Baladi..i love you..

Baladi..i care..

Every step i take in any street..roots love in me..

All the flaws and all the good raise a step in me..

days are history and nights are beauty…it’s home any house

With tan smiles or a joke someone shares..

We grow by far…more and more..and all we are in love with you..

That’s not poetry..that’s not talk..that’s my feeling every time i walk..

When i see the glittering nile..with trees huging it’s shore..peaceful boats resting or spreading it’s wings and heading away..

That’s what i feel when i never feel..but warmth anywhere..

That’s how i feel when i touch the sea or hit the waves..

When i fill my lungs with alex’s air and feel sorry that i have to exhale..

You are so are the one

the end and what has begun..

After all that love..hug me close..don’t let go..i won’t go..

Baladi..they jump in the sea to run away…why??

Baladi..they glow farrrrrr..not under your moon..why??

Baladi..they want to speak..why wrap their lips..why??

They want your hand..don’t cuff theirs..why??

They love your nile..your sand ,your style..why shut your door..why??

I bent my knees ..for the storm to pass..but it won’t pass..why??

I sighed and lent my tear and the near by ..why??

Baladi..Accept my gift..of life and loveآ and please don’t letآ itآ die!!




13 thoughts on “Baladi…

  1. ظٹط§ ط³طھظٹ ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡ ط§ط®ظ„ظٹ ظ„ظƒ ط¨ظ„ط¯ظƒ ط¯ظٹ ظ…طµط± ط§ظ… ط§ظ„ط¯ظ†ظٹط§


  2. Loyalty, love and devotion of the nationals make the country precious and special. all the natural or man made beauty of the country becomes more visible with the appreciation of the people who love it.


  3. bismillah
    assalamu alaikum
    beautiful poem ya ukhti. mashallah. bas personally I don’t love any country. I’m a Syrian and I feel no affiliation with Syria whatsoever. The only link I might have with that country is my family whose living there. As for me, walah my love is wherever the Muslims are. Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Somalia, Morocco, Turkey, Niger, Sudan, Chechenia, Xing Yang, anywhere. Nationalism is not something I appreciate alot and certainly if it is from Arabs. Arabs, of all the people, have fake countries whose borders have been drawn by European colonialists. In other words, if the French decided to drawn the map of Syria to include a city in Iraq would my affiliation for that city change today? Or the flags! Did you know that the flag of Jordan, the same flag that the Arabs fought under against the Ottomans during the Arab revolution, and the flag whome most Arab countries base their colours upon, was drawn by a British man in a small shop in Cairo? Can you see how small nationalism sounds now?

    I’m sorry for being so argumentative! subhaan Allah, I guess I am quite anoying sometimes! 🙂



  4. asalam 3alaykom,
    hahah..yes abd elra7man..we did discuss that..and i remember clarifying that loving my country doesn’t come before islam…never!!
    We are worthy because of islam..i am proud and honored with islam..
    but i love my mom!!
    got it??
    different kinds of love..
    allah is on the top ofcourse then anything else..
    i traveled a lot..but never lived far from egypt..i love my country and i’m sad because they are messing with it..
    thanks for dropping by..i sure like that:)
    and no..ghaleez??? no:):)


  5. asalam 3alaykom,
    thank you M.M..

    + sweet are your words ya summer..and yes..i think that the most precious thing about any country is the people..but still..there is something unique about each country..
    lllllebanon is too special..:):)


  6. asalam 3alaykom,
    Abed..yo told me before about your egeyptian are they?
    are you in touch??
    i know..lebanon and now jordan feel close to me..although i never been to jordan..but most of you guys are i had a breeze from it:)


  7. Salam The Caller,

    Well, yes, I’ve been raised with them in Kuwait, but most of them left Kuwait for university, they’re in Egypt now.

    We’re in touch, day by day. We keep giving each others missed calls, this missed calls thing seems to be popular in Egypt 🙂

    we talk via Messenger sometimes, with some emails.
    mashallah, most of them has become doctors, and engineer, and one is lawyer. I hope we meet again in kuwait when we finish.

    They’re from Mansoura, bab el sha3reya, 3agooza, shar2eyya. that’s what i remember. most of them from mansoura btw 🙂


  8. asalam 3alaykom,
    Abed..that is so nice..such friendships are great and rare…
    and yes the missed calls are popular in egypt:D:D
    i means you are on my mind..
    so i guess you are on their minds:)
    may allah unite you again..see??
    how nice you are 🙂


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