Half moon …half story!!

Love stories..

First Qwaider’s ahmad & hayam…then,M.M’s The past never returns..

Now ME!!

Heartbreaking love stories is laying it’s shades around…


“It’s like they are the only couple around…not on earth..but on the moon.

آ  she is east and he is west..she looks as far as she can..she only sees theآ آ آ  darkآ side of the moon..can’t see him..vaguely she could hear his voice..she’d run towards the sound..emptiness is all she can find…


He grasps the air…wanting to hold her..to find her..but she’s not there..not anywhere…he looks as far as he can..no sidn of her..he is bitter..always bitter..mad..of her or himself?!


She feels missing..incomplete..lost..hurt..she cries for him but he can’t listen..he won’t listen..he wants to find her..in flesh and blood..not voices..not sounds..not floating emotions..she sits alone..cold andآ shivering..stares in space..longing for some care and tenderness..waiting and seconds won’t pass..heavier than mountains..she waits and waits..but knows in her heart..that he won’t come..he won’t move..or try..he won’t care..as for him,it’s easier to say goodbye..still she stares at the other side of the moon..where he stands alone?? who knows??


He feels angry..why won’t she jump in the air..run toآ him..please what he wants..he is fed up..he won’t wait..he won’tآ  bear this..yet he waits as if he doesn’t care..he playes scenarios in his head..i’ll push her away..i’ll be rude..she can’t do this..she is such a b****..but i want her..but i need her..i want her back..he is looking away yet steals a peak..at her side of the moon…he tries to stretch himself as tall as he can..maybe he’ll find her coming running to him..he stares at her side..where she stands alone..is she??آ “


The story is incomplete..cause they are not complete..it is, her and his side of the moon..half moon..half story!!


9 thoughts on “Half moon …half story!!

  1. asalam 3alaykom,
    fadi..thanks :):)

    + Artemis..only to read!! but to live..i thinkthe complete ones are the best..
    thank you for dropping by..that’s so nice of you:)


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