3ala tare2et raya w skeena..!!




آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ  آ 


So,i didn’t listen to my friend’s advice and i went there..

I went toآ have a peak on their filthy blogs..may be you’ll notice this and may be you won’t but i never lost my temper before last night..

What do they want..they blog about how 7izbullah is all fake….hello!!

All this and they’re fake?!!


They slam lebanon against the wall..forgetting that this time is the time when every arab needs moral support and encouragement..and..especialy lebanese..

We have to keep our heads held high..and our hopes up to tolerate all this injustice and all that killing and breaking in our souls..

Who had the nerve to look away yesterday and never mind what happens in lebanon.??

Is now really the time ti start counting that great strong country’s faults??

And what arab country that is with no faults??

Infact we are all in the same muddy swamp..no one’s clean..no one’s right


And then my friend karin pulls my hand to a heart breaking blog of a lebanese guy who is on the run with his family ..and i run with her to give him some support and there..in his home..in his blog..that i find this israeli..that again wants to destroy our hearts like they destroy our homes in lebanon and palestine.


That arrogant nothing ,thinks they are justified.he even made his point 3ala tare2et raya w skeena: ye2teloona w neskotlohom?!

and ofcourse he will think that..does any wolf feel any sympathy while attacking the hen house..but this time..is so different..cause the wolves mistakenly attacked the lions..and i told him how it will feel for him when the bricks of his walls will fall on his head..then he will remember me!!


Q..wondered last night ..will other countries see what lebanon sees right now?!

and my answer..oooh..yes…only if we..again..like always bow and let go of what is left of our pride..if any is still there…only if we again as always let them step all overآ  us..while we pause gladely to the cameras..


I will no longer remember songs..to remind me of the taste of the lebanese air..

I will remember only..Quran…and ask allah for his aid and his forgivness..

cause we let go of him for such a long time..

and ..enough..is enough.


Would you do me a favour??

I have no phone or mobile connection with my aunt and her family in lebanon..

i have to ask if any of my fellow lebanese bloggers would do thay call for me..?!

if you wouldآ let me know so i can mail you the no.and details..

jazakum allah kheir moqadaman!آ 



آ آ آ  who ever prayed from the heart for me..thank you..suddenlyآ i made a connection.

i dot to hear her sad sad voice..she is o.k but the bombing is surrounding her place..keep praying guys..please


16 thoughts on “3ala tare2et raya w skeena..!!

  1. Dear dear caller … you are such a wonderful person!! I hear your utter distress and can SO WELL understand you … but let me tell you something: we will NOT bow our heads, we will NOT be weak, we will NOT lose our prid, we will NOT buckle … but will stand firm and strong TOGETHER!!
    I despise those politicians who STILL go down to their knees in front of George W … he does wholeheartedly SUPPORT the Israeli attacks on Lebanon … and of course Gaza as well!
    We as people, caller, will stand straight and continue to do whatever we can to support those who need it most – we’ll do whatever we can to help! I couldn’t care less about those guy’s slurs and curse against me – he can’t even scratch me as I stand HIGH above such pitiful individuals!
    BE STRONG my great friend … let’s be strong TOGETHER!! :):)


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    *karin..i know how great u are and i appreciate knowing you everyday.

    *Qwaider..jazak allah khairan for your great feelings and ameen ya rab to your do3a2

    *fadi..it is mad indeed..thank you.

    *abed..allah yebarek lak ya abed.

    guys i’m trying to take it easy a bit cause i’m not feeling well..
    keep your generous do3a2,please.


  3. How are you feeling dear? What’s wrong? Is it a psychological burn-out due to the horrid situation or are you physically unwell? Can I do anything to help? PLEASE let me know dear!! 🙂


  4. I can well imagiune the situation is overwhelming for you – it is only natural and nothing to be ashamed of! Do you have any sedatives FROM HERBS – NO chemistry – at home … or can you get them in a pharmacy? It would be something rather efficiant you could do to counter the attacks!
    Dear caller – we must try to keep a cool head and recognize where – and if – we can help! I will take your hand and hold it tight … I hope I can make you feel a bit more secure by doing that! If you want to share your thoughts – by all means PLEASE dear, you know my e-mail!


  5. asalam 3alaykom,
    it’s o.k karin..really..i went to the hospital and i’m better now thank allah..
    yes we must cool down but the part few days were hard on me..i lost a lot of weight in a short period of time and i had trouble breathing..
    it’s o.k my dear friend..i’m so fortunate that i have such a dear friend that cares for me..big hug:)


  6. A BIGGER HUG goes straight back to YOUUU!! 🙂
    Try to eat normally, even the appetite is less or not there at all … try to maintain a certain daily routine! DRink enough … and try to rest sufficiently – that is MOST important!! Think of these kind of pills I mentioned …
    OF COURSE I care for you … that’s what friends are for!! 🙂


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