Infinite Dreams !

“Infinite dreams, I can’t denyآ them

Infinity is hard to comprehend

I couldn’t hear those screams

Even in my wildest dreams”



+ I remembered those words when I thought about dreams…

When dreams are supposed to be a good thing…a drive…somewhere when it’s o.k to

wish infinitely…I still remembered those words that describe a nightmare not a dream.


All of us long for something we can not have. It could be hidden in the most lighted place, and it could be presented on a silver plate deep inside the darkness of our safe!

Sometimes we don’t even know that we’re dreaming. Sometimes we wish for a dream to come and lift us higher than any ground…


When we stay glued and pinned to earth…When the soul wants to spread its wings…

When we say no to what agree is. And we nod to all the nos…

We then sleep…sleep and let go of everything…the glue…the pins…the wings. The no and yes.


And we have infinite dreams…

Some carry the scare…the warning…the tick of the clock.

And, some carry the wish. The hope. The answers of the knot.


Don’t follow the scare!!

Just carry the hope…


And don’t dare to comprehend…it’s a secret that is treasured for you to unwrap some day…

A dream. Has changed all my life…


That’s another story.


6 thoughts on “Infinite Dreams !

  1. Amazing words Caller… Wow!
    Yes, it’s so true, sooo true.. sometimes all we want is to live the dream, be the dream and never wake up
    This is just amazing that you would right this, because I was just about to write about it … Wow… and you took the words right out of my mouth


  2. "The soul wants to spread it’s wings" … how wonderful!!
    Sometimes one wants to live a dream … and sometimes very fast to wake up once it turns to a nightmare!
    I love the way you write … it is beautiful!!:)


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    Qwaider..thank you for being so nice..i’m glad it spoke your mind.

    + dear..thank you for your nice words..and that is exactly what i felt when i wrote the post..


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