our selves with allah’s givings..

and because it’s from allah ,giving would be a normal process if we have any sense..who will give back will have the sweetness of faith in his heart..

who doesn’t feel superior over the poor will earn his reward in life and afterlife

how can life be so consuming?!..think..use your mind..ask yourآ heart..may be allah will guid you to know how to give back and live a life of dignety..don’t sell your self for anything in the whole world..don’t carry a burdon that is too heavy..lighten it with a giving hand and a free spirit…آ we stock money in order to have..

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ  آ 

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ  آ 

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ  آ 


BUT,non of that can ever make us happy..cause what seems to be a bliss can be a curse in one second..

money can go and your being won’t…

but what’s your being if you don’t know that allah didn’t creat us to be banks….nor consumers!!!

he created us to worship him and acknowledge his greatness and power and mercy..

if we would run like beasts all our lives we wouldn’t gather except what allah permited us to have..

and much as it can be will be gone one way orآ another..

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 


10 thoughts on “Bang Bang..

  1. That is very very true caller – I absolutely agree with the idea!! It is nice to have enough money to be able lo live a decent life .. but more is not necessary. Too much money (often!) ruins characters and gives people the idea they are all of a sudden superior to others with less in the bank! What a nonsense!! They don’t think of the poor, the underprivileged, the ones who were less fortunate .. and that will return like a massive boomerang! I highly appreciate your post … and couldn’t agree more! 🙂


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    yes dear is a pity that someone would think that his value is according to how much money he has..i’ve seen those kinds of people..they even pass that to their kids..when i was young i had a relative who would say..i’m so sad that i won’t be able to play with my gameboy any more..why??!
    because i heared it will be in egypt soon and the poor will be playing with it!!!!!
    screwed up mind..and you can only imagine what kind of person she grew up into!!


  3. I have to say that all those fancy things that cost money are a result of demand more than its actual value! I mean, If everyone jusy stopped buying BMW,its price will be cut to half, to begin with! But, it’s because there are people who are willing to pay alot for these things…I also wonder, why people are so attached to money these days…We will DIE at the end, so why collecting SO MUCH!


  4. I can WELL imagine caller … believe me, she only punishes herself with that! The problem is, just as you mention, the children copy the elder … and so the vicious circle continues! I never had much money, don’t have now and most like won’t and guess what? I doesn’t bug me at all! I have enough … and am fine, that’s it! I am not greedy either to those who have more … they mostly have more problems with their money as well … ha-ha!
    A person has NEVER a value one could express with money … it is the soul, the attitude, the honesty which count! Allah certainly won’t check one’s bank-account first before he’ll judge … but "weigh" one’s soul!!


  5. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I think this phenomenon,is because of materialism, and leaving principles or religions,and may be losing wisdom, as who wants to spend his/her life collecting money when they discover after 30-40 years that it was a waste of time, i pitty them.
    thanks for the post


  6. asalam 3alaykom,
    *dear neverland.i miss you:)
    i hope you are doing great in your studies..and yes my friend it’s that demanding soul that just will not get enough.

    *dear karin,i know what you mean..i’m just like you..don’t care much for what’s more than enough especially for the kids:)
    may allah help millionares;)

    *eyad,thank you for coming and you’re right..materialism will not leave us alone..we created it..right?!


  7. Unfortunately , it’s only that money is waht matters these days. Absolutely true.

    Plenty of money + a good heart + somebody to spend with = happiness 🙂


  8. I forgot to tell you that in cases like these , I tune to "Money Money Money" of the ABBA

    Don’t be afraid and tune to it 😉


  9. You know something. I think it’s human nature. We’re greedy by our very own nature. That’s why "Jihad" bilnafs isn’t only fighting. But to also fight against our impulses to be greedy and try to collect more and more assets.
    To many Money=Power=Influence=Better life
    That might not be necessarily true. Money does give you the opportunity to better your life and the lives of people around you. It on the other hand, it doesn’t guarantee happiness, peace of mind or the ultimate prize, Heaven

    You mentioned a very important point. We were created to worship god. I think there’s more to that sentence that meets the eye, but that’s a whole other discussion 🙂

    Thanks for the nice post


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