It has been a while..a long while..

My backstage memories are starting to fade now that i have been away for some time now!!

But i was talking about a party with a friend of mine so i remembered a couple of gigs i attended before…bezamanaaaaaaaaat:):)




آ There are several types of parties when it comes to celebrities..

Regular: birthdays..engagements..weddings..


Mostly won’t differ much than ordinary parties that we all know of…except maybe for the fact that some female artists like to celebrate her birthday four times a year!!!

Why??..why not??!! with all the business deals that take place on a side table..which she can get a decent percentage of …just a thin slice of the cake!!


Irregular: and these take place in hotel royal suits..or country houses..or public night clubs..

Hotels usually hold gatherings of a weired least to me..

I never knew why would a gulf oilman or prince or even princess..would make their foriegner secretaries to call movie stars and singers to hangآ  with them..then would give each star an envelope full of u.s bills!!



Country houses would witness original kind of parties..too original..That type i only heard of from relyable sources..i could never understand why?!!!


Night clubs would close it’s doors to ordinary customers and host the prince and followers only…and that is so weired..cause naturally he’d expect a special treatment regarding everything…right at the night club.!!.


Some times i would see pictures of artists that i’ve always thought that they are so respectable due to their age..or the type of roles they take…but i would see one having two women on his lab and hardly holding his liquer!!

And i would be shocked..that once i was told: Don’t you get shocked too much?!


I would never forget two parties that took place around the swimming pool of a grand hotel!!


One wasآ  celebrating the birthday of the husband of a well known show girl..retiered now..

Girls would stand in line to kiss the man..he looked so good but he was so short,i had to go and pass by the human gate they made at the pools entrance..i was all red and confused..i had to pass him but i won’t do what others do gladely..

His wife was a friend of mine from younger age..she saw the embaressment in my eyes as i skipped my roll each time i get closer…i was about to leave when she called:

Rasha..come..pass by me…i know you won’t do like those tramp!!

I gave her a big hug..she was nice..and years after..she proved to a lot of people that she’s not a bad person as all people thaought of her..


Second was also aآ  birthday..a royal princess held that party for that new singer..not super star ..dude..he was her friend!!!!

his gift was a brand new mercedes and he kept bragging that she took him to italy and bought him italian suits ..that she spent over a quarter of a million dollars on it!!

He was so so cheesy..i happened to be passing by the rest room when i saw him blow drying his hair in a girlish way…yuck>>he repeated that for more than six times during the party..

his 20 years older than him,princess didn’t mind at all that he kept flirting with all the girls in place..


Look..They have tools to make the best have the greatest fun ever…but i swear..i never felt that they had real fun..or laughed from the heart..

It always looked like a big act..and there is one true feeling i always felt as if one would become possesed by evil spirits..that makes you want to do anything wrong!!!1

anything…maybe the atmosphere..i don’t know what it is…but i doubt that someone would walk out of such parties clean..

Would any??!!



13 thoughts on “Backstage..parties!!

  1. Ooops!

    it’s me again

    frist comment 🙂

    ma3ndesh 7aga a2olha ,,, only that I like to be the first in everything,, even in the comments ,, ma3a eny 3omry ma tle3t elawl ella mara fe e3dady 😀

    ana msh ha2or zay ma eno bet2ol ,, ana hano2 bas 🙂


  2. Parties!! Hmmmm

    It depends on how these people define parties my dear … to me; a small gathering with close family or friends is the best party I can ask for … I am not a fan of big parties like the ones you described and no; no one would get out clean because even if they don’t do anything; they have witnessed and heard many things that they could have spared their eyes and ears …

    Nice post,

    But why did you remove me from your favorite links? I am not your one of them any more?? Ana Za3lana 😦


  3. Assalamo 3alaykom sweetheart,
    Such a greattt post, daring in an amazing way.

    Regarding your question: Would any??!! I believe nobody can walk out from those epedimic places clean, it eats up from them and they would just start to get so involved in al-ma3asi, Allah yeb3edna 3nha O yehdee eljamee3.
    Possessed by evil spirits, yeah I have my finger prints all over this sentence!
    By the way, I did my homewrok.
    Luv u.


  4. You know what I just noticed,

    how did you know? it’s completely true he’s really like that:
    ط®ظٹط§ظ„ظˆ ط®ظٹط§ظ„ ظ…ط´ ط¹ط§ط¯ظٹ
    ظƒظ„ط§ظ…ظˆ ظƒظ„ط§ظ… ظ…ط´ ط¹ط§ط¯ظٹ
    ظˆط¬ط§ظٹظٹظ†ظٹ ط¨ط²ظ…ط§ظ† ظ…ط´ ط¹ط§ط¯ظٹ
    ظٹظˆط¹ط¯ظ†ظٹ ط¨ط£ظ…ط§ظ†
    !!!!! no safety!!!


  5. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Abd elra7man..mana 2oltlak..ta3al oo khaleena jeeran:):)
    like to be first?!
    join the club..
    2or..no2..mafeesh fayda;)


  6. Asalam 3alaykom,
    khalidah..i’m so happy you stopped by:)
    i’m the one who thought you forgot all about me:(
    link..just a mistake during adjusting it:):)

    what you said:they have witnessed and heard many things that they could have spared their eyes and ears …
    look at messed with me a long time,and traces still hiding here or there..
    may allah bless you lovely friend..


  7. Asalam 3alaykom,
    jerusalem,my dear dear lady..
    loved your comment..u relate to posts in a special way..
    about the song..i don’t know what is it that make this song so special for almost everyone i know..
    maybe it have pure..simple yet deep love..
    I guess everyone is touched by it in his own unique way..
    thanks dear:)


  8. Forget you? ezay? ana a2dar??

    I was just swamped with moving the blog and the new job .. you know how it is … but I am always following on your blog even if I don’t comment much, but you are one of my favorite blogs 🙂


  9. Asalam 3alaykom,
    you too khalidah feels great to hear from you:)

    neverland..ara7ma ya seed almela7:):)
    o.k cutie


  10. The caller ,surprised by ur poste sweet heart ,really ,i wont commment those people never meant to me and they will never , i dont even consider them alive 😀
    be fine my friend wish ur kids had a nice day in school,alllah ybereklhom bel sene el jdide ya rab


  11. I could not agree more dear!! I can’t stand these kind of parties either – in fact I have never been on one of this kind – and WOULD never go!
    I prefere MOST to be together with friends … and have a GREAt time!! 🙂
    BIG HUG .. as well to mom!


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