What to do with the scarey internet??


I heard this true story on alnas wa ana..yesterday:


A lady woke up to find a hundred and fifty missed calls on her mobile phone..and all day long she recieved hundreds of calls asking to meet her..she was shocked and didn’t know what to do..she called her brother and told him what happened to be surprised that the same thing happened to his wife…

That lady is in her fourties..she has a lonely daughter and she is divorced..

She went to the internal affairs min istry…to the internet investegations departmant..and filed a complaint…because those phone calls came to her after her picture was shown on a porn site with her name and number!!

A few days later the police called her and she was shocked that her ex was the one after this scandle…he was seeking revenge!!


And today i happened to read two articals written by Iman and Sugar cubes…related to internet relationships..i know the two subjects aren’t quiet related but it got me thinking..


Where do i stand from all this??

Being me …the real me..has always been my way and my style…not only when it comes to what i show from my real self…no…but also regarding how i react to people and deal with them..

When i get toآ  know someone online..i may really like him/her..or i may feel neutral..but sometimes..certain people got really really close to my heart..that i feel them and relate to them..

Trust is becoming a very silly word now a days..and even more silly if we use it to describe our online relations..but really..i trust some of my close online friends..and if i ever find out the opposite i would be sad and shocked like i would with anyother friend who i see daily..

And i am honest when it comes to who i am and how i feel..and i expect that people would believe me and respect me for that..

So valueing someone’s qualities upon having this spritual bond or what i call it the vibes…is really worth something..i want to believe that and i will and if anyone dissappoints my trust it would be a shame..

Some dear friend of mine told me once that the internet is a scarey world…yes it is…but what is good must show..


yes..body language and real life encounters are the best…but let me ask you…haven’t you met liars in real life..??

There are good and bad anywhere..but i don’t know why i hate to fail myself in thinking that the peopel i shared a lot of my deepest thoughtsآ and feelings with are not suitable for that..

I belive inآ  myself and that i am just as real..from all my heart..i can hide but i don’t lie..i share a lot because i believe in my judgment..

And meeting someone dissappointing here or there won’t change me or the way i feel about it..

Life as a whole is scarey…but we have to take some risksآ orelse..we would miss precious people..

I won’t be scared of my dear friends that i never saw and maybe will never..like karin or neverland..or fadi....or most of the bloggers on my blog roll..Not to forget my cute sarah rose:)

The internet maybe scarey..but so does any street in Newyork!!آ 

And everyone is dying to go to America!!آ آ 


13 thoughts on “What to do with the scarey internet??

  1. alsalamo 3alyakom:
    i am wondering how he got a picture for her naked??? or he did it by photoshop??:D
    i don’t like that show (ana w elnas) it’s fake..i think they r actors as they r used to cameras..

    anyway… as for net relationships…. i thank ALLAH i never been shocked in anybody…
    i feel it even if there is no body language or real interactions… some small signs give u the reality of someone or may be it is a gify for me from Allah i can judge poeple 😀
    last questions: my mouse seems like the lamb of cartoons but blue…. what that???


  2. Internet is the virtual city, where you are able to meet people and chat with them easier than real life. Yet people put maskes to protect themselves and their identity. Some won’t wear a mask.
    feelings online can be communicated as you are dealing with words, that represent the soul.
    you can read between the lines and you will be able to interact with that person. As long as the meeting and talking is on the streets of that virtual city, people are safe from their own selves and others. Once you go closed rooms and converse alone that is where you may get in trouble. Our words as I said represent our souls and personality. Such representation makes it possible to have a deeper meaningful relationship. The danger as well lies in the fact that the streets are full of good looking individuals and the frequency of interactions with all kind of people sometimes becomes a disadvantage to a person seeking a real meaningful relationship that can be climaxed with marriage later. As some one can cut on another in a relationship and since
    there is no real commitment there is a possibility of multiple partners. I have heard and witnessed some real happy marriages resulted from the internet, but that is a result of real truthful representation and trust.
    Finally, yes it is scary, but to many its the best medium of getting to know people that they ever had.


  3. Intenet could be a mean by which people could meet. ya3ni just a starter… I cannot even imagine having a best friend or falling in love online… but getting to meet online then setting up a meeting in real is always a better way to communicate.. I hate it when I hear stories about some guy or girl who are totally in love with someone across the map .. it happens a lot though…


  4. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Nice of you to stop by aliaa..thanks dear..
    Well..i can asure u..the program is not faked..it’s a real thing.

    i believe in my gift too..i may be mistaken once but generally i’m proud of my online friends

    the cartoon lamp is from myspace cursors..if u want one click on the link on the right..


  5. Asalam 3alaykom,
    abdullah..i feel just the same..
    I never knew chat rooms or stuff like that..and i minimize my msn encounters to people i already knew through blogging and they are few..
    I really don’t know about getting all the way to marriage but i agree that i do feel i can trust my friends..i feel them and i know about their characters..know what?
    my dear friend sarah knows when i’m not feeling o.k with out me telling her a single word..only through my blog..
    i believe in my vibes..no doubt!!


  6. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Ramroom..ever heard of how back in time a couple can exchange letters of love through war time?
    Well..i believe it can happen..imagine that i talk to u everyday and know your thoughts and feelings and moods …after a while..wouldn’t i be able to really become a close friend..
    Even now..i don’t know you but on blogs..
    but..i swear that you are a decent,nice,reasonable yet edgy girl;)
    and if anyone tells me that you are the opposite i wouldnever believe..i’d say..no way…i know reema..too confidently..
    Good day ramroom:)


  7. Dear caller – I can not but thank you for this brilliant post!! I absolutely share your views and thank you wholeheartedly for your trust – it means heck of a LOT to me!!
    It is a matter of character as of how to relate to that – I tell you very honestly, I could not live with myself would I cheat on someone who does fully trust me! It would not be the real me and I would feel disgusted by myself.
    I am a rather trusting person, I mean I give people a lot of initial credit – till they prove otherwise. I was hurt countless times this way – but it seems to be my nature. I became MUCH more careful over the years of course but still like to approach someone new with a certain openness instead of nothing but suspicion and scepticism. Having worked so many years very closely with people, I think I can safely say I developed a way of feeling or better sensing their REAL self – which correlates with the vibes you mention!

    Abdullah, I share the way you put it – it matches my way of thinking. Thanks dear brother!


  8. I forgot to mention an example: The "Sphinx", a fellow blogger, is here for his studis since around a week any a half. We corresponded on each other’s blogs before that but that was about it! When I picked him up at the airport, we instantly recognized each other (even though I didn’t have a picture of him previously) and tarted chatting as if we had known one another for a LONG time already. This feeling never changed and today we are very good friends … so, this is an absolute positive example of how it CAN work!


  9. Asalam 3alaykom dear karin..
    I know that you ahve this amazing out going free,loving spirit..you can’t exchange having thses precious relations for the world..
    Yes..i know what you mean about sphynx..i felt the same when i talked to you for the first time..instantly we had an understanding..
    Yes..it could work..and i treasure the decent people i’ve met here..thanks dear..hugs:):)


  10. Hi Caller & friends here:

    Caller : I TRUST YOU for good , THAT’s WHY :).

    Now vibes, feelings , virtual ones as Abdullah says kolo OK …

    the mixture: Trust + honesty + Bolts n Nuts + Fair is Fair + some 500 intersection points and common grounds leads to : Being true …

    Tell you what our dear friend : We love you.. Honestly …

    Salmeenla 3ala el sayede Zeinab !


  11. momken ya caller… akeed momken! if they exchange letters and all .. bas it isnt the SAME.. mish 3arfeh but what are the percentages of this ACTUALLY working for a lifetime!?

    I know you can tell a lot about a person from their blog and from the way they write as we spend a real long time on blogs that anything else! we should get to know each other .. bas it isnt the same as being there and talking face to face… being in front of osmeone just says a lot….

    hehehe well I cant say that ou are right when you described me because that would mean 3ambamda7 nafsi.. but you were right lol 🙂 edgy as in 3asabeyyi?



  12. Dear Rasha .. To start with ..despite the absurd story of that poor lady ..this is such a fine post ..

    I should say that I share almost all of those thoughts you’ve spilled .. but I will always have this "not so sure" percentage or factor as well .. I too think I can sense the vibs with the people whom I am reading their thoughts .. sometimes , you can sense how real and honest the thought they are writing about or discussing , and I might go as far as to say , it feels as if it gives me an insight on their innersoles , sometimes you feel connected with those people and you can understand exactly what they are trying to say , because you’ve been in their shoe once .. it could get confusing though . and yes , we always assume the good before the evil in the people we meet , whether on real life or on the internet , but also with time , we learn not to rush in our judgments , and to try to read in between the lines and differentiate between what’s real and what’s not ..
    🙂 I could go on and on with my comment .. hehehe I got inspired by your words ya caller .. ..

    Be well and take care 🙂


  13. and one more thing to add ..I can see both Abdullah’s point and Ramroom’s as well .. the person’s words can be a true mirror of what’s inside them .. but it is not sufficient , the real interaction will give the whole picture , you could make really good friendships on the cyber world too .. but at some point , you may wonder about how do these people sound in real , are they real mirrors to their souls ?.. I don’t deny either way ..
    a thought just popped in my mind .. We should ask the people of JP 🙂 having them gone in several meetings , what was their reactions to the real them ..


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