Dedicated to neverland…


I was born in a family that is of a strange father is one of the well known music composers..and so does his family except for one or too exceptions..

my mom ‘s family is an aristocratic..but she was too simple..the most devoted reader and an idealist..and because water and oil don’t mix..there was no future family..

and i was like a bird that had two different could fly well but strangely..

one wing takes me high above the sky with my mind and soul..and the other is pulling me down to nasty reality.

mom,is a sub dad was great and differant from his fieled..but yet..stained…

i was taught to use my senses to the maximum and to be aware of various cultures and beliefs..yet i’d آ face the other side of the moon..and watch the big illusional lapse of morals ever existed..

regarding living sometimes on the other side..BACKSTAGE was shocking to me..cause artists tend to reciete stereotypes to wrapp what they do with silk..they lie and believe the lie..they feel great..they use lines from movies and songs in their own conversations..and believe me reality bites..

values like integrety,honour ,honesty and purity are very rare and not even talked about by the same meaning that we know…

it’s perfectly,absloutly normal for people to drink or use drugs or commit adultry..even if few people don’t do it..they see it happen every day and don’t mind dealing with such people..there’s a very very well known songwriter that i know who has to make out with almost most ladysingers in order to feel her so he can write proper songs for her..

most of my life i was only an observer..but i must admitt that despite my moms efforts to raise me unstained..those measurments scrwed my brain..the value was…my artistic general knowledge..traviling abroad..wearing funcky..being hipp..

the final straw was when i met a very very important man who was a novelist and very intellectuale..he was a name that anyone who reads dream about meating him…

i dressed up for the day..i knew he was coming at my father’s houseآ for dinner..i had a hundred question and topic..the proud wing was flipping when he arrived..i was shocked..may be because i had some of my mom’s idealizm…

he kept giving me nasty looks…and then he started whispering to his friend..this friend is a very big busnissman that i knew all my life..he was asking for alcohol for the dad didn’t have any…he returned and whispered to ask permission to bring the writer’s bottel from his car…..

the man couldn’t sit down calmly for ten minuets without drinking…

suddenly i had a lightbulb moment…how come he’s that intellectual when he is that stupid..i thought..

if he is smart..he would understand that the ultimat treasure that we haveآ is being a muslim and that tells us not to worship anything but allah..not to humiliat ourselves and commit a great fault that drag us to jahelia again..

It is all a myth..a sherade..

they believe the unbelievable…

they think they are big..huge.!!.

fame and money does that to them..

fame and money makes people applause them.

so when they strip,kiss,dance halfnaked or write abusivly about religion..they get so selfcentered and call it creation..

no one has the courage to say that om,koulthoum may..just, perhaps be judged and may be punished..just like any other human being…they would kill you..

myths that was created within me was destroyed. now,.i believe in the good within us..the good that was given to us…i don’t jugde the book by it’s cover anymore..i have to read every page and may quote or may not..

we don’t have to listen to other people’s openion all the time..every oneآ have to search for his own truth..his own set of rules..his own facts and values..only then we can take full responsibility for our choices..only then we will learn..we will grow up.

i was lucky to know that talent doesn’t make you a idol..

talent is given to us and we may or may not nurture it…but it doesn’t make sense that presidents stand up and applause for an actor that puts makeup and wears red gowns after mid night..

it’s wrong…disgustly wrong…

i think i said it with too much grafic.آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 

didn’t i tell you..?

reality bites..!


آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 

16 thoughts on “BACKSTAGE

  1. Salaamaleykum wrbt
    well said sis.
    its really a shame..that such hotshots are so big headed.And ppl continue to hail their name.I’m sorry ur dad had to allow him to bring liqour into your home.its a shame.In my house we dont even keep an ash-tray…a notion that we dont want people smoking in our house.Do’a pictures and Janamaz (Sajadah) is placed at the living room, ‘boasting’ our Muslim way of life.
    May Allah show the reality of life to all the blind people.


  2. asalam 3alaykom,thank you dad ain’t perfect but he always sais:allah gave me two faithfull girls who don’t show but their eyes..and don’t say or do but sunnah,and gave me a young man who is a da3e since the age of seven teen ..i’m so fortunate..
    well,may be he is..the problem is that he grew up in a society that prais artists so much that he doesn’t know what else to do..may allah guide him and us ..and thank allah for your differant situation..cause to sruggel out of corruption is way difficult..


  3. Assalamu alaikum ukhti,
    everyone has a few skeletons in his closet. This only makes us human. What is horrible is when we bring out our skeletons and proudly flaunt it infront of everybody. It is when this stage is reached that you know there is no more decency in this world. When the man feels comfortable asking for alcohol in a Muslim’s house is a stage that shows how sick the society has become.


  4. asalam 3alaykom,akhi abdelrahman..
    i totaly agree with what you point from telling the story is to show that brilliant famous people aren’t so brilliant after all..and the only reason the big writer felt it’s o.k to ask is it’s a normal thing that artistic people have such disgusting thing even if they don’t drink them selves..which was a surprise to him that my father didn’t have any..and yes even if we have the skeletons we should hide it..because allah taught us that any sin could be forgiven except for those who brag about their sins..


  5. Wooooooow … jad enek fazi3a, mashallah 3leke.

    I think every one who reads this post will get your point.
    I cant say It better.


  6. asalam 3alaykom,i can see your true colours shining through..yes i can dear 7ala..and i’m glad to have known you..
    i think that what we see and experience in life affect us in a way that it’s hard for us to be defeated and surrender to our circumstances..


  7. I swear I can relate to your story more than you can imagine. the fallacy of our societies the many faces, facades and the never charades … sacrificing morals and virtur at the alter of money and influence. Anything for a buck
    What I have to say to you is: May god bless you and assist you, keep writing you’re doing a fantastic job and I enjoyed reading this so much


  8. asalam 3alaykom,know what??
    i can feel that you’ve realy related to this..the buck and the bow..makes people forget their mother’s name..
    thank you for the do3a2 and for stopping by..
    may allah bless you too..


  9. fame and money makes people applause them.
    so when they strip,kiss,dance halfnaked or write abusivly about religion..they get so selfcentered and call it creation..

    You just pointed on the main point…you know? Sometimes money can blind people, I don’t know…So sad but true…

    And I loved what you have said about "two wings…I can fly but strangly"…it was so deep and well said…


  10. asalam 3alaykom..dear neverland..i’m realy thankful that you read it..and is sad but true that i hate that it is..know what ??you are so sensitive that you felt my strange wings..after trying so many years to heal my injured life..i still look back and ache..stay tuned for part two…!


  11. Salamo 3alaikom The Caller & everybody . Thank you for dropping at my blog.

    Actually I read this post a couple of times and I kind of got touched of the way you expressed all of that.

    yes , things aren’t always what they seem.. A message I always try to convey but sometimes we need to get a feel and though pay for what we take.. This is part of being humans : )

    Ma sha allah .


  12. asalam 3alaykom..thank you fady for showing up at last:)
    i agree that this is a part of being humans..
    stay tuned for part two get another look at what’s going on backstage..!
    glad you related to it..
    masha allah 3alek too..


  13. I don’t know how did I miss this Post !! this is a great one.

    you know what ?? Toz fi Om Kalthoom , toz fi Abdelhaleem, they did nothing but destroying our society in the time when we were supposed to have reliougs war in Palestine.


  14. asalam 3alaykom,well abed..i don’t know too:)
    And yes..i agree with you..we get destracted with claping and jumping up and down..specialy at hard times..
    Ironic and sad:(


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