Not all my BACKSTAGE experiences were tragic. Sometimes I laughwhen I remember things….


ON that same trip a friend of my father suggested to take is to the open zoo outside of …He was a musician and the son of a huge Lebanese singer. He was rather calm and somehow respectable. and that’s why dad agreed to take us with,yeh I had two friends at the time that accompanied me..

We woke up early and we found him waiting in front of the hotel ..We passed by a super market and he and my dad went in and returned with a big bag..Ofcourse we felt the squeaky movement of our stomach. We were hungry and it was a long ride and we didn’t have any breakfast earlier…My dad held me the bag and we went yummy yummy…it was filled with marshmallows and mini muffins…cakes and these staff…

Me and my two friends were sitting in the back and we started to open the stuff, to tell you the truth those mini muffins were superb. really great..

Oh…I didn’t forget to ask dad and his friend if they wanted some.but they said no. no keep it my darling…I said o.k. and we went on and completed the mission…when we went through the gate…we drove for about ten minutes down a narrow road and yet we saw nothing. I kept looking around for any kind of animals and there was nothing, he stopped and I saw something on my left, between those tall trees and I kept moving back and forth trying to see something and suddenly I saw a black thing on my right and I felt the car jumping and something sounded boom!!

It was a bear jumping on the car front. My couragous big daddy was terrified, laughing and astonished at the same time. As for that back seat, it was giggling non stop!

Dad said quickly: Give me the bag. What bag, I said. He said: the muffin bag. That was strange now…Now he felt hungry. I handed him the bag which was almost empty. He took it while looking at the bear. Put his hands in. almost found nothing…

He said. Where’s the bear’s food??

I and my friends looked at each other and I said: The bears ate them!!!

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ  ***************************



I just have to admit that I was a silly teen. I made fun of my self too many times…why…I have no idea but I used to crack up at the strangest times. Making my dad super embarrassed!

Again in !! We were walking down the champs. Avenue and we ran into that very famous movie star and her husband the producer. She looked much more decent than in movies and she was very well dressed in a rather conservative suit…

After the introductions and kisses. It turned out that they were going to the same cafأ© we were heading too…we sat down and ordered drinks and everything and they started asking my dad about that accident that shook the field at that time…You know it? No??

o.k… It was about that singer that was attacked in a hotel and left to die!!

My dad knew him too well and they started asking about him. I was sitting really bored…had nothing to do with this dull talk and that dull company…Counting the minutes, wanting to sit alone with my dad…and suddenly the husband said, I heard that he can’t control his urination…does he really wear pampers??

And the juice I was drinking burst out from laughter. I thought that diapers for a man are damn funny!!…the sprinkles jumped over the table where the man sat and that made me laugh even more. I couldn’t even say sorry!!

They looked at me with this disgusted look and I felt the man would reach out and choke me…Ofcourse my dad was embarrassed and kept saying, honey. That is not appropriate!! ..What is wrong with you…?

They said, oh we’re late. See you and left me with the look on my daddy’s sweet face!!

For revenge..Dady knew exactly how to make me pay..He took me to the movie theatre next to the famous “lido” to make me see lethal weapon part three…but that wasn’t it…he slept during the whole movies and wake up neer the end …so he got me to see it again!!!Twice at the same night…with a big grin on his face!!


Wanna share silly memeories??I’m all ears..Even willing to laugh;)آ 


22 thoughts on “BACKSTAGE..silly:/

  1. There is one (embarassing) story I remember in particular …
    In 1971 I learned SCUBA-diving in the Mediterranian/Italian island of Elba. My first dive (in a group of course) after several days of theory was supposed to be very simple, just to get the feeling of being and breathing under water. Well .. I was thrilled and one of the first to be in the water and saw to my utter dismay one after the other dive down – just I remained, somewhat frantic, at the surface, breathing like a champion and just COULDN’t go down due to the enormous buoyancy I had and felt like a desperate and oversized air-bubble! I had a GREAT teacher from Corsica though, a good psychologist, who swiftly recognized my dilemma and mounting anxiety. He came up to the surface with something in his hand – thank GOD I didn’t know what that was otherwise I’d have taken off like a rocket! It was a rock of several kilos .. which he dumped without me knowing it of course, on the top of my tank with the consequence that all you’d have seen were some big bubbles coming out of my regulator … and before I even started to understand what was happening to me, I sat down at the bottom with the others in a depth of about five meters. From that moment I realized I was able to breath without problem, the tension and fear was over … and never returned!


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    wow karin..nice story.
    i used to be a fish in alexandria,but it has been a while since the last time i was there..
    you should come and dive in the red sea..the greatest ever!!
    thanks for sharing my dear..
    i love it when you visit:):)


  3. Welcome dear .. and I love to visit you ;):)!!
    I want very much to do that – who knows, maybe someday I’ll have a chance!


  4. I’m really impossible!!! I didn’t tell you about YOUR stories … and that I like them a LOT! Did your dad really buy all those yummies for the BEARS?? I’d have done the same you did .. ha-ha!!
    And the second … I imagined that and had to laugh – that’s REAL funny!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!! 🙂


  5. asalam 3alaykom,
    hey made me laugh:0
    no need to even tell me;)
    any where they are silly!!i used to have this strange hobbie of making a fool out of myself:):)


  6. dear friend alllah yese3dek ya rab you made my day when i do really hate long sundays 🙂
    have a nice time habibte
    leave u in peace


  7. asalam 3alaykom,
    wow..ola…i am really glad i made your day..infact you’ve just made mine..i don’t feel well today but you’ve cheered me up..
    thank you dear:)


  8. asalam 3alaykom, too??
    yes sundays sucks!!
    but with friends like’s getting better..
    know what??i have a lebanese branch of my family and you remind me of them:)
    thanks dear for coming by!!


  9. Hey I still laugh, my colleagues noticed that i can’t stop laughing, oh my.
    tell you my story:
    We sitting on the table all my family,dadi,mom,and three sister, we were eating Corn Flakes, yummi, I was sipping,and looking at one of my sisters,giggling, every now and then,my father gave me that look as if telling me to stop,but i never ceased,and my sisters laugh every time my father tell me to stop,i wanted to laugh out loud,but i held it,i continued sipping,but this time was a big spoon, i was trying to prevent myself from laughing, but one of my sisters said something, and i blew it into my fathers face,all the corn and milk around the table,he was covered from head to toe,and i never ate corn flakes since then.
    hope its a funny story.


  10. asalam 3alaykom,
    i’m just like you..if i start to laugh no way i can stop..and i can only imagine what your dad done to you after wards…very very funny..thanks for sharing:)


  11. asalam 3alaykom,
    wow khalidah..did you notice??
    you visited me for the first time the moment i was adding your link to my favorates…
    thank you my dear..and knows exactly how to take revenge..imagine more than five hours on the same chair seeing the same movie..


  12. Hello ..

    I just like this blog better 😉

    Sweet memories live for ever, it’s a bless from God.

    lets see, I once got bust down in before I get to a concert , that was in 1993. I posted about that experience in my blog .

    Take care and will get back to you Caller with the answers.



  13. asalam 3alaykom,
    prefer less tragidy..ha??
    it is sad i admit..but that’s who i am..that is my life..and more!!
    get ready for more nakad:):):)


  14. Oh really? I did not notice … Thank you for adding me .. I was planning to add you on my list but was lazy to just do it … so I will do it 3ala 6ool

    merci ya 2amar


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