Jasmine night

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And again..
Wewent to our fav. cafe..that very famous egyptian one..Elfishawe..
Me and
Enoآ manage to extract laughs just from each other’s company..we are so relaxed and outgoing together..regardless of all our headache issues..
We are the kind of friends that would like the same stuff and finish each other’s sentences..
And our nice night completed when we met summer again at the cafe..
We found
summerآ and her husband kindly waiting for us..they were in the middle of the most crowded place in cairo..this historical..authentic and ancient cafe..where a thousand people are gathered in a one meter wide long lane..
There were no om kolthoum songs this time..only the apple scented smoke of the sheesha and the little tea pots..and people from all nationalities hanging out..sitting so close that you can count the hairs in thier 2afa:D:D

WE talked and laughed and i really felt even closer to summer ..i was so relaxed and enjoyed my time to an unbelievable extend..she so fresh and caring and the brightness in her eyes give you hope and even..power to live the moment fully aware and alert..
Mo7amed her husband gave us those lovely jasmines..we put them as bracelets..i can still smell them..as there smell and the sheesha’s added charm to the whole theme..
I think it’s great to appreciate little sweet..special things..
And i think it’s even greater to appreciate sweet people that are willing to embrace you in thier lives as a friend..
Unfortunatly we didn’t stay long..and the goodbye in the parking lot was aching to me..i was about to shed some tears when i thought…no girl!! she’ll think you’re silly!!
I loved you summer..very much and i’m soooooo lucky that i’ve met you..
And when ever i’d see jasmine or smell it…i’ll remeber our sweet jasmine night..
Thank you..


9 thoughts on “Jasmine night

  1. Thank you Rasha..it was a great night and i do appreciate your sweet sweet comment..i do hope to see you again..maybe Fishmarket? and we will make it early so Enas would not have an issue about late nights out!! 🙂


  2. Asalam 3alaykom,
    dearst summer..well..what can i say about an amazing day?!:)
    cinderella was very happy today:)
    you are a great fun to be with..thanks dear:)


  3. How wonderful – I am SO HAPPY for you all!! Who knows … maybe one day we can sit all together – wouldn’t that be fun?? I’d LOVE that!!!!!


  4. Asalam 3alaykom,
    dear sweet karin..it’ so nice to see u..
    actually we talked about how i’d love to see u oneday..
    i’m sure that u’d love egypt cause it’s as warm as ur heart:):)


  5. Caller dear – you’re soooooooo sweeeeet!!! 🙂
    YOU BET I want to meet you … and see Cairo/Egypt!!
    LOVE YOU!! 🙂


  6. Wallah ya 7ala oo ya fadi..ana ba2eet nefsy agy 3ala el ordon bas 3ashan ashoofkom..wallah..
    wish you were with us begad..may allah bless u both.


  7. what may i say babe ?everytime i read ur words i know how close ur to me and how much im penatrating ur depth ,i can see how pure and delicate ur and this is what make u so close from me too 🙂
    love u so much babe glad u enjoyed ur times
    big hugggggggg


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