Sometimes i have flashes clicking in my mind of things i observed or sadly been a part of.

And when that happens i get astonished as if i was seeing something for the first time,and as if i did something bad that i regret.

While regret is a painful process i keep reminding my self thatآ it’s better to experience and come out with something than not to experience at all..but still i wishe i was never exposed., i wish i was never there..although i don’t like remembering the whole phase, i can’t help but feel like trying to unveil the truth around this..claimed to be..glamourous life..

at least with the so little i can reveal!!



everything went smooth on the u.s trip..although the veil irritated some people..yet it was less thanآ she thought it would be…her veil and her brother’s little beared stood out and oneday their friends opened the discussion..

michele said: we look at this beared as the unclean look..cause in order to be presntable you must have what we call as the clean look..shaved,combed and dressed nicely..

strangely she answered instead of her brother: i noticed that boys in the u.s like beckham’s hair cut and no one is hipp without ronaldo’s t-shirt(at the time.)…

he said:yes…

she said:they look up to football players and imitate them..and we look up to our prophet and we imitate him..and i won’t question who is more worth looking up to cause i don’t need to!!

and he never said another word!!

as i said that was the thing ..just o.k..till those friends decided to take their guests in atrip of the life time or so they called VEGAS…

The unbelievable hotel dazzeled them and some buisnessmen and artists were waiting for them to celebrate their fathers arrival..and the presence of kevin costner among themآ  made an incredeble fuss..wows weews..whoos..every kind of human one was left unamzed..the dinner went on smoothly and the brother and sister were hypnotized by the whole thing ,still didn’t forget them selves…

after a while the americsn friends thought they wanted to play…the kids saw that as a normal thing for americans to do ..but the pain started when the arabs went in as well so excited as if they were gonna ride the roller coaster not commite one of the biggest sins in islam…..

the girl wouldn’t stay in the lobby..she felt chocked and tears kept falling on her cheecks like rivers..she couldn’t bare the place that is so full of sin and except for her dad and brother the whole place was filled with sinners..sins..the whole city may have been disobaying felt like hell felt like there was no way out..she didn’t know what to do..she tookآ the small book of allah from her purse and started reading quietly while leaning towards the wall of the parking..

tears where all over the pages..she kept thinkingآ of allah’s wisdom to leave all this wrong be..luckily after a little while her father and brother came with another car to drive back toآ L.A…



to answer a very important question for some;)

i never saw ruby….

i was around way before those people..but i’ve known that my dad don’t like dealing with them either.!!



Well, don’t think for a second that devoted people don’t have fun…

Infact ..they have the most fun ever..know why??

cause life is full of unsinful kinds of fun and if you realy concentrate on having 7alal fun..the fun will be multiplied..i believe that when you do something bad wrapped up in don’t enjoy yourself to the max..cause there’s always something nagging in the back of ur mind..most people ignore cause they don’t know what it is your consionce saying…i don’t feel good about this!!

know how??

if you ever experience spending the day on a private beach or swimming pool with no one there looking at you (if u r a girl)…or make you stare(if u r a boy) would enjoy the most amazing feeling of sun,sea,skyآ and playing with your family would be great..

if you go to a restaurant and concentrate on not ordering forbidden foods or will be having a great time….if you go to the park and ride things or get in a roller coaster ,you’ll be having so much fun…if you even stay home with your family or friends or wife and play some silly game ,you’ll be having fun….i could go on forever setting examples!!

come on let’s enjoys allah’s blessings and have 7alal fun:):):)

you can even have a few of these and have the yummy fun!!









آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ  take one…………..


25 thoughts on “BACKSTAGE..u.s

  1. listen sweetie. If someone is uncomfortable with someone’s veil, just let them know that you’re uncomfortable with her/his girlfriend showing her coin-slot (the part of the butt that shows from low rise pants) or her cleavage showing
    It’s insulting and extremely vulgar.
    And they find some girl who’s dressed decently with compliance with her beliefs and they pick on her!
    Screw this retarded mentality.
    If/When I get married, it’s going to by my wife’s decision (which I will certainly encourage) to wear the veil, and if someone has a problem with it then they’re violating my rights. Totally against diversity, and how about they ask that from the Nuns!
    It’s a free country and I am free to do what ever I want to do. It’s not only my right as a human, it’s the CONSTITUTION of of the US

    Now regarding Sin, What did you expect…. it’s SIN CITY! goddamn it!

    😦 no news about Ruby… boo hoo hoo…
    I can’t believe you actually mentioned that in your article, that’s a cheap shot, you KNEW I was going to read it …
    Mashi … I’ll get you .. I’ll get my revenge. Bokra tshoofi … 😉 just kidding.
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Ruby♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ She rocks!


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    you’re is sincity so, what did i expect?!
    bot i only saw it in movies..never thaught things are that nasty.. for the institutional they really apply?!
    i really have no idea..i hear about them all the time ,i hope you and every muslim in the u.s or infact anywhere else maintain their strong faith..ameen:)


  3. Amazing how transfer your feelings to us, just love your way in writing…

    Now, lets get back to work 😉

    what you have said "they look up to football players and imitate them..and we look up to our prophet and we imitate him..and i won’t question who is more worth looking up to cause i don’t need to!!
    was so inspiring, and It was well said…

    Anyways, about muslims and their ability of having fun, well, it’s so crazy how some people think that drinking all night till they loose it is what fun is all about, or dancing all night with strangers that suddenly will end up in bed with, or gambeling and loosing all money is FUN! It’s crazy and twisted and against nature, you know?

    Those people who spend wild night will come ho,e alone and they simply cry, because their way in HAVING A GOOD TIME isn’t right, it’s like drugs that numb the feelings, and that’s why they ask for more because something is messing and something isn’t fulfilled…

    Having fun means, relaxing, laughing, enjoying your time, letting go the stress, keeping your money, manners and inner peace…


  4. asalam 3alaykom,dear friend said it so well…
    very well written..thank you 🙂
    unfortunatly not so many people get it!!
    when they see movies they think that motion pictures are real..and they start thinking that they want to live that..FAKE FICTION..
    may allah bless you and all of us with the peace inside…


  5. bismillah
    assalamu alaikum
    mashallah ya ukhti. I see alot of Muslim sister wearing a hijab but with tight clothes, or laughing and chattering with some stranger in the university. Walah it tears my heart apart and inrages me so much several times I thought of getting up and shouting at them. But when I see sisters like you, subhanAllah! walah I am not lying when I say that I was near to tears when I read your reaction to what happened in LA. You took out the Quraan and started to read. Allah yebarek feeki ya rab. Walah for people like you I would gladely take on the burden of the whole world if I could. barakallahu feeki ya ukhti, barakallahu feeki wa jazaki Allahu khair al jazaa2.

    assalamu alaikum


  6. 3alaykom alsalam,
    jazak allah khairan for your kind words and believe me this is so much for me ..allahu 2a3lam be7ali..howa alsattar!!
    thank allah that you didn’t shout at them because it would never lead anywhere..infact if i didn’t find kindness towards me when i was the worst i wouldn’t have loved our religion..believe me..they notice everything that you do too and if you maintain your high ethics and feel sad for them so you can ask allah to guide them at night,then allah would change thier hearts totally..inshaallah..
    again,jazak allah kheir and thank you for visiting:)


  7. Salam to all,

    its life to find some people who respect others’ beliefs, and some who don’t, what matters is to be strong and defend what your beliefs, well said, but at the same time we should respect others even if we disagree with them,
    keep blogging, and keep the door open.


  8. That is a BEAUTIFUL post – and sooooo true! I kind of took that part personal …
    "i believe that when you do something bad wrapped up in don’t enjoy yourself to the max..cause there’s always something nagging in the back of ur mind..most people ignore cause they don’t know what it is your conscience saying…i don’t feel good about this!!"
    I can sympathise with that very much – it happens to me more and more … I figure I get more and more sensitive to these kind of things and of course do my best to avoid them! Islam is working on me, no doubt about that!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    As to wearing the hijab … Abed gave once a GREAT comment which fits perfectly here, he said "just ignore the ignorants"!


  9. You are inspiring. I want to comment on/ write about what you said. So, I hope you give me the go ahead first. I have my own experience in the veil issue and I am going to quote you. Give me the go ahead and I will tell you when I publish it. God bless you. I’ll be waiting your permission.


  10. asalam 3alaykom,
    thank eyad so much for visitin,i really apreciate that..
    it’s not only my door that is wide open,i believe..but the most important is that allah’s door is always opened..but i just have to make something clear: if i trust and believe that alla’s rules are the only right rules,how could i respect any sin?!!!
    what i was taught is that i musn’t hate a sinner,but i must hate the sin..and to me i really just felt that and notice that i didn’t bad mouth anybody i just hated the sin..
    you are most welcomed here and thank you for giving me a conversation;)
    i really miss that;)


  11. asalam 3alaykom,dear karin it’s great having you glad..
    you senses are so alive and true..may allah help and aid you to do your best and all of us also
    and yeh..abed was great saying that..he has an awarness that is rare these days..
    thank you so much and please come back cause it’s always my pleasure:):)


  12. asalam 3alaykom,my dear friend hala….by all means,and with pleasure and apreciation::
    jazaky allah khairan for stoping by..
    btw,i like you a lot:)


  13. Hello The Caller ,

    Qala Rasol Allah sala allah 3alaih wa sallam: Wa ma bo3etto ella leotamem makarem al akhlaq". I think thins answers it all.

    But you went to Vegas? Wow.. Would love to go check for those sparkling lights there 🙂


  14. asalam 3alaykom,
    thank you’s always great having you over here:)
    jazak allah khair for wrapping it up so perfectly..
    and yeh,it sparkels alright;)


  15. Salam,
    This is such a great backstage.

    Las Vigas! My uncle lives in the US, and he told me about it. It’s a real sin city.

    What’s funny about a veil is that some countries (like tunisia, Turkey, and France) don’t allow it in public, while they allow girls to go out Naked!! What the heck? It’s not allowed to cover your hair but it’s allowed to show up totally nude, is this freedom ?? or complete ignorance and lack of civilization ? Do they think that I might respect ANY girl that walk in the street half naked ?? what kind of look should i give her ?? A respectful look ?? or a dirty look ?

    About the fun thing, this is absolutely right. You will not enjoy what ur doing if you feel guilty. And Allah didn’t allow us to do certain things not because these things will hurt Him, but because these things will make us unhappy. I really feel it when I do something wrong, I just become somehow despressed!


  16. asalam 3alaykom,
    yes abed you are totally right..the thing is that the scale is upside down..remember that our prophet(pbuh)warned about this when he said that coming nations will order the forbidden and forbidd what is right…
    unfortunatly the west lost it’s scale a long time ago which created a lot of wastes and found that the east is a perfect dumpster!!


  17. You’re totally right Abed … these kind of "laws" are a total oxymoron!
    You ask what look you should give such a girl .. believe me Abed – she would not the least expect a respectful look but much rather a dirty! The "outfit" is meant as provocation … and that certainly does NOT call for any respect! As to the veil – it was a BIG debate here … I never understood it and of course voiced as well my opinion – which in return others did not understand! There are SO MANY misconceptions here in the West … the problem is though, I don’t see any chance, at least in the NEAR future, to "clean up" with them!


  18. And I don’t see any chance in near future, but I can see it clearly, the clean new future, the future that we’re going to build, for those who will come after us


  19. I agree with neverland; this part was really good and I dont know how it came to your mind : "they look up to football players and imitate them..and we look up to our prophet and we imitate him..and i won’t question who is more worth looking up to cause i don’t need to!!"

    And by the way , I deeply believe that when some one leaves something for God sake , our lord gives him/her something much much better. "ya3ny rabna be3awdoh fi shi a7san".

    Waiting for the next backstage:)


  20. hey 7ala ..
    it came to me just like that..BANG!!
    and you are so blessed with your beliefs cause it’s the truth and what we all should have in our hearts in order to change..
    may allah bless you.


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