Inspiring toast !!

I read the book…although the whole idea is not tempting…

She is an actress so what is it that she has to say in a book???!!!!!

That would be the normal thought…but the fact is…she is every one…in a way…

I related to the idea…the book is called” burnt toast “…and unless you’re a mom you won’t know what that means…

It means…mothers…ordinary mothers who find themselves having the burnt toast and giving the great golden ones to their kids…

That is almost every mom…when we choose…we choose what’s best for our kids…i know…one would ask…why not throw the burned ones away and share the good?!

I honestly don’t know. But I think it’s an extra act of love. As if we’re declaring full loyalty and the will to sacrifice…

Strangely TERI HATCHER…refered to the matter as a big flaw regarding treating herself…she thinks that we should not do that..But we should pamper ourselves as much as we do others…and I say…Regarding some matters..we can’t choose but the kids

We can not give them but toآ  the max…and treat myself nicely off their time??!!

Some times having the burnt toast is fulfilling…satisfying…we like to give and over do it.


In the book she talked about another serious matter…Child molestation…

She was abused as a child…it was her uncle and that left her scared forever…damaged her soul as she always thought that it was her fault!!

That same uncle after decades did the same thing to another girl and that made her kill herself…Teri…couragously turned him in…She testified against him and he was putآ in prison for life

I guess that’s what abusers do…they make one feel guilty…even though they are the ones who’re guilty…they make them believe it’s o.k..then put all the guilt on them to keep them around for the lom

ngest time.

Don’t you even think that Arabs don’t have this problem…NO WE DO.

Predators are everywhere and among everyone. It’s just that no kid would ever speak up…

And those abusers are very smart…they are usually relatives or close friends to the family…they are usually the least one anyone can think that of!!

But they are monsters…beasts…waiting around some hidden dark corner to ruin someone’s life and corrupt some innocent soul…They should be so burned in hell and life…they are ruled by daemons and they lost their humanity long ago…psychiatrists said that they are mostly abused themselves asآ children…well…THEN they should’ve known better!!!

But regarding anyone who has had this unfortunate incident in his life…I say this…

It is not your fault…you shouldn’t feel guilty. As bad as it hurts. You shall find healing in Allah’s hands…he can mend that broken soul and sooth that troubled heart…

Allah would accept anyone. Who ever did anything…we may not think that we are worth it. But Allah is the generous. He has the mercy that should wrap u up in light…

Reach for Allah and you’ll be guided…ask Allah to take the pain away…to take the memory away…and help others realize that taboo…

WE should educate our kids rather than living as if there is nothing wrong in this world. We should talk to them with an open mind. We should expand this narrow heart of ours so it can contain them. And the world within it…

We should continuously ask Allah to guard them and keep them safe…

We should try to fear Allah, More and more and more and more……




8 thoughts on “Inspiring toast !!

  1. I havent heard of many stories around me, but I do know that they exist within our arab world and in fact ..

    The world is just crazy and I cant even imagine how people can get THAT sick!!

    May allah protect us all…

    Thanx caller


  2. That is a VERY serious issue, only too present here in the West! SO OFTEN I see in the news a story of a child abducted and/or molested – it is terrible! Reading this a story I experienced myself comes up: I was about twelve when on my way home, along a small "river" without anyone around, an exhibitionist showed up, walked ahead of me (I had no idea) and suddenly turned around opening up "his goods" right a few metters in front of me. I don’t know how I was NOT shocked but as far as I remember I told him rather calmly he should tuck it all away again which in return shocked HIM so much that he closed instantly his coat and ran away. I don’t even remember having ever told that to my parents … they’d have freaked out! My soul took no damage from that and when I think back today, I can only wonder how I had the nerve to say that – and stay calm.
    I feel horrible for these kids who are REALLY abused though. I always said that IF, GOD forbid, anyone would only THINK of touching my children – I’d kill him on the spot! Today my boys would do the job, VERY sucessfully, I am sure! At height 1,93 and 1,86, and both strong like bears, everyone would do good to tuck his legs under his arms and RUN!


  3. asalam 3alaykom,
    reema..and you probably won’t hear..that is a big big one dares to talk about..they just take the enjury and hide..
    ameen ya rab
    thank you my dear:)


  4. asalam 3alaykom,
    OH MY GOD ,karen..
    i think from all the thousands who may read this post ,no one would have the nerve to tell his story!!
    I want to point out that molesters are not only men..there are women as well…you’d never know who is the devil will pick to impersonate!!
    thank allah that you survived this..and that he guarded your kids.
    now..they are so tall masha2 allah:):)
    thanks my dear for sharing..may be this will be an eye opener!!
    and about the killing thought ..well yeah..i’d chop him in pieces if allah forbids ..


  5. You’re right – I think only by sharing these things, others start to listen more carefully. Sometimes someone needs this so-called sledge-hammer effect to wake up .. who knows. If I can contribute to that in ANY way in order to protect children by increasing the awareness of adults – I HAPPILY do that!
    BIG hug!!


  6. You guys are awesome!!!
    I so needed to read this blog today:) Thanks for stopping by caller!!
    I miss you Karin! WOW Karin!!! You are such a strong person with such a big heart! You’re right…we need to do as much as we can to make people aware of how much abuse is out there….
    I’m back on track and will write tonight:) Please…I need your thoughts and prayers in order to bring this book to it’s completion. You say I’m brave…well I don’t feel brave…actually I’m very frightened!
    I am just rambling…
    Thanks so much!!!
    I so needed you today!!!
    God Bless,
    Diana Joy


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