let’s have fun!!

Let’s have fun…

Let’s have a big laugh..or a heartful shed of tears..

Let’s enjoy the moments of suspence..the scare of thrillers..

Let’s imagin falling in love..romance is sweet..

Let us escape from our own problems and realities..let’s live else where..

Let the music carry us away..fly up high..

Let the scenes of this movie takeآ our breath away..liftآ us up..moveآ our emotions..


Well..right now i won’t talk about whether i believe in doing all the above or not ..

All i can say is that if anyone wants to do that ..wants to have fun..wants to enjoy himself..

Iآ say..please do that away from religion…

please..leave the only holly thing on earth unstained..

Take your hands off of it..

If you can’t cherish it..don’t contaminate it..

don’t say i didn’t do anything..i didn’t say anything..i’m only watching..

watching is just likeآ participating cause that’s what art is about..

Artists do and we take..we consume..so it’s not o.k at all to feel there’s nothing wrong in enjoying a work of art regardless of it’s religious insults..

How can we realy neglect such angel while watching and may be liking what we see..

there are hundreds of movies and songs that doesn’t insult religion directly..see them and enjoy yourself to the max…

Despite the fact that they also contain all kinds of forbidden actions..and disgusting scenes that we applause to…

I won’t say stick to clean art in order to experience a new wonderfull state of clean heart..

But no ,i don’t wanna be so dark…am i??آ 



3 thoughts on “let’s have fun!!

  1. I just don’t know why entertainment has to be filled with corruption?
    Is it something impossible to have?
    Why we have to share the sins of who ever sinning in TV?
    Why cannot the TV have sense of decency?
    All these questions are in my mind when I read your post Rasha.
    It is not enough sins we get from our daily lives that we need to agument with sins from being entertained?


  2. I can only agree to the two of you! It seems to be impossible nowadays to see – especially after 23.00 – a decent movie on TV (not that I would do that regularily) – but it’s a fact!
    GREAT thoughts caller – and just my opinian abdullah!

    BIG HUG!!


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