Another one..

Back grounds. Lovely sounds…

Happy faces…flying rice…

It is nice…all is nice…

A thousand roses stand in lines…


In my hand. A holding hand…

Feeling numb but…i will stand…

Say the word. Grin and grin…

But for god…why feel like sin?


Braid all light into my heart…

Now I’m starting from the start…

Now I’m leaving another part…

Now I’m riding the dreamy cart…


I should see the other one..

Life with her should..begun!!

Breaking fences as we run

Oh..i know that she’s the one..


Never meant to say her name…

Never meant to fit her frame…

Never meant to burn her flame…

Never meant for her to claim…

My heart. Will never be the same!!



13 thoughts on “Another one..

  1. you are very deep. i like your poems very much. you challenge my mind all the time. if i could make a poem that rhymes, i’ll try to post a poem, in time.
    if you were just a guy, your last stanza would mean something else. i don’t know, it’s only my interpretation. anyways, keep up the good work.


  2. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Ada..great to see you..
    thank you so much for your words..
    yes..i am a woman ..but this is a guy poem..that’s what i think he would feel if he has to marry someone else rather than his true love..
    I’m waiting for a nice poem written by ada:):)


  3. Asalam 3alaykom,
    jerusalem..hi..thank you so much for visiting..
    thank u so much for liking the peom..yes..i guess the final part summs up the whole feeling..
    come’re always welcomed:)


  4. Hi Caller , so nice a poem , you reminded me of "C’est Fini" of Charles Aznavour! (man3an lelabse: Would’ve put a link but I couldn’t find it online!)


  5. Beautiful dear .. really beautiful!
    YOU did compose that?? IF – you’re REALLY something else … WOW!!
    Best regards to mom .. and big hug!


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