Blue soup..

It’s still 3eed..

And i’m staying at home..awake since six am..although i slept at four:S..

So..i thought i’d treat my naughty self into some 3ediah..

So i watched bridget jones diary..i know..i’s has been years since i last saw it..and i have this thing for re- watching my favsآ after a while..and this time..i really really had a great time..

آ front of the t.v…one huge cup of nescafe forآ  the awakening aroma..and it started..the thing is ..i have forgotten all the details ,that i really enjoyedآ some good laughs and some squeezes of the heart..


And i found the thought of being the silly girl who has verbal diarrhea..who speaks everything that crosses her mind..who stumbles by in troubles..jerks..and sweet affection..who tries to cook to her friends only to end up with blue soup:)Quite real.


The moment when your mind shuts down on you and your nerves weaken to the unreal fantasy with all the clues hanging down from the ceiling poking your eyes just to get your attention that this heated affair ain’t goodآ for u..yet..sweet silliness hang on to the 1:10000

chance that she’llآ float forever on this happy cloud..

Which of course crashes to a thousand pieces..but only when she sees the naked truth with her own real that she could smell the rotten stink..


And like all sweet life appears every girl’s mr.darcy…the unappreciated gentleman..because of silly standards like a snowman’s tie!!

The stiff..snob..weired mannered guy who turns out to be pardoned for everything and who’s the only one who likes her just as she is!!

and these little words change everything within her..she won’t have to be someone Else’s bunny:)

And those words will set her silliness even more touch his heart and allow him to share his manly perfect character with her…and only then..she will tell the gigolo jerk that trying her around is not good enough an offer..

She wants it all and she deserves it all…cause she’s got it all!!

And as spontaneous as the snow flakes covering her streets..she would run toآ catch her darcy by her self..even if she’s gonna expose the tigerآ on her…when at the same moment..he is getting her the new pages she needs to start a newآ chapter in her life..

And she says…Wait:: nice guys don’t kiss like that!!

And he says…yes…they @#$%%^ do !!آ 


(u have to know the get my post..but if u don’t..i recommend watching it…come on..only a treat:)آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ آ 


2 thoughts on “Blue soup..

  1. YOU know what babe ,during all my life i watched romantic light comedy and i couldnt take the chance to watch it but now im sure ill ,u make me regret i didnt see it yet 🙂
    love u soooooooooo much babe
    big hugsss


  2. look’ll love it..just watch part one first then two..
    and you’ll get my post:):)
    but i’m sure you understood the rose:):)


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