The underground people are just like those people ..with special set of rules

different air..different faces,hands and redish eyes..

All the weiredness of how humans mis lead whole communities into thier womb..

When everything you ever read in books start to sound childish and vague..

It’s where reality have another meaning..sweet and sour yet fatal.

most of night wombs..not the same walk from the door to find a totally different must walk way in on long narrow lanes or go down lots of stairs to reach the big gate of the other side of open the curtains on the wildest play..when humans are in thier lowest stage of humiliating them selves..what you see in movies or abroad is not the case..

Ironicly,and because of the twisted minds..night clubs in hotels are looked on differently and they are set and thought to be a prestigious thing..infact they are worse cause they spend trible the money and the rooms are too near to have second thoughts..

getting drunk is a fact that no one think about..going to the bathroom is a communicating skill,when it’s easy to exchange phone calls..arranging most of the business deals among the thiefs who steal from the poor..and with the pressence of the double agents who are always the dancer..

don’t you dare be poor and cheap and not make the longest necklace made of cash to decorate the bare chest of the belly dancer..

every one is walking around doing absolotly corrupted,low,indecent jobs with the most serious looks on thier faces..disasters happen if the drummer skiped a note..thunder and lightning shake the stage..aint working a worship.?!.

the biggest surprise when you see your bully friend’s father sitting and doingآ horribles and then acts as if he was nice and ask the ten year old who came over by mistake to shut up and don’t mention the lady in red that sat on his lap..

that is the other side of midnight..when thier day bats or vampires..they would disappearآ by sunrise..

they have no idea about the other side of mid night ..when kind,pure people stand on thier feet for hours not to serve booz or dance..but to talk to allah ..using his own words..

people who spread thier forheads to allah and try to get closer and closer to him..people who are simple yet great..powerless cause they surrendered to the almighty’s power..

people who didn’t loose control on themselves..thier senses are still functioning..thier bodies are holy..can’t afford the shrimp besides the wine..

but still walk with thier heads held high…آ 


23 thoughts on “BACKSTAGE..cabaret

  1. You’re starting to freak me out. How do you know all this? Apparently you’ve been there before. Not only been there, but been there many times and to many places. Am I wrong to assume that?
    What exactly were you doing?
    And what the hell are you doing till 2:51 AM in the morning? You’ve got kids and a husband to take care of! So what in the world are you doing at 3AM in the morning online!!!? Are you depressed and insomniac? You shouldn’t be things will be just fine
    Go back to bed, hug your husband, and read Ayet el Kursi and release your eyes


  2. One more thing. You MUST fix the format of your page. The sidebar shows up on the top then we have to scroll all the way down. This is not right. They should be side by side (formatting problem maybe?)
    Would you please fix it and make it look normal?


  3. Hello ,

    Hello Qweider, don’t you think what you wrote above is harsh an indirectly aggressive? The Caller doesn’t deserve being treated that way. Another thing, being sarcastic usually doesn’t get us anywhere.

    I think this is true. What makes feel even more pathetic is the impact in those youngsters’ eyes when they go to these places.

    The whole issue is being responsible. Many find escape in a low down place.


  4. asalam 3alaykom,
    Why di i blog about what happens BACKSTAGE?!
    i hope that by doing that i can enlighten peolpe so, they won’t be fooled by those fake devilish issues i write about..that and only that..
    i must politly ask all visitors not to assume anything,stick to the story and just that..
    some posts are drafted and it takes a click on the mouse to publish them and because most of the time i stay up to pray and do other can check hid blog.
    humans are humans..they get depressed !!thank allah that i don’t get thatfor more than a day or two..and that never affects my wonderful husband and my kids..they are my life, my heart and all that i worth is from them..

    agresion is a trend now adays..
    isn’t that blogging madness..when you imagine things and attack..any way..i still like blogging..
    and i prefer to pit my nightmares on the monitore than reliving it in my dreams..
    i’ll tell you about my soul mate soon..he’s worth a couple of blogs!!


  5. Yalla we’re wiating
    Fadi dude … she’s my sister, you might have got the wrong idea, but she know I mean no harm 🙂
    Now, we want to know. How do you know about these places? (Why am I asking, simple how can we trust your word if you’ve never been there?) Ha … Logic … my game


  6. Hello Qweider,

    I don’t know how did you assume that, but What the caller wrote doesn’t reflect her experiance!

    I mean for god’s sake, it seemed that YOU ARE the one who has been there!

    I don’t know, I have never went to such places (thank God), but when I read the post I didn’t think that the caller has been there! I didn’t think for a second that she might has been there!

    Sorry to say that, but I believe that your comment was out of the line, I felt offended, and please when you want to send such notes, you have the Caller’s e-mail, send her whatever you want, IF you think you are doing her a favor, but no need for such a note online!

    I mean, you said she’s your sister, right? But you gave others the first step to think about things that didn’t actually happen, and assumed that she left her children and Bla Bla Bla , and I won’t be surprised if people started attacking her from that perspective!

    So please, think twice before writing down what you want to say!

    And By the way, what you have said isn’t logical AT ALL! She doesn’t need you to trust her word!
    I trust her, Fadi does, Abed, Karin, Abdelrahman,…ect…

    Oh, one more thing…

    It doesn’t need a BRAIN to understand that there is people in this world that act according to their lusts, and are more like animals, because they don’t believe in God or religion! No need to experiance that to know that!


  7. After reading what you wrote, I am trying to read between the lines and can sense things like sadness, despair, anger, depression, being apalled … am I FAR off? FIRST dear – here’s a big hug from a friend! You are right, very right – there are these kind of places – and not just a few! They’re mostly places of lawlessness as well as utter lack of ANY morals … they remind me of the story in the Old Testament of Sodoma and Gomorrha! I lived for several years in the US and, during 1-hour stop-overs in Las Vegas, I went as well to play the slot-machines … at the airport ONLY of course, a quarter a game! Back then I was upset I never made it INTO the city but rest assured, today I am MORE THAN GLAD!! The glamour and glitter blinds the healthy perception of what is right and wrong, decent or indecent, legal or illegal!
    Fact is that as long as I lived there, I did not realize it like one who stands in the middle of a forest, does not realize anymore the single tree!
    I am happy I got out of all that and on top to realize what life is all about. To sit on a high horse and from there to fall – that hurts .. the higher – the more it hurts!
    A word to Qwaider – you have sometimes a very subtile way to hurt or insult people! What is it YOUR business what the caller does at 02:51 AM? You have no right to suggest to her to get to bed and hug her husband … who do you think you are?
    Stop ridiculing people and their feelings and mind your OWN business – in particular if they are seemingly in a difficult situation which very apparently did slip your watchful eye and rather insensitive soul!
    You appear to be a very complacent kind of person – a bit more humbleness would certainly NOT harm!


  8. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear neverland..thank you my dear for defending me and most of all for trusting me..
    making assumbtions is forbidden even if it’s some!
    because it can hurt people..and i always give my readers so much credit and always think that they would see with my eyes and i really enjoy writing for writing..i like to decieve my self into thinking that i have some writing skills but at the same time i like reality and any fiction will be said it’s fiction..but who ever said that you have to be a dancer to know what happens in those places..
    i might easily mention the simple fact that made me know a lot of these stuff and a whole lot more of unspeakable things..but why proove..?? need to..
    smarts,will read carefully enough to know what ever they want to know or else..stay teased!!
    thank you all for your generous gesture of standing up for me..
    and if some can’t handel BACKSTAGE..then there won’t be any!!


  9. Dear caller – do NOT allow insensitive people lead you to believe you do NOT have writing skills or even to doubt …. NOOOOO!! You MUST stand above that .. if I did learn that, you can too! You have a beautiful soul and are a sensitive, honest and compassionate person and THAT is what counts!
    It is very easy to hurt feelings and as sad as it sounds, too many people do not even realize that and some even behave worse than an elephant in a porcellain store!
    You can be proud of what and how you are … a WONDERFUL YOUNG WOMAN!


  10. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear karin..believe me ,i think that you are a wise respectable woman and that is not because you always compliment me or encourage me..but because you really getit..
    you know what life is all about and you make choices non of us dare to make!!
    growing up has a price that i had to pay..i am 32 a wife of a one of a kind man and a mother of two kids and i’ve seen too much even double my age ..i deal with a lot of people and with allah’s blessings they love me for who i am.. i know that i relate to the souls and minds of people as if i’m walking on glass and i enjoy younger and older friends equally cause wisdom ain’t with age or IQs..thank you for being my friend ..i’m proud of that..


  11. Thanks so much – you are very sweet! I’m very happy as we’re we’re friends! One of these days I’ll drop you a few lines via e-mail …
    The sentence "I’ve seen too much even double my age", I can only underline … I always say with what I saw and experienced I can fill a small library – and that is not exaggerated! You’ll understand why after my letter …
    You’re very right – wisdom has nothing to do with age nor with IQ … it is experience, and what you learned from it!
    I am a VERY patient person but once in a while my patience with "big-mouths" does wear a bit thin …
    You’re a WONDERFUL woman .. NEVER allow ANYONE to put you down in ANY way! I had to learn that as well, the hard way – but rest assured, I DID LEARN IT and whoever tries nowadays, gets to know the other side of the coin!!
    BIG HUG … and take care!!


  12. Dear the caller,
    Dearest…If someone can’t handle backstage, well, he/she should stop dropping by here! I mean, who needs people who are interested in ONLY ridiculing you and acting as if they know better?! You don’t need that!

    You can’t stop writing BACKSTAGE because it’s what makes you different from all of us! This is your style…The blogger you are…You can’t stop be who you are!

    I do trust you with all my heart…You are so respectful and kind, and I AM OFFENDED when you are!!

    And By the way, if anyone starts questioning your reputation, even by using their twisted sense of humor, just use this magical word (IGNORANCE!)…They deserve nothing but ignorance…

    Dear Karin,
    You are WONDERFUL! Thanks for standing for the caller 🙂


  13. Dear the caller,

    Please could you bring the butterfly back? It’s your right to design your blog in the way which reflects your personality, and noone has the right to ask you to design it the way he/she wants!

    And QWEIDER,
    You have no right to ask the caller to re-design her blog! Just mind your own business !


  14. Yes dear caller … where’s the little sweetie? I loved this little critter, buzzing around everywhere … who has a problem, doesn’t need to come!
    If YOU like it – please bring it back! It is YOUR blog and YOUR decision – exclusively! Don’t be afraid …


  15. asalam 3alaykom,
    hey guys you are just amazing..neverland and karin you girls can keep someone going no matter what..

    i am..i said..
    that’s an old song that you probably won’t recognize and although it talks about despaire,i find these two words so lifting..

    and yeh..i’m gonna go for it and uncover my deepest self..
    what i saw makes me..encripted me..
    and i’m gonna celebrate that among you,dearest friends..i can never thank you enough or tell you all my feelings..
    i’m present whole me..the caller who went through thornes to find her way to allah..
    may allah guide us all and bless us all to be better humans..
    i love you guys:)
    *as for the butterfly: i sensed that he didn’t mean to judge my design ,he told me that it’s bad for the browser..
    that’s why i took it not bother my visitors..
    i am so lucky i have you guys:)


  16. I am .. I said – and IF I remember this song!!! Neil Diamond, 1971! Do you have the lyrics? "I am I said, to no one there -…"
    I pray Allah will guide us … I guess we ALL need that!
    I love you guys too … you are FANTASTIC!! Besides … that’s what friends are for, right?

    As to the little critter … I have one too – and things are fine! Nobody ever complained …. I mean … YOU decide, ONLY YOU!!


  17. ok am stepping in now, take a rest sis,
    first.. Qwaider honestly i didnt like ur first comment and just as Neverland said that ur assumption gave the bad impression..
    second.. even if she went to somewhere like that which is ok by the way coz i dont recall she ever claimed she was born a saint and whom ever will say that he was i will not believe.. and if shes blogging about that, then it will be to share thoughts and to reveal some shaded ideas in our minds about some scenes we might have seen in a movie or in real life "like for me" not to show off the unusual experience..

    P.S.: rika, u dont have to explain anything about ur life style to anyone coz its no one’s busniss when u sleep or when u dont and how u deal with ur family.. mashy??


  18. Qwaider sho elly 3amalto ? enta dayya3t mawdo3 elpost w elnas ensha3’alo fi elrad 3lek 🙂

    ya Jam3a believe me am not defending him but I dont think he meant it in the bad way , he wants to know how the caller knows all these details, but he didnt say it in the right way I guess.

    Now … I will not forget to comment on this interesting post:)

    I think you are right regarding what you have said about those places , I have never been there but I cant draw them nicer or better pictures.
    Also I think the answer of Qwaider question is in your previous posts , am not sure if what i am saying is right but I think the reason of knowing all these details can be found in your old backstage posts. Right?!

    Any way I should say that you are doing great in your blog , I really love your posts , w 7atta lamma a3’eeb barja3 ba2ra kl elly ra7 3ly 🙂

    allah ykhalleelek awladek w zojek w am sure eno you are doing a great job with your family too 🙂

    God bless you my sis.


  19. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear 7ala..because you are smart i will tell you that you got it right,and thank you for not forgetting the post and you are right again..his comment ruined my post !
    i’m lucky that you are such a dear friend and loyal to your or q..


  20. DEAr 7ala,

    Well, I don’t know what to say, but such comments shouldn’t be said without thinking!

    2asdo aw la2, we should be more careful about what we say or we don’t! specially here, when we all are hidden and there is no face expression that actually help in knowing the emotions that are hidden behind the words!

    I don’t know, but I felt offended, because I put myself into the caller’s shoe! And you should do that too, if I may say that 🙂 !


  21. Hey Neverland,
    You may say anything ya 3sl betmony 🙂

    I am with you that we should think before writing such comments but bedna nhaddy eljaw shwi ya neverland ma bedna enkabberha 🙂

    Mafi da3y en3a2ed el2omor ya jama3a , we are brothers and sisters here w lazem en3addiha laba3ad 🙂

    I hope you got me 😛


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