It has been an intresting experience.

آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 


Thank you all so much for being extra extra nice to me..may allah bless you all..

I don’t know if i’ll ever come back..i wish i do..

Thank you for giving me the chance to shareآ most of my daily thoughts with you..

This is post no.99

I have had the honor of sharing 1069 comments with you

And the previlage of having more than 8289 visitor inآ one of the most riching experiences i’ve ever had..

Thank you jeeran staff for were felt just like my home.

And out of recpect for you and my dear friends i’m not deleting the blog..let it be a memory.

i would only ask that if anyone would like to read..please read from the begining.

and who knows..may be we’ll meet again.

I won’t be exaggerating if i said that i trully love you all

and i hope you’ll always remember me as THECALLER..that i sarted four month ago..not the one i’ve become now.

Don’t forget me in your do3a2.

asalam 3alaykom wa ra7mato allah wa barakato.


41 thoughts on “It has been an intresting experience.

  1. YOU TOTALLY SHOCK ME!!! Why?? Why do you stop?? I loved to read your posts … I have tears in my eyes right now! PLEASE, dear, reconsider!!!! I don’t want you to disappear ….!


  2. Dear … I just read very calmly again your post … you say "not the one I’ve become now" – what do you think you’ve become? You are a most WONDERFUL person, I do not exaggerate when I say one of the most considerate I know, you have a most BEAUTIFUL soul, you became such a dear dear friend! I think, dear .. you’re being too hard on yourself! I’ll drop you a few lines tonight, I have some thoughts on that … now I need to go to my mother – she invited me for lunch (YUMMY!!)!
    BIG hug …


  3. mish fahmeh !!! why? e7na el3arab kolna hek … ma wa2affat 3leke!
    i will not start saying no and plz w el7aky had.
    If u want to leave us w tohroby , inte 7orra bs jd khayyabtina !

    Any way u know we love u kteer, so take care.


  4. wo wo wo…

    HEY? How could you do this?! I mean, come on…

    not the one i’ve become now…U are even better! Please,,Please…Don’t do it…

    And as Qweider said, we all love you…

    I mean, who will comment first on my post?
    Who will write meaningful posts that make me wonder about them all day long?
    Who will get emotional and send us all her wonderful feelings?
    Who will write about Islam in an easy going way?
    Who made Qweider visit my blog, and who made me visit his blog, and start sharing our thoughts and point views instead of attacking?

    The Caller, you are just a wonderful soul, you just can’t disappear…You are a asset 😦


  5. Lsn, if you are talking about some posts that aren’t related to calling to Islam, I mean, It is ok!

    I mean, your posts are amazing because they made everyone know what you really are from the inside…And that sure helped you more because you were a soul, a person who has a passion to what she believes in! That made your other posts more valuable from an islamic your point of view…Please, say it is only a break…please…


  6. Why leaving?? ah … am trying to beleive you can stop blogging ……………………..ok still i can’t .. el3ab 3’eerha ya gameel :P… just give me one convincing reason why ad i’ll shut up …
    atleast say u can blog whenever u have time .. come on ?!!
    who would visit my blog frequently .. yee 3alina !!
    think it wise and don’t take weird reactions ,if its for something worth it then i’d say ok .. if u r blogging some where else .. u r dead 🙂 …
    yalla post something a show us ur just foolng us *
    love u strawberry::


  7. i think i know where you are coming from. if it makes you feel better and you think you will be a better person, do it and quit your blog! but do not leave us hanging like this without knowing and always wondering about you and what has become of you. i leave you with God’s blessings and peace of mind. take care.


  8. the caller

    ظ„ط§ ظ„ط­ط¸ظ‡ ظˆط´ طµط§ط± …ظˆط´ ط§ظ„ط³ط§ظ„ظپظ‡


    ط§ظ†ط§ ظ…ظ† ط§ظˆظ„ ظ…ط§ ظƒطھط¨طھظٹ ظˆط§ظ†ط§ ط§ظ‚ط±ط£ ظ„ظƒ ظˆط­ط¨ظٹطھظƒ ظƒط«ظٹط±

    ط§طھظ…ظ†ظ‰ ظ…ط§ ظٹظƒظˆظ† ط§ظ„ط³ط¨ط¨ ظ…ظ† ط´ط®طµ ط¶ط§ظٹظ‚ظƒ ط§ظˆ ط´ظٹ!!!

    ط¹ظ…ظˆظ…ط§ظ‹ ط§ط°ط§ ظƒظ†طھ ظ…طµط±ظ‡ ط¹ظ„ظ‰ ط±ط£ظٹظƒ
    ط¨ط³ ط­ط¨ظٹطھ ط£ظ‚ظˆظ„ظƒ ط£ظ†ط§ ط£ط­ط¨ظƒ ظپظٹ ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡


  9. asalam 3alaykom,

    Karin..i am very sorry that i shocked you,i’m sure you know that i never intended to make you sad..

    Q..shokran 3al mogamla de.jazak allah kheir 3ala kol 7aga.

    7ala..ya kol that i’m in pain,you become crule??!!
    sa7 kol el3arab keda..lama 7ad beyo2a3 bey7adefoh beltoob.

    neverland..don’t be disappointed in me..if i ever comeback it would be for amaing people like you.

    Mais*..i find it hard to believe even more..i love it and love you. have been always the winner..your manners and loyalty amazes of a kind. you?? no i won’t be a better person..but i won’t be a liar!! when i regain my identity i will be back that is if you guys would take me. i’m at my lowest.

    tutti…you are such a nice person..i’m glad i got to know you.

    Thank you all i really don’t deserve this..i love you and i already miss my blog and my friends..i am very sorry for any trouble..


  10. The Caller : It’s unfair Nobody can do it just like that. This place and you behind it has and will mean a lot to so many , read above! Is it fair ? I don’t think so, you don’t either.


  11. The caller where are you going!!!! I used to see your nice comments and to read your posts, don’t leave like this it’s exactly as Fadi said UNFAIR.
    Maybe it’s not a long time I knew you but it was enough to like your personality and all you are sharing here.
    Just don’t leave.


  12. I have got to agree with Qwaider, Don’t do it. Please reconsider after taking time off. There are many who love you and enjoy what you have to say. It would be a loss to bloggers and readers.


  13. asalam 3alaykom,
    Fadi..unfair?? that was strong..what is fair??nothing is fair within people..nothing!!
    do you think what happens in the world is fair??
    do you think destroying houses over childrens heads is fair??
    do you think what ever hurts me and makes me want to vanish or die or go their and replace one of those babies ,is fair??
    nothing is fair!!

    M.M..i don’t know what to say to your kindness..really..i felt so small..thank you. are my dear brother wallah..sob7an allah..i never expected this from the tough yamani hajeji..may allah bless you and give you for your good heart.

    7ala..thank you..YOU know that I love you.

    Hamede..funny as lately would my loos..really..i’m honored with friends like you..thank you for your support..may allah bless you.


  14. asalam 3alaykom,
    I am really really sorry that i may have made any of you feel any slight kind of discomfort..really..if this blog is worth anything it is only because you honor it with reading..
    my mom is mad at me too..
    i can’t let you down.
    in sha2 allah i’ll be back..when..i don’t know..
    you guys are a treasure,and what ever i say i can’t appreciate you enough..
    may allah bless you.


  15. Dear caller,
    NOBODY here is mad at you, you can rest perectly assured of that! I am talking only for myself I say I feel very privileged to be allowed to call you a dear friend and always, every single day, LOVED to read your blog!
    The massacre which occured yesterday morning in Qana is not to describe with words … it is MOST TERRIBLE and I found myself again and again looking at the pictures and only shaking my head in horror – I was at a loss for words. I can very well understand that it did get to you as much … and considering the fact that you see even MORE graphic pictures than we do – I well understand your breakdown. I feel horrible with the people who survived .. how can they live on? Who will help them to find the strength? I know … Islam, their faith will!
    I would give anything could I help and return to these wonderful children their young life again … they had not even really started to live – and it was taken away by people who do not care abot life even they keep emphazising that – their heinous crimes speak a different language!!

    I DO HOPE you will return to us … I feel we grew together to a HUGE family, helping and standing up for one another – I really LOVE that! That’s what the spirit of peace is all about … without compassion there CAN’T be peace!
    Will you please ask your mom in my name NOT to be upset with you anymore? Tell her she’s a wonderful woman and I very much like and respect her!

    Even though I will wait impatiently for your return – TAKE YOUR TIME and don’t feel pressured!! Give yourself the time you need to stand on your feet again … we’ll MOST CERTAINLY be here to welcome you back with open arms!!
    BIG hug!!


  16. asalam 3alaykom,
    karin, believe me i feel the same way about you..
    but i feel drained..sundried..burnd
    useless..just like what we are in lebanon right now..
    when the force is crule,so close to you it could hit in the core..when i’m screaming and i find no mercy,when everything is shut in my face and the stabes won’t stop..they’re watching..enjoying how they hurt and was all lies..lies
    if that’s the way i feel and the way those kids feel and the whole world is helpless..then what can i say??what can i add here??
    i had no power to battery is empty and i felt ashamed at my self that i’m no longer a longer..i’m just crying and aching and all i wrote recently was that..what use am i if i can’t be calling strongly from the heart like the way i started..
    officially rambling!!!!!


  17. I can well understand you – I know the feeling of being burned out, haveing no battery-power left!
    It hurts terribly what happened in Qana yesterday morning .. and what happened all over Lebanon and Palestine, you are right.
    Dear, I do NOT agree the world is HELPLESS … I think the world is COWARD – in particular the Arab countries! I can not understand THEIR silence at all … are they ALL under the spell of the US of A? In a time like this they have to stand together with the victim as ONE body … and not to clamp their tails between their hindlegs and stick the head in the sand the way ostriches do! I am shocked about the reaction or rather NON-reaction of MANY countries … but the Arab do shock me MOST!
    You are SUCH a precious person, SUCH a wonderful soul!! I sensed the last number of days that there was some urgency behind your posts – now I understand the core of it.
    You’re wrong if you think your calles are NOT heard … they are very well noticed!! Alone throughy your honesty, your openness, your allowing other to look into your soul, you did catch people’s heart!
    What you need to do now is have a rest, recharge your battery, get back on your feel, look foreward! I will happily help you wherever possible – provided you want and allow me to!
    You ARE a strong caller, do NOT be mistaken … you just changed a bit your tune! You are WONDERFUL and I HIGHLY cherish out friendship!
    BIG hug!



    ESHH FEE??


    Arent you gonna miss me??? 🙂

    Let’s get serious here: we all feel useless at points ya caller, BUT giving up is not the solution. Cry, beat somebody, talk to yourself, try your best, do whatever it takes to move on. Delete any post you think was a mess up and start again, if you think that would make you feel better!

    You are a strong person and am sure you wont just quit !!

    Love you too, and thanks for the great posts… but hey you should keep it UP!


  19. asalam 3alaykom,
    Wallahi wallahi..i don’t deserve all this..i feel so small..

    sob7an allah..the great ,the almighty, the merciful ..when he gives..i can’t even start to and where or why..he miraculously gives..with out limited mind can’t realize how great allah is..

    I’ll be back my friends soon in
    sha2 allah..I took an oath on myself..if i i succeed to over come guys will be the reward are so precious..jazakom allah kheir.


  20. I understand your feelings of being burnt out. I have only been blogging for five months and I have gotten that way also. Sometimes we just need to back off for a while. I am glad you decided to come back later. I don’t think anyone is mad at you. I or should say from what I read we will always be here for you. You have become a member of everyones family.


  21. you know? I wantedd to let go this too! Ask Fadi, it is normal dear, that’s why I set my blog on sleeping mode ot studying mode, you can set your blog on relaxing mode 🙂 But come back…It’s never the same without you 🙂


  22. Salaamaleykum,…
    u cant leave u’ve no permission..
    u’re one of the very few visitors to my page will be emptier then ever!
    but then again..since its ur mom’s order…i guess u should obey her
    we’ill wauit for ur return:)


  23. The caller:: you sweet pumpkin , maybe am not as close to you as the rest but i’d like you to build up your self again and start … no one will make you feel better if you deep inside didn’t want to feel better, toz 3ala kol ishi fahmeh sho ya3ni .. ya3ni toz kbeer.. so yalla am waiting for a post..*


  24. asalam 3alaykom,
    ramroom..enty fazee3a..zay el3asla unbelievably sweet..
    and beating someone is the greatest idea..i’m buying a punching bag today:)


  25. asalam 3alaykom,
    karin..may allah bless you..i love u my dear friend:) got ur mane back;)

    chet..i swear that i feel the same about u ..u have no idea how much i’m honored by your friendship..thank you:)

    neverland..royalty as always..even your love has that unique touch..may allah bless u dear:)


  26. asalam 3alaykom,
    afzal..may allah bless you my dear brother..
    but know what??
    it is your stay away for too long:):)

    i ask you for strong do3a2..please.
    and i’ll be always by your wonderful’s my honor.


  27. asalam 3alaykom,
    MAIS*..return the star and i’ll think:):)
    look my dear don’t know this..but even before you ever found my name on your blog..i liked you and sensed that we would be friends and amazingly understanding.. are closer than you think..
    you are right no one can make someone a better person..only allah and ourselves..
    in sha2 allah i’ll do that. must make up ur mind..
    peach pie..or strawberry..or pumpkin pie..


  28. I tried to add comment on your last post, but again there’s an error.

    Anyway, I know you have a confusion about my political views, but trust me, they are same, I still say that the resistance have the right to defend our people.

    Im urging the westerns to take a look at what their government is doing, so this might help, give the right picture of our cause and suffering.

    Im really sorry cuz I don’t comment so much here, but Im really busy with my exams, I got an exam today (Tuesday), another exam on Wednesday, and project due date on Thursday, and Lab Final exam on Sunday with another project due date on the same…

    so Im damn busy, and Im getting so many hate comments, which im had to reply…wish me luck , and take good care 🙂


  29. asalam 3alaykom,
    know what ABED..sob7an allah i was gonna mail u today and tell you that you’ve been missed:)
    may allah help you with your are a dear friend..thank you for stopping by..

    about the politics..i told you..i’ve been down lately that’s why i was upset the other day..just couldn’t stand their arrogance with some one as decent as you..
    take it easy bro..and we’ll be waiting for you to finish examing in sha2 allah and we’ll have a great set of discussions:):)


  30. I hope they understand, and I hope I can make a change,..Im trying..

    Thanks my sister, nshallah I will back soon, less than two weeks nshallah 🙂

    Take care, and send my hugs and kisses to your little children



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