Analyse this !!

Silly people make fun of it and find great mockery in bullying someone and keep calling him a wacko!!

Around our countries. This science is still a fetus. Saw the light only among mental institutes. Where only crazy people are admitted…


But in the west. This kind of therapy is a normal issue…when someone feels down or troubled because of any tragedies or new circumstances affecting him. It is only natural to seek professional help…


My advice. Is not to seek it unless you are positive that it’s not a lack of faith matter. Cause sometimes being way far from faith causes discomfort and disorders out of guilt. If that was the case…reach out for Allah. Maintain proper praying andآ  quran…then ask for help…


Psycho analysis is great in givingآ tools in letting one know how to deal with himself better. How to acknowledge his needs and faults and deal with them. How to seek direct answers. And confrontآ it and others…

It is great in pointing ways to deal with past circumstances…and accept life as it is and search inside for true skills…


Open up your mind and welcome a great healing process…only if god forbids you ever need it…



5 thoughts on “Analyse this !!

  1. Faith heals,There is a mental institution not far from where I live. Doctors want to put there patients on pills, but the happiest people I have meant who have been called crazy, were not those on pills but those who put their faith in God.


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