For her i’ll become..

I was driving the car by the nile…looking at a beautiful scene…of flowers and birds on the river side and the glittering water that reflects sun light when we came up with the same phrase of the same song that we used to listen to a long time ago..And we laughed to the thought and the memory…

I realized how amazing she has been all my life…she was so open minded and absorbed all my flings…she even shared them and knew how to be my friend…she loved scorpions , queen ,pink Floyd and dire straits with me..She studied law with me…she switched to macrobiotics and back to choclate with me…and she shared my religious transaction with me. Prayed and studied and cried to Allah with me…

She is the only one in the world that took my mood swings and the phase changes…

She never took me for granted and never judged me…she knew how life is…how we suffer and how we change and evolve every single day…

I had that in a way with few close friends…but never to that extent…

She is so pure…yet never looked down on me…knew how I really am and waited for me to throw myself in her arms…

I never needed a pass-book to reach her destination…i’ve just been my mistakes and downfalls… when every body patronized me…her eyes smiled, assuring me.

She never saw my ugliness or the angel in me…only the human…the ups and downs…the sweet and sour…I develop in her soil and beat in her heart..

i realize that allah gave me no reason but her ,as i have no one else and for her I’ll become…Mom!!



10 thoughts on “For her i’ll become..

  1. That is so VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s the most beautiful a child can say about his/her mom, a love-song, a most wondeful way to say THANK YOU!
    Your mom must be very special … like my mom is, at the age of almost 83 still climbing up a ladder (I get firm a "if you’re not here, I do it as well" should I dare to ask her to let me climb up in her place) doing the entire houshold, cooking marvellously, baking yummy cakes, reading books and the daily paper, following world-politics ect … she’s at her progressed age YOUNGER than MANY at the age of 60!! Today we’re less mom and daughter … but friends – and that is wonderful!
    Sending TWO big hugs … one for YOu – and one for your mom! 🙂


  2. I am touched! The Caller , you are amazing dear.

    Now to the real work: Aha , so you like Dire Straits The Caller? Hmmm… I thought I am the only big Fan of Mark Knopfler around blogs and thats why I included many of his work in my blog. My favoreite song of all times are 5 lol

    Lady Writer (1978) , Sultans of Swing (1979) , Tunnel of Love (1986) , Telegraph Road (1986) , Where Do You think You’re Going (1981) , Planet of New Orleans (1992) , It Never Rains (1986) , Down to the Waterline (1981) & many many others for Mark Knopfler.

    15 points for you The Caller and I pull back a word I said maybe month ago : )

    Rock on


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    may allah bless your wonderful mom,my dear karin..
    my mom is eighteen years older than me..yet i find her amazingly supportive..what i wrote happened today and i realized that i don’t need to be disappointed with my so-called friends who judged me and didn’t understand at times..i have her for the unconditional love and support..and dear friends like you ofcourse..
    thank you karin and give your mom a bigger hug and a kiss from me:):)


  4. asalam 3alaykom,
    ya fadi..i said two words and you masada2t tefta7 seeret songs and stuff:):)
    the winning feeling is great:)
    now remember..that i just USED TO..not any more ha??
    well!! may be only in my head..
    may allah bless you and your mom..tell her i said that.


  5. Assalamo Alaikom ,

    2nd trial: You won yes 3enayat , but come on , a little of electical guitar is never a bad idea!!

    That’s the way you do it , you play the guitar on …..ooops, elba2y in your head 🙂


  6. Dear
    You’re Mom must be lucky having a great daughter as you
    May Alla save you’re Mom
    It’s soooo nice and sweet being a friend to you’re mother ..



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