, myself and music!!



As most of you know…i was born into music!!

My dad welcomed me to the world with a song…actually, I’m smiling know that I remember itJJ

I inherited his musical genes along with some other things. I thought music,ate it and drank it…Absorbed every tune that I ever heard…blues…jazz…hip…se3edy…pop.old new…it didn’t matter I could find amazing soul in each and every one.

Being among the musical factory made it attach even more…i went through the whole process from the words till composing them and recording it…yet I was never able to see the trick in the whole thing.

Coming up with the right tunes made me dizzy… it’s beautyآ is always amazing…seeing song writers use words as threads of silk was astonishing. To see all this talent in one place…at studios I’d see instrument players that are so so good and highly respected…

Yet music to me was always like drugs!!..i get all emotions and dreams from it..It’s the interpreter of what I feel and I’m its reaction!!


After my blessings of knowing how religion soothes ones soul and comfort the troubled heart. I started to feel funny about music. I started to feel something is wrong with me…

I had no idea that it’s 7aram or makrooh or anything..i never heard before that religion talked about music..

But one day I was in the car with my dad..and he wanted to know what I thought about a recent romantic song he can imagine ofcourse what kind of sound system he had in the car…the melody and lyrics penetrated every single cell in me…the words were so so sweet and romantic..he did an amazingly loving melody that made my eyes water…and it hit me!!!

They are fooling people!!!

Dad isn’t that sensitive with love!! The writer which was a good friend of mine,has nothing to do with these words!! He’s actually in and out of affairs all the time…i’ve seen how he talks about puppets!!

What is that?? I thought…how can they sell us this men really love this way?? Do they hear the breeze sighing when it passes through her hair?!

Do they really love her smile and need no touch!!

I was convinced then that they are selling illusion to people…people hungry for affection and aren’t able to get it in reality so they dream of it with songs..

Men like it cause it moves them and expresses how they are moved..which is great for them because all the girls, who are fools by the way, would believe that men loves them like fadl shaker or think that she is the most beautiful in the universe like saber!!

Music sometimes can be ..el7aga elasfara elly wa7ed momken yeshrabha lewa7da 3ashan yed7ak 3aleeha!! Just like old Arabic movies!! Funny but true..

It is like a consperecy…and song makers are actually making a great living plotting it…

And let me tell you this…the music business doesn’t stop at that! It affects and leads to more serious damage. It’s when the lady singer appears half naked to sell her record. When it is used in night clubs for dancing and drinking…most artists do drugs. And I’m not exaggerating. Thank Allah that my dad is into sweets!!

Seeing an artist stoned is common. If you’re interested in music

You’d know that most pop and rock stars get high before any concert…It becomes so normal that we won’t find it rebelling in time…we loose the right scale..

And please reconsider when u listen to sting or seal or even Michael Bolton. No one loves this, save the tears and heart ache..

Even drama songs that scratch wounds..what’s the use of reliving some painful history??

And do you really need heshek beshek to celebrate?? It’s just traditions..when infact all this music leads to that every one attending the wedding is looking for a mate..just like African tribes do!!


May be some people take songs as entertainment and don’t allow it to make much influence on them…I guess these are fortunate people..really lucky…

آ Cause until this day I find it very difficult to shut my ears when Iآ  happen to hear it not to mention what is stuck in my head till this day.addictive it is!!.

Actually now I think of it as part of whom I was…but part of what messes me up…

I try to stick to what’s in my memory for some fun…

And the moment I hear strings…i feel that they are played on my heart. And that hurts…weakens…makes you long for something doesn’t exist…


“Killing me softly with his song!!”





11 thoughts on “, myself and music!!

  1. Firing firing firing … I will get back here because I have so many things to add 🙂

    Take care …

    In the meanwhile , i will be high and free having lunch with Reema 🙂


  2. That is ONE GREAT POST!!! You are right, what they sell is for the ones who are open, receptive for the message, ANY message .. just look at the youngsters in particular! Personally I like music, CERTAIN kinds of music, by far not everything! It depends on my mood though … often I do prefere as well silence.
    For people who fall for the sweet sounds and words it is sort of a substitute which means, something substantial is missing in their lives. I hunch it is a problem of the society …
    I don’t think so one should reject or condem music alltogether but be selective … and open.
    BTW … some two days ago (I think) I heard the "Ye Bayrout" sung by Fairouz of course … and got the goose-bumps all over!! I LOVE IT … as much as I love songs of Fairouz in general …


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    great to see you my dear karin..
    yes..certainly i can not say anything condemning anything!!
    i think it’s a soul problem..and yes ..there are some songs that i can’t even refer to as bad..just like fairouz and that’s confusing to me..
    i adore her..i think part of the problem is me having double standerds!!
    strange..but c’est la vie:):)
    thank you’ve been wonderful:)


  4. Assalamo alikom .. I am here at last 🙂

    I decided to tune to some music in order to reply to your post kama yajeb. I will set it to SHUFFLE so it’d go random, 10 tunes for this post.

    1) Chocolate: Kylie Minogue playing : I fully agree about the music business , so many bad things happen behind the scenes, but I can’t really connect that to music and its effect on us as individual. We all have certain hits connected to the real human inside us. For example , this Kylie always reminds me of Neighbors back in 1988 : )

    2) Just One Of Those things of Lady Fitzgerald now (Can you see how odd my play list is??) , this one tells me "Hey , be a bad boy and forget about the nonsense of getting married" .. Lol ..

    3) C’est Fini of Charles Aznavour , OMG , this one gets me good , it’s a perfect example of what you said above. I like it a lot coz it reminds me of those days when I used to love that girl like crazy. Yes , it brings back memories and take me to another level of insanity. Definitely Mr. Aznavour didn’t go through the same experience when he sang that one.
    4) PAUSE: Loco & Loca drop by to say have a good weekend.
    5) I love to hate you of Erasure: Yeah , this one is a favorite … I remember , I was 17 when that one hit the billboard , that one is tagged to leather pants and hairless razor cut heads … it reminds me of teen years and high school. {Funny , it took me 4 minutes to write this!20 seconds remaining , I wonder what would be next!}
    6) Down to the Waterline of Dire Straits , Aha , counting all the numbers down to the waterline , this one is a guitar-type tune of mine , always makes me realize I’m a rebel! Well, I remember ho ho ho … Foghorn, wet kitties , pouring down , cold and stuff .. Tagged to memories…


  5. 7) Look At Me, Geri Haliwell , yes yes yes … aktar benet neghsheh shoft-ha be7ayati , this one is 7 years old , .. Real plastic …. OK, I know many of you will say YUCK! But hey , this hit is tagged to fast beat in me.. A bad girl , neghseh , brilliant dancer and she says that’s me!! Blood pressure , barometer reads high!
    8) Next .. Balash fadaye7!
    9) The Good Life-I wanna be around of Tony Bennet , Hmm , this one reminds me that I am a human beings as well. But hey , won’t do it like he says , I am not that kind of person who never forgets , nops , I do! Revenge is not sweet.
    10) Rverything she wants of George Michael (MTV Unplugged version) , he’s gay! But this one talks about many of us (Men). This one always reminds me that I work a lot and T H I S I S N O G O O D , N O G O O D.
    11) All Along The Watch Tower of Jimmy Hendrix , High & Free , High & Free …. Yeah , drugs and Jimmy playing the guitar with his tongue! His big lips (a3rad men el geneih al masry bel zamanat) Colors , groupies , Jim Morrison breaks in … death! Sorry.
    12) Six Blade Knife of Dire Straits , hah , here you go

    Your six blade knife can do anything for you
    Anything you want it to
    One blade for breaking my heart
    One blade for tearing me apart
    Your six blade knife-do anything for you
    You can take away my mind like you take away the top of a tin
    When you come up from behind and lay it down cold on my skin
    Took a stone from my soul when I was lame
    Just so you could make me tame
    You take away my mind like you take away the top of a tin
    Id like to be free of it now – I dont want it no more
    Id like to be free of it now – you know I dont want it no more
    Everybody got a knife it can be just what they want it to be
    A needle a wife or something that you just cant see
    You know it keeps you strong
    Yes and it’ll do me wrong
    Your six blade knife – do anything


  6. aslam 3alaykom,

    YA NHAR ABID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ya reetny ma katabt 7aga:):) post is ruined..everyone is gonna leave it and go one by one to ur songs ..LoL

    any way..nice proved nothing what what i wanted to say!!
    that people go crazy when they hear music:):):):):)


  7. Listen Caller , I knew what you wanted and i put it in number 3! You are a perfectionist, you wanted to read the exact answer as you want to hear it!!!!

    Ok now , I will start a new record since you are back to blogs , you score 0.5 and I score 0.0 for today.

    el3aby, your turn now.


  8. asalam 3alaykom,
    After all the firing in this post and i only get an 0.5???
    nassab 3alamy!!
    no.8 cracked me up..
    but does turn ones soul around ..
    it ur comment and you’ll see it:)
    it’s like announcing a new fadi on the block!!! score??!!


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