Enchantment by the sea..



When ever I think about these days…the aroma of the sea fills my brain…I find my self inhaling as much as I can from the scent of the best days of my life…all the great things that I can all my own..My most own…happened to me in Alex…

…the pearl of the …the bride of the sea…

…is my home town…And although it is on the coast…it is more gorgeous in winter than in summer…

Alexandrians don’t enjoy their city in summer. The visitors from and other places make it so crowded and unclean. As a kid, I used to stand in the street with my friends and give wrong directions for the tourists! Little devils we were!!

I lived near . Right by the sea. I never had enough from the cool amazing sea

آ breeze…Never had enough of the amazing joy of seeing the sunrise and sunset by the sea. My house was on shore. I could get wet sometimes from the splashes of a wild wave…

After on the cournish is outstanding. Alex never sleeps…And I never slept a whole night in Alex. I couldn’t stop taking the beautiful feeling of being part of it...

I went to school in Alex…” where a lot of leaders had their education…

King Hussein of Jordon. Was educated their…oh…and Omar elsherief too…

That ancient school is like a palace. With Greek architecture buildings and huge gardens with palms and swimming pools…

Winter time made Alex sparkle. Shine with cleanliness. From waves and rain. Cold but not too cold. I remember days when we had little pieces of snow hitting the windows…

Summer time was a blast…we spent our days at the beach. Afternoons together hanging

out or taking ice-cream walks. And nights at the park…elma3moora.or.elmontazah.


آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 

Elmontazah…is the greatest place I’ve ever seen…the kings palace and gardens and a sea shore full of flowers…I had the best times at the hotel…


And the first time I ever went inside a mosque was…almorsi abo el3abas…it is right by the beach on a higher ground…it has a unique feeling…I will never forget what it felt to pray there…too peaceful too secure. Yet fresh…as fresh as the sea…

Near by the north end of Alex. You can take a boat to a nearby island called…Nelson…it takes half an hour with a speed boat to go there…and belive me it’s heavens on earth…a very small island just for you…the boat would take you there and come back for you..dady used to take us there to swim privately and spend a great day..a day to remember..you can see jelly fish and strange kinds of sword fish on the way..

Oh..how I long for these days to come again..


I’m going soon in sha2 Allah….returning to my sea…..

If any one ever thinks of coming to . Don’t miss visiting Alex…

I can only hear one thing when i think of alex..


Memories..light the corners of my mind..

Misty watercolored memories..

of the way we were





7 thoughts on “Enchantment by the sea..

  1. Wonderful 🙂

    I want to go there sometime… Inshallh 🙂

    His Majesty Late King Husseing talked about his experience in Victory College in one f his books.

    Thank you The Caller.


  2. That was SO LOVELY!!! I could almost sniff the sea-air and hear the waves splashing … it truly must be a grogeous place!! Will you go there on vacation … or move there?
    … of the way we WERE?? Or .. deep inside still are?? 😉
    Thanks so much for sharing – it’s REALLY GREAT!


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    i missed you karin..how are you dear?
    no on vacation in sha2 allah..
    how great to see you around..yes it’s so beautiful..more than i can describe..
    pay me a visit and i’ll show you around:):)


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