A globe within the globe



That is one amazing organ we have buried inside our chests…

I guess it’s a creature within the creatures that we are…

It’s a globe within the bigger globe. It holds everything we are…everything we’ll beآ 

Every human sign that there’s a living individual here. when it beats it gives you another moment of life..another water drop to satisfy your thirst..another breath to guarantee a moment of future.

In it we survive and by it we’re alive..

It loves and we’re sensing and revived again..

It fears from the unknown..the powerful..it fears from hurt!!

It hurts and aches so we can run for cover and ask for help.

It understands..who said we understand by brains??!! No we don’t..we comprehend by the heart and analyse by the brain…asl el fahm da mesh 3ayez zaka2!!

You can find an uneducated badawe understands Allah and life more than a scientist in NASA…because Allah is greater and more merciful than we could ever imagine…he made humans believe his existence and power by their hearts…so he can be in everyone’s heart without interference…

Hearts are amazing. It could love deeply in war time. Think of soldiers. facing death every second but still they even love more than anybody else. They love their religion and fight for it. their land. their families and their wives

آ Hearts can’t stop pounding with love. With life. No matter what…

We can’t control it how ever we try. We just can’t. It leads its own path. We can be hard and controlling on the actions but not the master…not the heart.

They say: That civilization started when man postponed or regulated his needs. That’s what brains are for.

Along our life journey to complete faith…we intersect with what hearts dictates…sometimes fight…it is when we awake to the fact that we are holding the matter…our heart is the master…but we are regulating it’s beat…

And our prophet said (PBUH):

“Who loves for Allah, dislike for Allah, give for Allah and takes for Allah? Completes his faith”

We should love for Allah. At least try to…expose ourselves to what Allah loves and try to love it…life will taste differently…living and existing will have a different meaning.

We shouldn’t worry about the master. Cause he will rule. But we will rule too.

And some heart ache may jumpstart our own being.



8 thoughts on “A globe within the globe

  1. Al salam 3alykom ..
    -No one can stop the second where things take place and action in life.
    -you can stop the ache or joy of it the second after it happens ..
    this is life …
    -this is where the word control can be ativated .. other wise its out of the hand ..
    And love for allah , wish we can know the real taste of that .. inshalla *


  2. asalam 3alaykom,
    fadi..yeah you’re the first but hey…i want ur openion..enta betonsob 3aleena wala eh??!!
    it’s always great to see you:)
    i’ve been wanting to ask you..is it o.k to call u MR.X??


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    AHHH ya MAIS*..AH!!
    i wish we could stop the first second so we wouldn’t have to suffer regulation…
    yeah,i wish that too..
    thank you cherry mais*


  4. I htink tha the heart that feels and aches is not the same one that pumps blood! The former is an abstract concept, God knows its real intity!


  5. asalam 3alaykom,
    Ola..thank you dear for dropping by..look i won’t talk science but i based this understanding upon religious sayings about the heart..when refering to feeling,love and hate and understanding and faith..the only thing mentioned was the heart..wether it was meant as an organ or meant as the core of the soul..to be accurate i don’t know..
    any way ..pumping the blood and the blood flow is affected by our feelings of the rush or anxiety or happiness..etc..
    elmohem ne7es..mesh mohem be2eh!!
    you are so nice ola:):)
    thank you again for stopping by:)
    stick around ha:):)


  6. I find that BEAUTIFUL, dear caller! You mean the heart should overrule everything, not allow ANY other feeling from outside dominate it! I guess it is rather a combination of heart (philosophically seen) which I equal with LOVE … I think it is a mixture of heart and conscience or soul!
    GREAT POST!! Big hug …


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