Wide Shut!!

So,What’s wrong with letting out some personal feelings or thoughts??

To me..it’s who i am and what i have to say..

And most defenitly what i hide in the closet belongs in the closet but to an extend..

I read here and there bloggers deciding to keep their blogs out of their personal lives and that made me wonder..isn’t blogging personal??!!

Again with the limits that would make me comfortable..is that so elastic that it can wrapp totally around someone and leave him with nothing one inch deep to say?


From now and then i recieve mail regarding something i posted or a personal clue about me..wondering what i do beside blogging..(they think i blog non stop!..am i??!:):)).

and i never replied because i thought that they are asking for something under the table..

and i decided to keep it up!!above the table..


I am a lawyer with a lot of other intrests beside law..i practice law within all family affairs and i study something after another..free studies ofcourse..D’oh:)

because i have a family to take care of..two little mmmmmmm..birds constantly jumping up and down and i watch every bounce and word!!


i take blogging seriously..to me it’s not rambling..nor only sharing thoughts..to me..it’s the thing i love doing..it’s healing..it’s my work..


I never meant to hide my nameآ because of secrecy..NO..i just simply don’t like it!!

yes..i don’t:):)..it doesn’t suit me..that simple!!

And about my dad..oh..i refer to him as the natural source of my backstageآ experience..although that didn’t stop some of thinking that i might be a retired singer or something..which thank allah i’m not..so for delivering that messege ..do i really have to say who he is to earn some credentials..i don’t think so..besides that would limit my purpose..so ..that’s it!!


finally i would like to say that this blogging experience changed two things in my mind..at least for now…+ i digested the thought that i was meant to be a backstager..that’s what makes me..me!!آ 

+ At first i was a caller for what i see right but from the high towered window…now i’m a caller ..not only down to earth..but half buried in it…


sorry sorry..one last thing…i cherish every and each one of you guys:)





guess what..i took the personality test twice to determine which leader am i close to!! the first one was a nine question test and i turned out to be:::::MOTHER theresa!!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..don’t think so!!

so i took another eighteen question test..AND..this time::::::

abraham lincoln…

they say i’m good and kind but can drag my country into civil wars..


SEE…i’m dangeroussssss..after all :):):)


16 thoughts on “Wide Shut!!

  1. Have you ever thought of it when u feel a fruit matches a person … am almost there but i’ll let you know when am toataly suer about it … u r something..!!


  2. That was GREAT, REALLY GREAT!! I highly salute you dear – you proved courage, honesty and openness .. you deserve all the respect in the world!
    You’re completely right – there is NOTHING wrong with letting out personal feelings … after all, that’s what makes us human!

    I find wonderful you’re a lawyer … jurisdiction does represent justice, a word which is known by less and less people!

    About your dad, of course you do NOT have to inform the world who he is – I LOVE your decisive- and assertiveness!! :):)

    You’re wonderful caller … from every aspect! BIG hug .. as well for your mom!:)


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    Well abed..i would never let you down..and although i don’t like manalaa..at all..i’m willing to check it out just for you.


  4. Im the number one who hates Manalaa and their fellows…but It’s not about them this time..

    It’s a protest fot the Egyptians..It’s for the sake of Egyptians rather than the sake of the Lebanese & Palestinians…It’s a matter of dignity for us, think about it my siste. Thank you


  5. Ha-ha … Hi mother Teresa!! You make me laugh a lot … and then the statement you drag your country into a civil war – that’s the bummer per-se!!
    Guess who I was supposed to be close to … the first was Hitler (GOD ALLMIGHTY – NOOOO!!), which felt as if someone had just stepped in my face – and the second, Kennedy! Guess I do it again … ha-ha!!


  6. asalam 3alaykom,
    hey karin..kenedy ha??
    well i think that these tests are so entertaining..sometimes flattering too:):)

    + ola..thank you dear..infact..everything i said today i already mentioned on previous posts;)

    + abed..thank you bro..i checked it out and good that they are demonstratng..chapaux for them although the police will excessively beat them up because of their previous history but no matter heat..no matter burn!!
    it is good to stand up for our lands and rights..


  7. You know, Blogging is about what YOU want to write about. Be it personal, public, journalistic .. it’s your choice

    As for you identity, I think we all need a little mystery that we find in our virtual anonymity that gives us a little bit more strength, and courage. And liberates us a bit from the form that we take in our normal selves
    Keep up what you like to do, and don’t worry about the world!


  8. asalam 3alaykom,
    QWAIDER..i wish i can be as tough as you are:):)
    yet..forgetting about the world is really appealing..
    thank you for dropping by..it’s always great having you:)

    + Abed…no way..you’re my friend and brother..yes i read it and i saw your point..
    it’s really o.k..don’t even think about it:):)


  9. A.A the Caller , lets start! So your real name is Dawlat? yeeeeeeeeee

    This post made me think of 3 things so far so I think I should leave a comment before they become 4 , 5 , 6 ….

    1) Blogging to me is some kind of self marketing thing, I also blog to speak out some personal things but in hieroglyphic script because I fall under this category that always revolve about the main point but never hit it direct. Another reason to blog is sharing my experiences with others as a two way valve set, in and out. These, in addition to a wonderful opportunity to pick up with my writing skills and of course, meet wonderful people whom I get the chance to meet in person most of the time. Blogging personal stuff is something we decide on, some feel comfortable doing while others don’t. I don’t exactly know what to say about this but most of the time I personally tend not to do so because I have strong reasons for this although I always feel “I want toâ€‌. My friends and family read my blog and I like it very much because I always leave signs here and there so they get the messages , but I am always cautious not to put anything that may cause confusion,,, it’s less headache The Caller. I hope you get the message dear.

    2) Our blogs say a lot about the persons we are because we always think of the things we write. Our sense of humor reflects the real “usâ€‌ , honesty & sweetness in writing is just a vent because we simply don’t get the chance to act like “SWEETâ€‌ all the time in reality; Yes we do , but not as much as we want to, right? We don’t have to reveal our real identities in order to prove we are honest & sweet or what we think is right is right or what’s wrong is wrong. Some use wonderful logic without even mentioning the least about their jobs & background, their posts says all of that (Q. for example). But any way , knowing a little about the background of the people behind blogs we read helps a better understanding if I may


  10. 3) At the end, God created the skies and earth in addition to what’s in between, right ? It’s always good to float on the surface so others will fish your ideas easier but sometimes, going deeper is not bad at all.

    1) I should’ve dropped by earlier , but I am getting busy these days coz my family decided to move to our new family house in 3 weeks , most of it is on my back! But I am happy they will be next door!

    Take care and thank you for speaking out.

    Mr. X


  11. asalam 3alaykom,
    And i have three things to say too..
    + When ever you speak up and elaborate..i consider that my good fortune and as good as posting..so sometimes i make you do that:)

    + i never knew you read Q’s..mmmm!!

    + Thank you for the last note;)


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