Little foot steps..

I’m so excited…

I’m so worried…

I’m so happy…آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 


My kids are going to school on Sunday in sha2 Allah…

It’s amazing how school changes their moods and regulates their behavior…maybe it’s the routine…the socializing on steady daily basis…or maybe they really need to walk out of my tenet!!


Even kids cherish their individuality, they nourish when they are on their own…

Do I like it??

Do I appreciate it?? SureJ

They are just as smart, liberal and open minded as we could ever wish we’d be…

The biggest mistake one would do is underestimating their mentality…they may not understand all aspects of life…but I can assure you they feel more than we do…

If a parent is stupid to talk about anything improper in “codes” in front of his kid…let me assure you that the kid feels that it’s wrong, and may have a vague idea about what it really means…so..We form them way early without knowing…


And I have to add ,that I hide my mistakes or special circumstances from my kids if I can’t yet change myself…never think that what we see in movies..Like when a man is having an affair and he thinks honesty is great and that he should tell his kids….just pure crap!!!

They export misconceptions that would lead to corrupting generations if we take it blindly…

ط¥ط°ط§ ط¨ظ„ظٹطھظ… ظپط§ط³طھطھط±ظˆط§

This is our scale…because when ever Allah changes our hearts…our kids will remain solid from the inside…

Minimizing the scars in them is a life’s mission…

Keeping them safe…from others, themselves and most importantly from US!!

May Allah guard all kids. And grant them the best…

There’s a do3a2 that I love to say”

“ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡ظ… ط§ط¸ظ„ظ‡ظ… ظپظ‰ ط¸ظ„ظƒ ظٹظˆظ… ظ„ط§ ط¸ظ„ ط§ظ„ط§ ط¸ظ„ظƒ..ط´ط¨ط§ط¨ ظ†ط´ط£ظˆط§ ظپظ‰ ط·ط§ط¹ط© ط§ظ„ظ„ظ‡”


16 thoughts on “Little foot steps..

  1. Alsalamo 3alaykom ya habibte
    Alllah ykhallilek eyehom ya rab w yfar7ek fihom w ma ye7ermek menhom ya rab :)im very happy for you habibte ,its really the best thing we can live i cant forget when my sister went to school and i was in uni i was so excited going to the library and buying all the stuff ,3anjad its something great
    wish them the best enshallah allah ywa2eflohom wlad el 7alal w yeb3ed 3anhom wlad el 7aram Amin ya rab el 3alamin 🙂


  2. Asalam 3alaykom,

    Chet..oh,my friend..look..what ever we do..some times things don’t get our way..we all learn..they learn from us and we learn from them..may allah guard you and your loved ones..


  3. lateef gidan … wala nice !! u know what , choose a different tone of the top part , the name ya3ni .. i don’t know what they call it … less flashy ya mama .. ha , ir7amina fi nas mish 3arfa to7ot sora gamb ismaha lisa .. ha , 7aba 7aba ..
    Good girl u are ..


  4. Good year for Hasan & Jumana 🙂

    Oh , I have a wondering Caller , I suggest setting kids as an emergency valve , I want you to try to answer it for me from a mother point of view ..let me explain:

    What would happen if we filter out our acts and refine them through our kids? Say this, parents do something, kids ask them about it , parents try to explain it to them and decide whether this particular thing or act is ok or wrong according to the level of understanding they could convey to their kids.

    A very simple example is cooking: We cook something , kids try it , either the like it , and consequently the result we get then is : Yes , I cooked it the right way and it’s good , Or , they don’t like it then we know we didn’t cook it the right way.

    Have a nice Egyptian night : )


  5. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Fadi,simply because it’s not right in my openion..
    If they don’t like milk masalan..ezay 7ayeb2a ma3mool ghalat?!
    what i meant is..if you smoke and you don’t want ur kid to smoke then you might try to quit..but untill u can u can always hide your smoking issue…got me?!
    thanks for giving what i say some thought..i really like that:)


  6. VERY WELL SAID dear! Kids are much smarter, more sensitive and grasp much more than we adults think, even they don’t understand – they FEEL what’s going on! It’s up to us to guide them the right way … they are soooo precious!! 🙂
    BIG HUG!! 🙂


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