Complete..the other half of the heart..

Before you try to complete…the missing part…the other half of the heart…

Slow down and listen to this…


I’ve always wondered how to complete what’s incompleteable…how to raise the dead and revive the dried red roses…


But the most difficult question was…how to find the missing part of the puzzle…the IT…the ONE…how to know for sure that we’re ready to fall in and never out of love with our soul mate who will be the husband OR wife forever. If Allah wills, and we succeed in doing this right…


My backstage peaks didn’t help with this issue cause the percentage of infidelity is around 99%…with no exaggeration…

I’ve seen 3iathan bellah continuous cheating and sometimes multiple flings all at the same time…so; it’d have been stupid of me to figure this out from them…

No, I observed ordinary people. Those nice cute families where the wife is a kind housewife absorbed in the kitchen or running behind the kids. and where the husband finds the only joy in carrying a paper bag of oranges or a water melon back from work to his kids…I fell in love with that kind simple picture ,which has no high expectations or other complicated demands from life..


Then another amazing scale hit me.. in fact that was the most amazing of all…

The prophet’s (PBUH)…pattern.

Although he was married to several women at the same time. Due to tribal and religious reasons that I won’t get into right now. May be later…although all that. He was the most loving, tender, amazing husband to alsayeda 3a2esha…

Their talks. Their description of love. How they used to flert…how caring they both were for each other…to me…having this kind of romance centuries ago is the most amazing…


So, can we be like them??

ظ‹Why??Why wouldn’t we? Why can’t we??

Because we are not prepared to get married…

Marriage needs preparation of thoughts…senses…emotions…manners and a whole lot more…just to be ready to attach when ever your heart tell you ..He/she…IS THE ONE!!


And never ever get married for any other reason…

Pick right…pick religious, decent people…but only the one who you are ready to be your most unknown self with…

Who completes the missing part of the puzzle? Who mends the other half of the heart…?

Who lights your soul that you glow, Every where you go…

When the ring drawsآ the heart..notآ break it.



TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………………………………………..

14 thoughts on “Complete..the other half of the heart..

  1. "And never ever get married for any other reason…

    Pick right…pick religious, decent people…but only the one who you are ready to be your most unknown self with…"

    Mesh ma32oleh! Ya3ny you are just expressing what thousands are thinking my dear friend…I mean, when I read "…The one who you are ready to be your most unknown self with…" I was like "wo wo wo! That’s too much!

    You know what? In case you haven’t read it b4, I will type it again :

    You are acting here with no masks on, I mean, I could swear that anyone who reads your posts and got the chance and met you in real life won’t find another person!

    Down-to-earth, and caring to 🙂 May God bless you 🙂


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear neverland..well!!
    you’ll have to ask eno to make sure:):)
    you are so kind to me..wooooooooooo
    really thank you..i need that right now;)

    look..regarding marriage and stuff..i am really speaking as frankly as i can..cause..i think that most bloggers are either intending to marry or been through not very nice me this is high religion!!
    cause if it’s got will protect us from a lot of later damage la sama7 allah..
    so..i thought i’d hsare this with my dear friends and princesses;)
    so we can all focus better..
    do u like the subject??
    do you find it suitable??
    i hope it will be taken in a good way by all..
    thank you neverland for freshing up my day:):)


  3. I guess you’re the most caring person I got to knowif not at all – so for sure in a LOOOOONG time!! How sweet of you to post about this topic, to remind people, to simply mention, advise … all so natural – I REALLY like it!
    Yes, you’re right, one should not get married without being TOTALLY sure … but even then things can go wrong, sadly enough.
    To pick decent, religious people … dear, around here to find a REALLY religious person is NOT THAT EASY!! Religion is NOT on top of the priority-list, as sad as it is – it is true.
    I think besides of what you mentioned, it needs mutual respect and to accept, that EACH ONE has to compromise .. nobody will get 100% what he/she thought or expected! Everybody has to give … in order to get!
    Thanks SO MUCH caller … you are somebody VERY VERY SPECIAL!!


  4. ok .. i think someone called for my word in here.. so i’ll say the truth and nothing but the truth..
    whenever i read rika’s writings i feel like we r talking in the fone or maybe in one of our gatherings.. shes just the same!

    now about that post.. i wish real life was that sweet.. and we really have the chance to choose the ONE and wait for him, but may be there are some lucky ones out there!! who knows..
    hugs rika.


  5. asalam 3alaykom,
    dear are who’s really special and that’s for sure:):)

    it is hard to find someone like that but it’s worth’s worth the wait and the dare and the sacrefice sometimes!!

    karin..i could never thank you enough for your kindness and are just amazing:):)


  6. asalam 3alaykom,
    ya nhar abiad!! el2amar sahran elnaharda wa ana ma3rafsh???!!!

    something must be wrong with me to be offline while eno is here..

    i really missed you eno..really!

    well you got that right..we all wish things were sweeter and point out where and how to look..
    w ma7adesh 3aref naseebo feen..
    big hug ya enna:):)


  7. Please don’t hate me for this, But I agree with Eno ….
    There are no gaurantees. You marry someone who is nice, religious 7asheesh … everything you ever wanted, couple of months later they turn out to be the worst people ever!
    It’s all naseeb …. Naseeb … naseeb … If you accept your naseeb, you will relax for habeeb


  8. asalam 3alaykom, won’t hate you:):)
    just disagree..if not with what you said..i would only cause i missed arguing:):)

    look..i’m writing this so we can look for the right reasons..see clearly..take all precaustions,and i know that sometimes even if we do everything we can get the worst..but at least we try to learn how to prepare for marraiage..
    what should we could we deal..the needs of both partners..but that’s all in the upcoming posts.
    come again..may be you’ll learn something good for the bride to be:):)


  9. why is it that i feel you took a step back from me … did i disappoint you by that comment … if i did i meant no harm really … i thought i was honest … anyways just dropped to say hello princess*


  10. asalam 3alaykom,
    Mais*..what are you saying dear.. take a step back at you??!!
    NEVER,bel3aks..your comment amused made me discover the caramel theory;)

    + tell me..what do you thing about this marraige theme??..brand new..serie:):)


  11. i used to beleive that if u have 10 things expected of a guy and u found 5 go for it … now i don’t … relegion is always important , manners ,and someone with eyes and senses … *
    and that post of mine is totally imaginary i’ve collected things i like about alot i met and never met in my life and you can say we never met again … like the 10 things expected .. just the joy of a flow ,iam an imaginary psycho*


  12. asalma 3alaykom,
    hey mais*..imaginary psycho??
    tab wallahi el3azeem join the club:):))))
    sob7an allah..when it comes to someone’s’s always imaginary..this is my self we’re talking about..what would i expect but traffic jam and hectec ups and downs…we would never know what would really satisfy us..we change so’s riddeling..
    i believe in another nutritional theory;)
    albateekha!! got it??
    thank you dear for being my friend..i like u a lot:)


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