Days to remember….



آ آ آ آ  Believe me if i tell you i still remember the games i used to play with that little english naughty boy in the hyde park…i swear i do and i remember mom walking me on london bridge.. i was about three or something!

i used to run away from her in the supermarket all the time..she would cry and cry untill i would return with a bag full of candy baught to me by a sweet lady…so i made a habbit out of it:) they liked me in london…hot blood i guess!!



آ آ آ آ  my last memory of living with dad is so dear to me…he would come back from work near dawn and he would wake me by his very special horn..he would make this lovely sound and i would run to the balconey to see him…the feeling of dew and the foggy skies are still encrypted inside my so so sweet and i can smell his perfume..i guess back then it was Drakar noir…hahaha..loved dad’s smell..his hobby was to put my hair up in a poney tail but on the top of my head..then wash my face with evian spray and i would giggle as it’s cold..then he wouldآ give me the biggest hug and sing my song…



آ آ آ آ  would open my eyes to the soft sun rays..would go to the terrace to see the seaآ 

آ آ آ آ  and shore..waves hit some rocks and the cars racing madly on the cornish way..with

آ آ آ آ  joggers in colourful out fits running on the pavement..i’d open my lungs with the deepest breath from the sea breeze and getآ  ready for the typical alexandrian day…beach with friends all morning and lunch then back home for an hour then another afternoon walk and mango icecream( al lebnany):) then the park at night for someآ amazing fun..i remember my friends..amal ( alex)..menann ( palestine)..nana ( cairo)..ahmed ( cairo) yasmine and ta7seen (cairo) and i ( alex)..

But jumping into that narrow rockey well called ( beer mas3ood)was the ultimate adventure..i was good at it..i showed off a lot..i used to jump into that deep pit and swim under the wall of rocks and show up from the other side of sea..and my friends would cheer for me..they could all do it..most alexandrians swim very good and can do the beer jump… was thrilling:)

* The first time i went to almorsy abo al3abas mosque…the mom of a friend of mine took me and i felt dazzeled..i just didn’t want to leave the was so peaceful and pure…the first time i entered a mosque..i couldn’t understand what she is mumbling in her i made the same sounds and they meant nothing!! felt like praying to me.




آ آ آ آ آ The gang..strikes at school…driving silly teachers crazy…making pranks several times a day..especialy aiming AMEER..he was kind but so silly so we had to had someآ naughty fun..either on silly teachers or ameer..haha..poor ameer..i remember when we put a pin nail in his chair and he sat on it..haha oh my god..shereereen kteer:):)

I will never forget the look on ms/ 3azza’s face when we handed her the exam papers empty….the whole class!!! and we knew the answers!!! it was her last day with us and we partied..we brought koshary andآ basboosa to class and put the lock and the manager kept bangingآ on the doorآ and we are in tears from laughing…high school was the best..oh…so much fun..( i won’t tell u about the day we talked our english teacher into puttingآ آ a dancer’sآ tape in the video room instead of shakespear’s..the tempest…disaster..hahahah)

unfortunatly..i was the master mind:)


Thanks 7ala for the bunch of memories..i loved it:)

OH..what a naughty girl i was!!





17 thoughts on “Days to remember….

  1. Ha-ha .. I didn’t know you were THAT naughty a girl!! I LOVE trhat though … and those wonderful memories you have – just GREAT!!
    Thanks so much for letting us peek into your past!! 🙂


  2. Asalam 3alaykom all:

    OLA..absolutly nothing is like memories:)thanks dear:) naughty i confess:)
    thank u for the nice visit dear..


  3. Summer: thank u made me laugh so so much…i expected no one willl know about her but not you:):)
    she was a dancer back then but a very strange one..allah 3afa 3anha though..


    hemede..yeah..the best days..thank you .

    M.M..very true my friend..when we remember everything in life feels sweet…wish you very happy days too:)


  4. ah, the memories, They were great for me also. The pin on the chair, yes I remember a boy named Arnold, that we did that too. A shy boy but one of the best friends I ever had in school. Thank you for your trip down memory lane. It brought many memories back to me.


  5. Asalam 3alaykom,
    dear chet..aren’t memories so sweet ??
    especially when they were naughty:)
    thank u chet for coming’s always so nice to see u..
    may allah bless u:)



  6. you know what made this poste as beautiful as it is ?
    your spirit Sweet heart ,you take us in a very nice trip and i enjoyed it so much
    Alllah bless you sweet heart ,may allah keeps you always safe
    love you


  7. Eeeh el7arkat de ya bett ente! excuse my egyptian 😉

    Bas wallah kayneh 3ejbeh ayam elmadraseh…
    By the way, I never though you’re this old 😛 5ala9 men hala2 w 6ale3 banadeke 6an6 Rasha 😉

    Sweet memo’s 🙂


  8. Asalam 3alaykom,
    Sarah dear..wallah ya sarah you are the sweetest..that’s why u see me like this..thanks dear and i hope u liked the ride..


  9. Ezayak ya khaled ya ebny:P
    you’re egyptian is fine:):)ama 3an el7arakat fa7adeth wala 7araj:)
    you can Call me tant or teeta if u want…


  10. Dear Rasha
    al salm 3alykom ..
    was joyfull reading the post .. i feel its always special what we carry in our memories … Inshalla ayamik kolha … missed you ya za3ra ..
    keep up your touch effecting *


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