Home sweet home:)

Home sweet home,Ya allah ..how i missed it.

I missed all of my dear friends,i missed writing here what i have in mind..i missed being thecaller.


Thank allah i managed to settel most of my matters,the whole thing enlighted me.

Now,i realize that:

-آ Life is no game..it’s serious,and needs tough spirits.

– Passion is no flaw..it’s our essence.

– If you really want it..grab it,simple!

– No one will ever put me down again!

– Shame will never create change..


So,i’m accepting more about myself and about what allah offers me.

Learned somethings from my mistakes,back..brand new..:)


Thank you my dear friends for your support and love,your care really lifted me upآ .

May allah bless all who ever cared or even thought or wondered about me,blogging is precious,no doubt!


I thought stupidly about something technical a while ago,and that reminded me to tell you :

I’m starting studying programingآ next week in sha2 allah..

I gotta be out of my mind to study anything again:)

But,i really like knowing about that field and now that i relativly have more free time it should be no problem..wish meآ luck and i’d appreciate any tips!!آ آ آ 


43 thoughts on “Home sweet home:)

  1. Attention all,

    I am honored to initiate commenting on the caller’s first post after she’s back.
    Finally you are back home!
    Missed your spirit being around us and your beautiful posts.
    Luv u, and specifically to u, since u have a similar orientation like mine: "O7ebboki fe ellah".


  2. the caller habibte alf hamdellah 3ala el salameh ya rab kel masheklek tkoun saret wara dahrek w tkoune bi 1000 kheir men rab el 3alamin w shoufak mnawra deyman metel ma ente mnawra halla2 bi moudawentek 🙂
    1000 barake ennek rje3te ya rab ana ktir ktir mabsouta habibte enshallah ne2dar ne7ke el yom over msn 😉
    1000000 kisses
    leave u in peace habibte


  3. Asalam 3alaykom,
    sarah ,my dear dear lovely sarah..
    you are flooding with warmth and love.
    7abebty enty wallah,rabena yekhaleeky leya ya rab.
    see u on msn sure:)


  4. yady elhana yady elhana.. eeh elnoor da kollo!!
    7amdella 3assalama ya rika.. i knew u’ll comeback soon and am sure u know what u r doing very well and no one will ever break ur spirit.. i missed u so much in this blogging world!!

    BTW: Fadi was claiming that u owe him some points and he wanned me to pay for u!! nasb 3alany!!!


  5. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Khalaf,nice to meet you..just let me astaw3eb and i’ll visit you.

    + Chet,thank you my dear dear dear friend..it’s great to see that u care..may allah bless you.


  6. Heeeeeeeere you are – gosh, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!
    MOST WELCOME BACK dear – it is wonderful to see you here again!
    That’s what REAL friends are for, no? I mean .. to support and stand up for one another!
    BIG HUG .. for you and mom!! 🙂


  7. Asalam 3alaykom,
    dearest karin..i missed you soooooooooo much,oh god,i missed you here ..
    friends like yourself are rare ,you ahv e given me so much support and care,u have no idea how your phone calls made me feel.
    may allah bless you and thanks from my heart.
    hugs to u and mom too:)


  8. yeee leh ana hal2ad et2akharet 😦

    Sorry for being late my sis , Welcome back , I am really glad to see you again with us , nawwarte 7abibty w inshallah you will never leave us again.

    I feel i want to say welcome back milion of times 🙂

    3n jd enbas6t beraj3etek.

    Good luck my friend.
    God bless you.


  9. Asalam 3alaykom,
    7ala 7abebty,la wala et2akharty wala 7aga..
    If i smiled a million thank you would never be enough..you are so sweet and caring,may allah bless you 🙂


  10. yes, life needs tough spirits,
    but always keep a place for your soft one to those who deserve it.

    am glad being here.


  11. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Sarah,7abebty,i saw this in the morning but was in a rush to reply..yes3edly eyaky ya rab,,w kol aw2atek ya amar:)

    fadi,yes3ed kol aw2atak,yes i’m gonna be an explorer..he he he if i ever get anything in my head:)




    That’s the best news of the week !! The Caller is back !!!! We’re pleased to have you back !!! 🙂

    Why "elnaddaha" ??

    I know, from my egyptian friends, that el naddaha is 3afreeta that have legs of sheep!!!! sa7 ?? why using this name ??

    and programming ?? Im your man!! I’ll give you anything u want, and I’ll send you some e-Books so you can learn from good resources..I have books that teaches u from the scratch, but I have to know,

    what prgoraming do u wanna learn ?? making web applications or stand alone applications ?


  13. Asalam 3alaykom,
    oh my god:):)
    your welcome is great and overwhelmingly beautiful
    ha ha ha ha ..no ,she doesn’t have sheep legs,she is a sweet voice that drowns men!!:P
    i liked the myth..and wanted to break some ice..
    yeah..programming dude..look out now..oh,you are so generous,sure i’ll ask u for help,omal 7as2al meen ya3ny:D..

    I joined an analyst/programmer diploma..
    computer science..database programming,visual ma3rafsh eh,haha..internet operating betengan…haha
    keda ya3ny..
    7agat keda,nefsy a3rafha awe..7atganen men elsa3ada eny registered to that diploma..i’m starting next tuesday in sha2 allah..look..wish me luck ha?
    thanks bro..you are simply the best wallahi i cherish you very much..
    stay tuned for giving me tips:)


  14. i remember the story of nadaha, It’s with sheep legs, and if she called anyone with his/her name, then if he/she go, will never return back, sa7 ?? LOL

    Good courses you’ll be taking, and you might good job out of it..just tell me the names of the courses, nshallah i’ll guide you, and i’ll send you some good resources, welcome back ! 😀


  15. You’ll do JUST FINE dear .. don’t worry at ALL! I am happy for you … I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a LOT!!
    BIG hug … as well to mom!! 🙂


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